CNA Job Description for a Resume

CNA Job Description for a Resume

Everybody desires to have the best in every aspect of life. An organization is no exception to this rule as it similarly desires to have none but the best of the employees recruited in its organization so as to enable the maximum output possible from the people and ultimately profiting the organization in the long run. In order to ensure that this happens every organization the time when they advertize in different types of medium, whether the electronic or the print takes extra measures to clearly lay down what exactly they are looking for from the potential nursing assistant in terms of the work. It is extremely vital for the nursing assistant to very carefully read through the CNA job description for a resume and lay down all the important points centering around the candidate’s academic qualifications, skills and job experience based on that.

A few of the points that may be contained in the CNA job description for a resume would be-

  • Help the ill person with the basic necessities of daily life, like for example, giving a bath, feeding them, and dressing then up, or at other times even helping in undressing them
  • Take note of the proper input of food, or some other juices if required to be given any, as well as the output of the said patient
  • Help in keeping everything around the patient in a spick and span condition, right from the dressing packs, to the healing trays, to the other supplies, to in fact the whole room
  • Track changes in the condition of the patient, noting some important changes, as well as taking note of the vitals of the unwell person
  • In order to send it for testing, a few important samples of blood, stool or urine might have to be collected
  • Respond to the signal bells, or the signal lights, or any other form of message, or courier to assist the need of the sick person to the best of one’s potential
  • Be well versed in clinical terminology and sometimes also required in administering a few medicines under an expert supervision.
  • Lay out the meal for the ailing person, as well as collect the plates and other utensils once the meal is over.
  • Prepare the patient for any test or treatment required, while at the same time, continuously being next to the ailing person. Herein, at times, it might also be required to do some small tasks like holding the instrument tray or positioning the light properly so that it helps the doctor or the LPN in checking and treating properly.
  • Lay down the bed linen, checking it as regards when it requires to be changed; besides, the nursing assistant would also be expected to show direction to the visitors and attending to them cordially

You need to draft a well-planned CNA job description for a resume, so that you are able to get the recruiter’s attention. The job of a CNA is not an attractive one, apparently by a mere glance over the job expectations from the nursing assistants. It is a job profile suitable for those, who would like to serve the mankind and assist people to recover quickly from illnesses. Any candidate framing out a resume for the job of a CNA in exact accordance with the job description mentioned in the advertisement for the post, can well expect to get a foothold in the organization.

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