Boost your CNA Job Interview with These Easy-Peasy Tips

A person willing to become a certified nurse aide must prepare well and take CNA job interview tips from reliable sources. This is important so as to have a career in the health care service industry.

An aspiring certified nursing assistant must not be less than 18 years in age and should have a minimum qualification of a high school diploma or a GED degree.

This is essential so as to get enrolled for the state-approved CNA training program which is designed such as to impart the students with knowledge on various health care aspects like

  • Personal care
  • Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Infection control
  • Fire safety
  • Therapeutic procedures
  • Patient/client rights
  • And patient communication

The student is expected to appear for an assessment test at the end of the training and pass it. It’s then that he becomes eligible to be awarded the CNA certification.

A person with a CNA certification has the liberty to apply and work in a state across the United States without getting into legal trouble in the event that he doesn’t originally belong to a particular state but wants to work there.

As the population keeps growing this simultaneously leads to many new hospitals and medical facilities coming up. This subsequently leads to an increase in the demand for quality CNAs to work in them.

Where Can a CNA Get a Job?

A certified nurse aide has many CNA jobs to choose from but he should go for the one that best suits his profile and career goals.

A person can opt from various health care agencies like:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Private nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Adult daycare centers
  • Acute care centers
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Community health centers
  • Military hospitals
  • Mobile health care units
  • Asylums
  • Research centers
  • Government public health care centers
  • And also the private homes of patients requiring round the clock medical care and attention

Some health care providers also offer other benefits like

  • Retirement saving plan
  • Life insurance
  • Medical facilities
  • Paid holidays
  • Gratuity
  • And also paid holidays

So, a career as a certified nurse aide is rewarding and also satisfying.

CNA Job Interview Tips

If you also want to join one of the many health care service providers you will have to first sit for the CNA jobs interview. You need proper planning and preparations for the same prior to you actually sit before the interview panel.

Below are the CNA jobs interview tips that you can follow to make a good start at job hunting:

  • The person going to attend the interview should be ready with the information such as day, time and venue of the interview
  • A copy of the resume and current state nursing assistant certification
  • Name and designation of the person going to conduct the interview
  • Any reference or recommendations from previous employers, patients or their families

The person going to attend the interview should remember that the first impression means a lot.

Hence, groom yourself and check the following before you set out to attend one:

  • The candidate should be properly dressed and clean-shaven
  • He should wear neat, clean and ironed clothes
  • Men should be in formal wear like trousers and collared shirt and leather shoes
  • Women can go for formal trousers or skirt and team it up with an appropriate business shirt and formal shoes
  • Do up your hair neatly as you would while on the job, this will create a positive impression
  • If you have tattoos or body piercing done, try and cover it to the maximum. Women shouldn’t wear too much makeup or jewelry which may be distracting for the one conducting the interview

You should do your homework properly; do some prior research on the type of questions that are usually asked.

Be prepared with answers for questions that might be as given below:

  • What is the reason behind leaving your last job?
  • Do you know to take vital signs?
  • What is it that you enjoy most about being a CNA?
  • What do you enjoy the least about being a CNA?
  • Have you ever been disciplined or fired from the job?
  • Where do you see yourself five years down the line from now?
  • Is it ok if we contact the reference that you have mentioned or your past employee?
  • Sometimes, even you are allowed to ask some questions. You may ask for the following information:
  • How many facilities you would be required to work?
  • What is the training or probation period?
  • How many patients you are required to attend to in a shift?
  • What are the benefits of career advancement opportunities one can expect?
  • How many other staff members would be working with you?

Most of the time your interview will be conducted by the Human Resource Manager or the Director of Nurses. You are also likely to be given a tour of the workplace you are likely to join.

You may take this opportunity to explore the place and see if the staff seems friendly if the workplace is clean and well organized and most importantly if you feel you can fit into the whole system and deliver the best efforts.

In case it’s a private duty CNA job that you are applying for, you are likely to meet the patient you would be taking care of. Take this as your chance to see if there could be a good patient/caregiver relationship which is essential.

A Certified Nurse Aide is most likely to be quizzed on whether you can provide all basic medical care to the patient.

Besides, the interviewer would like to see the passion, compassion, and professionalism that you carry with you and which forms an essential part of the CNA job.

If you have taken care of everything you are most likely to have a good interview and your chances of getting the job to appear.


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