Will I Get a CNA Certificate if I Take Online Classes?

Students who are hopeful to do extremely well in the field of nursing under the direct supervision of RNs and doctors can choose to go for CNA classes either regular traditional or online classes. The online classes are specifically designed for working professionals who want to get a CNA degree and enhance their career but couldn’t take classes because of a busy schedule or prior commitments.

The CNA classes are offered at schools, community colleges, and local hospitals. CNA classes are usually short and can be completed in 3 weeks to 6 months.

In online CNA classes, you can listen to online lectures, download course materials, and also involve yourself in group discussions through your college website. Many students tend to get worried with a question; Will I get a CNA certificate if I take online classes?

The answer is, Yes you can get the certificate.

This article will give you some tips to get the certificate effectively after taking CNA classes online.

Benefits of Taking CNA Online Classes

Many of you might not be able to take CNA classes either because the schools offering CNA classes are not near their place or sometimes you cannot afford the cost. In such cases, you can take online classes. Online CNA classes are usually time and cost-effective. However, you might not get the live interaction with other students and professors taking online classes. You might also not get direct hands-on clinical practice which is a requirement of major states.

Therefore, try to find the school that offers online classes with some hours of direct clinical exposures. Many colleges offer online CNA classes and also help you arrange for volunteer work in a local hospital, nursing homes, and old age homes, etc so that you can get some clinical practice. The online CNA classes are also good for those who were once certified but have the license expired.

Basic Skills for CNA Online Classes

However, one thing is common with every state; i.e. you need to know basic skills like measuring vital signs, documenting patient care, communication skills, moving patients, and some classes on anatomy and physiology.

The area of Certified Nursing Assistant concentrates on a variety of patient care facilities which includes the knowledge about the treatments applied in different sicknesses and injuries. The nursing aides are in charge of carrying out the diagnostic tests, maintain the medical history of patients, help patients with rehabilitation, operate medical equipment, etc.

There are no needs for any academic perquisites to take CNA classes in most schools so you can take classes online and attend the state exam for certification. You need to pass the CNA exam for your state in order to be a CNA.

The CNA classes are different according to the states you want to take the class. In some states, you can be a CNA just by taking a three-week course and no academic background is necessary while in some states you might have to be a high school graduate and take 6 months of CNA training.

Must be an Accredited Institution

Moreover, it is highly recommended that you attend a state-approved course or accredited for CNA training. Since these schools and colleges meet the quality standards required by the state and national government. They need to maintain the standards in order to continue their reputation. The other reason why you need to find an accredited online CNA program is that you cannot take the state certification test if you do not take the classes in the college that offers the recognized CNA classes.

Many local community colleges, vocational or technical schools, nursing homes, hospitals, American red cross offer accredited CNA training. Many of the State accredited schools offer at least 75 hours of theoretical training and a minimum of 16 hours of clinical practice.

It is very important for you to take classes in the schools which offer online CNA classes and some direct clinical exposures in order to take the state CNA certification test and work as a CNA after passing this test. You can find out if the classes offered by the school or college you wish to go are accredited or not by simply called the state CNA registry.

Good Instructor is Also Important

Furthermore, you need to be careful in who teaches you or who is taking the classes. It’s your duty to find out if the instructor is qualified and good enough to instruct you or not. Since you are taking the CNA classes online you need to know the basics of computers and the internet.

The CNA classes are usually given by registered nurses having at least a couple of years of experience in the field. You are taking online classes so try to follow the online group discussion on the blackboard of your college’s website. Read the books, notes, and material has given you online. Do not miss the quizzes, practice tests, and exams since they are handy on knowing where you stay in your classes. If you have any queries do not hesitate to ask your instructor either by mail or by calling them.

It’s always good to do some internship in any hospitals, clinics, or health facilities since it gives you a real experience of what you need to do in the work.

To conclude, to be a Certified Nursing Assistant after you take the CNA class online, you need to pass a state certification test. To sit in this test you must have completed the CNA classes from the colleges or health facilities that offer online CNA training that is accredited by the stated or the national registry boards. In addition to that, you will be required to have a certain number of hours on direct clinical practice. So you need to find a college that provides a recognized CNA program and also allows you some hours in clinical practice. If you follow all the above you can be a CNA even after taking the classes online.


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