Salary of Nurse Aides in all The States of America

Salary of Nurse Aides in all The States of America

Any profession you choose should as per your liking so that you can prosper in your career and life. But in the economic crisis we are sometimes forced out of our dream jobs and are left with no means to meet our necessities. In such a situation we have just one option; finding an alternative profession as we have to earn our livelihood. The healthcare profession would be a good option at any times because it is untouched by recession or boom; people have to pay attention to the health needs irrespective of the size of their pockets.

Certified nursing assistant or CNA is an upcoming profession in this industry and statistics show by 2016 the United States will need 400,000 new nurse aides. The registered nurses (RN) are paid USD 31 per hour which makes their average salary around USD 65,000, whereas, nurse aides are paid USD 12 an hour and their average salary across the country is USD 27,000 a year. The employment of nursing assistants decreases the cost of healthcare a great deal and thus the demand for trained aides is so high.

Before you get into the profession you must know about the earning potential of the nurse aide. There is a difference in CNA certification by state and the training requirements; similarly there is a difference in CNA salary by state. It depends on the population of the state and the capacity of the state’s population to pay for the healthcare needs which depends on their earnings. Below is some information about the states offer good salaries to nurse aides

  • The highest hourly wages are offered in the state of Alaska; USD 15 an hour is what you can earn in this state which makes the CNA salary in Alaska USD 32,500 a year. This is a really good salary for a starting level job, but it has a flip side to it. The per year job openings in Alaska are very low; around 100 jobs are offered every year. Alaska is one state which has very less population so the healthcare requirements are less, but the demand for nurse aides is high and the opportunities will increase in the coming years
  • New York is one state which is full of opportunities for nurse aides; the state has around 2,500 job offers coming every year at a pay rate of USD 14.5 every hour. The average salary of nurse aides in New York is more than USD 30,000 second to Alaska. The population of New York is the third largest in among all states of America. The New York City which belongs to the state is a land for opportunities for nurse aides as well. The average salary in the city for nursing assistants is USD 37,000 which is the highest among all the cities in the country
  • Hawaii is another state that pays well to the nurse aides; USD 14 an hour takes the salary to USD 29,000 plus a year. The good thing is that the job opportunities are marginally better than Alaska with around 250 job openings per year.
  • California is the state for nurse aides being the most populous and urbanized state of the US. The state needs a staggering 4,000 new nursing assistants each year. The pay scale in the state is around USD 13.5 an hour which means that CNA salary in California is more than USD 28,000 on an average. So with ample job opportunities and good paychecks nursing assistant is a great profession in the Golden State.
  • Being the second most populous state in the United States it is astonishing that Texas is not among the top states when comes to job opportunities for nursing assistants. However, the average CNA salary in Texas is USD 27,000 which is the same as the national average; the hourly pay rate in the state is around USD 12.
  • The state of Florida also has a good number of job opportunities for nurse aides; as many as 3,500 new jobs are at offer every year which is second best after California. The wages are decent at USD 13.5 an hour which is a little more than the national wages; the annual salary in Florida is USD 28,000. Despite the job opportunities there is a growing demand which means that CNA salary in Florida will definitely increase.
  • Louisiana is the lowest paying state for nurse aides in the country; the hourly wages in the state are around USD 7.5 which takes the yearly salary to just about USD 16,000. It is followed by Mississippi and Oklahoma among the low paying states. In Mississippi you can earn USD 8 an hour and the yearly salary will be around USD 17,000 while in Oklahoma your salary will be around USD 18,200 with an hourly pay rate of USD 9. These states have a low paying capacity towards the healthcare needs, so the salaries are low.

The comparison of CNA salary by state will give you a rough idea about the pay scales in each of the fifty states and in District of Columbia. The number of job openings is additional information so that you can have a brief understanding about the job opportunities in every state.

Before you make a decision about making a career as a nursing assistant, you must research about the training and certification requirements in your particular state. All the information you need about CNA salary by state you can find it by clicking on the link for your state; for example if you want to know about Pennsylvania click on CNA salary in Pennsylvania.

Overview of Annual Income of Certified Nurse Aides in all the States of America
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