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CNA Nursing Schools by State

Certified nursing assistant or CNA is one profession which will land you in a stable job in these tough economic times. It is an entry level nursing job so you may not get too high paychecks, but it will be a sustainable income and you will earn the salary every month. Another important factor is that due to the ageing population of the country there is a huge demand for trained professionals.

The certification of nurse aides is a state responsibility and to obtain the certification you have to fulfill certain prerequisites. The regulations are set by the health department or nursing boards of each of the 50 states and by respective authority of the District of Columbia for the national capital. Hence it is important to have complete information of the CNA nursing schools by state to know about the requirements across the country.

The basic requirements in all the states are same but there are minor differences. All the states require candidates to have a clean criminal background for which a FBI check is mandatory. A medical examination is also essential across the country; nurse aides will work in healthcare settings, so they should not be suffering from any infectious disease. These two are common requirements in all the states in the union.

Some states require the applicant to be 16 years of age while other states make it mandatory that the candidate must be 18 years of age at least. Most of the states need you to have a high school diploma or GED, but in some states this is not mandatory. But you must pass an entrance test to prove your English communication and basic math skills. As per the federal mandate the training should be of minimum 75 hours, but most of the states differ in this case. Many of them have made it mandatory to conduct training for more than the federal rule.

The state wise exam rules also differ; the number of multiple choice questions in written paper, skills to be performed for the practical paper is where the differences are. After passing the certification exam a license is issued which is valid for two years in some states and one year in others; the renewal rules also differ from state to state. To find out all the information pertaining to your state you must find the information of your state. For example if you live in the state of New York you can get all the required details by clicking on “CNA nursing schools in New York”.

You can find all the information about the certification, training, licensure, renewal etc. as required in your state. Brief information about the job opportunities and the salaries of CNA is also available state wise to give you an idea about the career prospects of the nurse aides. This information is very important along with the skills and duties so that you can make a decision about entering this profession. CNA nursing schools by state provide detailed information on every aspect of the nurse aide profession.

The cost of training is one important factor that can determine whether or not you will chose a certain profession. Usually nursing programs are very costly and it takes years of schooling to get a degree. But in case of nurse aides the training lasts for six to twelve weeks and cost you around $1000 on an average. It is an easy and economical way to enter the nursing profession. CNA nursing schools also provide online training these days so that you can complete the training as per your schedule. For those who are financially incapacitated to pay for training can get it for free at local hospitals and nursing homes that have vacancies for nursing assistant.

As career advancement you may take up licensed practical nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN) programs; CNA nursing schools in Texas and many other states offer programs that allow you to transfer the credits of nurse aide training and experience to these programs. Many people have found that the nurse aide to LPN and then to RN is a perfect career path because it is a gradual progress in the career.

In some states local Red Cross chapters also run CNA nursing schools and these are very popular amongst aspiring nurses all across America for the brand value and quality of training. The training modules of these programs are set as per the requirements of the particular state where the training is conducted to meet the statutory requirements. Students from states where Red Cross does not provide training can enroll in their online schools. Most of the states have the reciprocity clause in place so you can transfer the license to your state even if you get certification from another state.

Overall nursing is a great profession and to find the details of certification all across the United States CNA nursing schools by state can provide you all the information. For more specific information about the schedules of exam or time to get license etc. you must contact the nurse aide registry of your state.

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