Best State Approved CNA Schools in Nevada

If you want to start a career in nursing you must give it a good thought; it is indeed a noble profession but along with it comes the big responsibility of patients’ health and well being.

Moreover, many believe that it is a thankless job because the duties done by nurses are always overshadowed by the physicians’ efforts.

If you still feel that you have it in you to prosper a great career in nursing, it is better to start off as a certified nursing assistant.

It will give you a clear picture about the nursing job before you embrace a fully fledged nursing occupation.

CNA nursing schools in Nevada give you one such opportunity to start with an entry level job, gain experience and insights and then pursue further education and become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN).

A nurse aide works under the supervision of RN and by being in constant touch with the nurses you can understand and learn more about the job while performing allied healthcare duties like taking vital signs, helping patients move around, assisting them in motion exercises, feeding, bathing and grooming patients etc.

Desert Rose High School in Las Vegas, Mount Grant General Hospital Nurse Aide Training in Hawthorne, Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Everest College in Henderson and IHS Carson Convalescent in Carson City are some of the most popular CNA classes in Nevada.

These train centers provide training as prescribed by the state regulations and at reasonable fees so that more students can enroll in their programs and get quality training.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in Nevada

Regulations regarding training and certification of nurse aides are the responsibility of the Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN), so if you are looking to enroll in a program make sure it is accredited by the board; if you join any other program you will be disqualified for the certification exam.

So it is better to tread cautiously, research for the right program and then enroll. You have to submit a certificate of completion of a state approved program when you apply for the certification exam.

In most states you must have a high school diploma or GED to enroll in a program but this is not the case in Nevada, however, you must pass an entrance exam to join a training program.

A clean background is a one of the essential prerequisites in all the states across America for security reasons. In Nevada too you must submit two fingerprint cards to verify your background.

You must also undertake a medical examination to confirm that you are not suffering from any infectious illness.

The cost of training in CNA nursing schools in Nevada is $1000 on an average but it may vary from institute to institute.

If you go for a low cost training you may have to get the books, uniform and other supplies all by yourself. The exam fee is $50; the background check cost is $51 and the medical test will also cost a few bucks.

Some training programs that charge higher fees cover all these costs. Some free programs are also available at local hospitals and facilities; usually such free training is offered when these facilities have job openings for nursing assistants.

You may have to look for such facilities in your neighborhood if you are not in a position to pay for training. Some facilities reimburse the cost of training when they offer a job after completion of your certification.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Nevada?

All state approved CNA programs in Nevada have to provide training for a minimum of 75 hours; out of these 60 hours are reserved for practical training in laboratory and medical settings.

The clinical training is provided by a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. Basic nursing skills and personal care ethics are taught to students during this portion of training.

The classroom study involves study of subjects like Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Infection Control, Safety/Emergency Procedures (including abdominal thrusts), Promoting Residents’ Independence, Respecting Residents’ Rights.

At the end of each session on these subjects quizzes and debates are conducted to enhance the knowledge further.

After training you have to pass the state exam which has a clinical paper and a knowledge paper. The knowledge paper can be given either in written or orally and you are expected to score 80% to pass the paper.

For the clinical paper the students have to perform three to five skills in front of a RN to his/ her 100% satisfaction.

A maximum of three attempts are allowed to pass the exam or else you have to enroll in a training again.

After you pass the exam and submit all the documents you will be issued a temporary license within a week; the permanent license may take up to a month.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Nevada?

There were around 16,000 people working as nursing assistants in Nevada towards to end of 2011 and the prediction are that the demand will grow by 20% till 2026.

The average salary of CNA in Nevada is $28,000 and you can earn from $17,000 to $35,000 every year.

Considering that the per capital personal earnings in the state is around $38,000 this is a good earning option. If you make career advancement a LPN earns $45,000 and a RN gets $75,000 a year.

CNA nursing schools in Nevada can open up many opportunities for you if you have an inclination towards helping patients and build a progressive nursing career.


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