Complete Guide To Join CNA Schools in New York

New York State is the third most populous state in America after California and Texas and with New York City;

The biggest and most dynamic city in the country as its capital it is one of the most developed states in the country.

It is even called as the land of opportunities because of the innumerable business and job openings available in the state.

The healthcare sector too has made huge inroads in the state and anyone who wants to make a career in nursing can start with CNA nursing schools in New York State.

A certified nursing assistant provides able support to the registered nurses (RN) in secondary healthcare duties so that the RN can focus on the important functions like medication and treatment.

Unlike the degrees for RN you need not spend exorbitant money and time in education because this is a starting level job and a few weeks of training is all that is required.

After becoming a nurse aide you will work under the eye of a RN and you can make a judgment as to whether or not you want to stick with the nursing career. Many find this as the right career path as nursing can be a tedious job if you don’t have a liking for it.

  • CUNY York College
  • Hostos Community College in New York City,
  • Farmingdale State College in Hempstead,
  • Bronx Community Colleges in Bronx,
  • Westchester Community College in Ossining
  • New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich

Are the most well known CNA classes in New York that offer state approved training programs and their popularity lies in the fact that they offer quality training.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in New York

Nursing assistant training programs and certification requirements and regulations are taken care by the New York State Department of Health.

To be eligible for the certification exam you must enroll in a program accredited by this department.

The department regularly monitors the approved programs to ensure quality training is provided and if a nursing school does not meet the requirements their training licenses are canceled.

All these programs conduct screening interviews to shortlist students to be enrolled in the program. To be eligible you must have a high school diploma with good English communication skills.

For the certification exam it is essential that you have a clean background; two fingerprint cards must be submitted to confirm the same.

As a nurse aide you will work in healthcare setting so it is important that you are not suffering from infectious diseases like TB; a medical report should be submitted to ensure the same.

Nursing assistant program can cost you anything between $400 and $2000 in New York but the average cost is around $1000. Some programs provide training for more hours; specially for clinical training than the statutory regulations and they cost higher.

Such programs usually include all the expenses including the exam fee, medical and criminal check etc.

So with additional training and maximum expose to the practical skills these programs are highly beneficial.

But for those who can’t pay for the fees can look around for the hospitals which have job openings for nurse aides. They can take care of the training expenses.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in New York?

CNA programs in New York should provide 100 hours of training which are divided into classroom study for 70 hours and clinical training for 30 hours.

During the classroom hours subjects like Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Resident Rights and Communication Skills etc. are taught to the students.

The clinical training should be conducted by a registered nurse or a licenses practical nurse; basic nursing skills and personal care skills are taught to the students along with the modules operandi of healthcare settings.

On completion of the program you can challenge the state certification exam which has two sections. The written section consists of 60 multiple choice questions are you are expected to score 80% to pass it.

The skills section requires you to perform five practical skills to the satisfaction of the state examiner.

When you pass the exam you are issued a license which will be up for renewal every 24 months.

Renewal eligibility requires you to work for at least eight hours and you should not be involved in any case of patient abuse. Other state nurse aides can transfer their licenses to New York by applying for reciprocity.

How Much Does a CNA Make in New York?

More than 100,000 nurse aides were active on the nurse aide registry of New York by the end of 2016 and there is a prediction that there will be 20% increase in the employment opportunities.

Every year New York appoints around 2500 new CNAs, so there is a great demand for trained professionals.

The average salary of nurse aide in the state is $35,000 which is amongst the highest in the country. The salary range starts form $21,000 and you can earn up to $39,000 each year.

CNA nursing schools in New York provide you the opportunity to get trained and work in a state that is not just hiring more nurse aides by the day but also paying them very good salaries.

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