Top CNA Schools in South Carolina

The growth of your career depends on many factors including the long hours you put in. But what if you are willing to go that extra mile and still you find that your career is stagnated.

The prime factor determining your progress is the industry you are working in. If the industry is doing well you have better chances of advancing in your career, but if the industry is hit by recession then you may even lose your job and struggle to find a new one. That is the challenge many are facing in today’s tough times.

But despite of the recession the healthcare sector is performing exceptionally well.

You can enter a stable profession by joining the healthcare sector by enrolling in CNA nursing schools in South Carolina if you have the desire to become a nurse.

Certified nursing assistants work in varied healthcare settings like hospitals, nursing homes, adult daycare centers, correctional facilities etc.

They assist patients in day to day activities like feeding, moving around, bathing, and grooming under the supervision of the registered nurses (RN). They share the workload of the RNs so that the RNs can divert their energies towards core medical issues.

  • Clover High School in Clover
  • Columbia High School in Columbia
  • Heyward Career and Technology Center in Columbia
  • Academy for Technology and Academics in Conway
  • Horry-Georgetown Technical College at Conway

Those are some of the colleges that offer nurse aide training.

These CNA classes in South Carolina are very popular because they offer cost effective programs and impart qualitative training.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in South Carolina

Bureau of Long Term Care and Behavioral Health Services under the Health and Human Services department is the responsible authority to regulate the training and certification of nursing assistants.

To be eligible for the state certification exam you must enroll in a program approved by the bureau. To find the list of approved program you must visit the website of the health and human services department.

Other requirements for CNA certification in South Carolina are the same as in most states. You must have no criminal charges against you in South Carolina or any other jurisdiction.

A FBI check is done to confirm the same. You must be in good mental and physical health; a medical examination report must be submitted to prove it.

As you will be working in healthcare settings you should not have any communicable disease. You must possess a high school diploma or equivalent degree and must have completed 18 years of age.

The cost of CNA programs in South Carolina on an average is $700. Some programs provide training for as less as $350 while some programs will cost you $1200.

Before short listing a program you must check for the expenses that the cost covers.

Books, equipment’s for practice, uniform, exam fees etc. are covered by costlier programs while the cheap programs include nothing other than the tuition fees. If you are in a financial crisis you can look for free training in hospitals nearby.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in South Carolina?

Any training program that is approved by the state must conduct training for at least 80 hours out of which 30 hours will be reserved for skills training which will be carried out by a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse (LPN) in a laboratory or medical facility.

Nursing and personal care skills required by a nurse aide are taught to students during the skills training.

Cardiopulmonary restoration (CPR) skills and certification is also mandatory for nursing assistants in South Carolina.

The classroom study involves theory subjects like anatomy, medical terminology, infection control etc.

Once you finish the training you must challenge the certification exam. If you don’t attempt the exam in one year after completion of the training you have to re-train.

The exam has two parts; written paper consists of multiple choice questions and you have to perform three to five skills of the examiners choice for the practical paper.

The passing grade is 70 percent for the written test and 100 percent for the practical.

You will be given a license for practice on passing the exam. The license is valid for two years and you can renew it if you fulfill the requirements set by the state.

How Much Does a CNA Make in South Carolina?

As many as 20,000 people were listed on the nurse aide registry of South Carolina at the end of 2016 and 18 percent more nurse aides will be required by 2026.

So the job opportunities for those who want to become nurse aides will be in good numbers.

The average salary of nurse aide in South Carolina is $26,000 a year which is lesser than the national average of $27,000.

But with the growing demand for trained professionals the salary is expected to be higher in the future.

If you continue education and become a LPN or RN you will have better jobs and higher salaries. The average salary of LPN is $42,000 and that of a RN is $70,000

If you are looking for a steady job and a prosperous nursing career join any of the approved CNA nursing schools in South Carolina and you will be very satisfied that you made this career move.


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