Where To Start With CNA Schools in Connecticut?

If you live in the state of Connecticut, you have many options to obtain training for the job of certified nursing assistant. You can find over 150 CNA Nursing schools in Connecticut that are accredited by the State Nursing Board. The state has taken up the responsibility to meet the growing demand for nursing assistants in the state.

So much is the shortage of such professionals in the state that many nurse aides form New York come over to the state to meet the demand.

Connecticut is a small state but the population density of the state is very high and with proximity to the New York City three of the eight counties in Connecticut are considered to be a part of the New York metropolitan area.

This leads to the reciprocity clause between the two states and you can work in either of the states once you get certified. So the employment opportunities for certified nurse aides in Connecticut are higher than what one can imagine.

Some of the most reputed training programs are offered at Med-Life Institute Nurse Aide Class at Bridgeport, Nursing Care Center of Bristol and the American Red Cross chapter in East Hartford.

Over the years these CNA programs in Connecticut have earned fame due to the best of training facilities and instructors; these institutes have higher passing percentage as compared to other training centers which are recognized by the state.

Another advantage for those who are seeking nursing assistant training in the state is that with so many training schools it is easy to locate one in close proximity. It will save your travel time as well as money and you can focus on training and education.

Becoming a Nurse Aide in Connecticut

An entrance exam involving an aptitude test and English communication test must be passes in order to be admitted in a nurse aide classes in Connecticut.

Many community colleges and medical facilities conduct these classes and impart the best of training to the qualified student.

In Connecticut you need not have a high school diploma or GED to enroll in a training program, but you must have completed the age of 18 years.

The cost of CNA programs is not very high in the state as compared to some of the other states; the cost is regulated by the state so that more people can take up this profession. There are other options like free training and financial aid for those who cannot bear the expenses of training.

Once you complete the training in one of the CNA nursing schools in Connecticut you have to prove your competency by passing the state certification exam.

You have two options to choose from for this; you can give the theory paper in a written or oral format along with the clinical skills paper.

The written format will cost you $108 for the exam, while the oral format will cost $118; you can choose the format as per your liking.

Those who have completed training from other states can also give the certification exam by submitting the program verification form along with the application for certification.

Nurse aides who are certified in other states don’t need to give the exam. You have to apply for license transfer and after meeting the various requirements set by the state your name will be included in the nurse aide registry and you can start practice.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Connecticut?

Anyone who has no experience of working in the medical field has to enroll in a state recognized training program. An ideal training program is of the duration of 100 hours equally divided into classroom study and clinical training.

The classroom study covers subjects like resident rights, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and diet control etc. The CNA job skills training teaches you the various skills a nurse aide must possess to perform the routine duties while assisting patients.

These include hand washing, taking vital signs, dressing and grooming of patients etc. As many as 25 different skills are taught to students during the clinical training hours.

There are number of different types of nurse aide programs that you can find across the state.

If you like the regular study patterns you can go for the traditional training, if you like innovative ways you can opt for the online training as it is available round the clock and you can attend these classes as per your liking and if like the traditional training but are employed somewhere you can loin the weekend or CNA evening classes.

These options are made available to suit the needs of all the aspiring nurses and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Connecticut?

Connecticut is among the top five paying states in the United States when it comes to CNA salary.

The average nurse aide salary in the state is as high as $32,000 a year and depending on your expertise and experience you can earn anything from $19,000 to $39,000 as a nursing assistant in Connecticut.

As nurse aides from Connecticut can also work in New York sky is the limit for you. As many as a 100,000 nurse aides work in New York as per the latest statistics and there is room for more.

CNA nursing schools are trying their best to encourage more people to enter the profession of certified nurse aides and if you are looking for a long term and satisfying career option, you can join one of these schools and secure your future.


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