Learn How to Join CNA Schools in Indiana

For centuries engineering and medical fields have attracted the common man to make a rewarding career and these are two professions that everyone looks up to.

But not everybody can be an engineer or a doctor due to many reasons. Those who could not become engineers always had the option of entering into allied engineering profession by taking training in vocational schools.

There was no such option for those who failed to enter the medical profession, but in the recent past one such option has emerged and has become very popular; certified nursing assistant.

You can join CNA nursing schools in Indiana and fulfill this desire of starting a career in the nursing profession if you reside in this state of the US.

It is a profession allied to the medical field and since it reduces the medical expenses to a great extent it has become very popular and the demand for nurse aides in set to rise more in the next decade.

So if you are stuck in a career by accident and not by choice make a career move into this healthcare profession and get set for a fruitful career.

Ivy Tech Community College has many campuses across the state of Indiana and the training program offered by the college is the most popular in the state.

The community college not only provides for training as per the norms of Indiana but also acts a s a testing center for student who may or may not have trained at one of its centers. It is the biggest brand as far as CNA programs in Indiana are concerned.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in Indiana

It is essential that you enroll in a training program that is approved by the Indiana State Health Department to qualify for the state certification.

There are many institutes that provide nursing assistant training to aspiring candidates apart from Ivy Tech. For the best programs in your county you can visit the Indiana health department website and get the details.

You must have completed 16 years of age and must possess high school diploma to enroll in a training program.

Other requirements for CNA certification in Indiana are that you must be clear of any felony charges and must be in good health; you must not have any communicable disease like tuberculosis.

The cost of CNA training is not very high across America; same is the case with Indiana.

CNA classes in Indiana will cost you from $400 to $1400 and those that charge higher include the cost of uniform, study material and equipments for practice.

The cost may vary if you enroll in weekend, evening or online classes or depending on the facility that provides for training.

Some facilities like hospitals and nursing homes offer free training on the condition that you agree to work with them for a period of six to twelve months after certification.

So those who can’t pay for the training can search for such facilities offering free training.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Indiana?

The nurse aide programs in Indiana exceed the mandatory training hours set by the federal mandate; these programs must be of 105 hours at least.

This includes 30 hours of classroom study of subjects like Resident Rights, Cognitive impairment, Infection control, interpersonal skills and role and responsibilities of the CNA.

The remaining 75 hours are for clinical training during which you will learn basic and personal nursing skills, restorative services, safety and emergency services etc.

With 75 hours of clinical training you can be assured that you will develop the skills required by nurse aides in the best possible way and if you practice the skills further you can master them.

Once you go through the training at CNA nursing schools in Indiana you have to pass the certification exam which has a written paper of 100 multiple choice questions and a skills demonstration paper where you will have to perform three to five skills in front of a state examiner.

For the written paper you must get 80% of your answers right and for the skills paper you must perform all the tasks to the satisfaction of the examiner.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Indiana?

Indiana is one of the highly populated states of the United States and higher the population, higher the demand for healthcare.

There is a great demand for nurse aides in Indiana and this is just the right time to enter this profession because for the next five to ten years there will be unexpected growth opportunities as the healthcare industry will be in boom in this period.

In Indiana you can get a starting salary of $19,000 as a nursing assistant and with experience you can expect more salary.

The best performing nurse aides can earn around $38,000 a year while the average salary in the state stands at $30,000 which is good enough to maintain a decent lifestyle.

If want to make a career progression you can always get a Bachelors or Associate degree in nursing and head towards a prospering nursing career.

CNA nursing schools in Indiana provide training which gives you maximum exposure to the practical skills of nursing assistants so that you can serve the patients in a thoroughly professional manner.


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