A Day in the Life of a CNA in Acute Care Setting

CNA jobs are very demanding, as certified nurse aides are the final pillars, on which the growth of the acute care setting/related facility depends. Usually, they work for a 12-hour shift, while some work for 8 hours. Regardless of how many hours they work, responsibilities remain the same in most of the cases. Let us understand the way the day proceeds in the life of a CNA in the acute care setting.

Things begin by informing/handling you an assignment and passing on information regarding the patients you will be dealing with throughout the day. Mostly, a registered nurse or another certified nurse aide will inform you about it.

Once you receive all the information, the first thing you will do is checking and jotting down vital signs and assisting while serving breakfast or dinner. You will require noting down each recording regarding vital signs neatly and you may require recording the things related to the food intake of the patient.

You will either directly record the vital signs in the patient’s chart or may provide it to the nurse for review and then include it in the chart. You need to take care of providing a proper meal at the right time. You will require changing bed sheets daily to ensure sanitation.

You will also help the patients in activities, including bathing, mouth care, shaving, and other such related needs. Assistance is also provided in utilizing a bedpan or the restroom, walking, during exercises, and shifting the patient using a stretcher or wheelchair from one room to another as per the need.

Usually, nurses deal with providing prescribed medicines, treatments, etc. They also guide certified nurse aide with their duties, if needed. Having said that, as it is the main duty of certified nursing assistants to take care of the patients. As they spend much more time with them than the other ones, they provide much-needed information related to the patient’s condition to the medical staff. This keeps nurses/doctors up-to-date with the news related to patients’ conditions.

In addition to carrying out the mentioned duties, a certified nurse aide will also require to answer patient calls, providing water as per need and food at mealtime, dressing, grooming, etc.

Other responsibilities include cleaning up meal trays before and after meals, helping the nurses with their tasks, feeding the patients who cannot feed themselves, taking care of the equipment.

CNAs may also involve in collecting urine samples, changing adult diapers for the incontinent patients, changing linen if the patient has bled, vomited, or soiled it, etc.

Time travels quickly for the ones who work as a CNA. They are very much involved in ensuring complete patient care and in assisting other medical staff. This does not make their job hectic or boring, as they get used to it, and things become more comfortable with time.

In fact, they enjoy their work. Thus no matter where a certified nurse aide works, their responsibilities remain the same with the basic aim of making the patient’s life more comfortable and happier.


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