Tips to Prevent Back Injuries as a CNA

The maximum number of cases of back injuries fraught in any profession is that of a certified nursing assistant.

Because of the reason that it is one, which involves the maximum cases of either requiring to lift the sick person, to move him or her from one bed to the other, or from one place to another.

And this type of task has to be done by the nursing assistant on almost a regular basis, with the profile of the work itself offering no respite to the nursing assistant.

For the very reason, the nursing assistant must be well aware of the proper manner of lifting the sick person for preventing back injuries as a CNA in a health care facility.

The task of the nursing assistants is one, in which some of the work such as

  • Bending down very frequently in the process of doing something or the other.
  • Requiring to lift sick patients from one place to the other.
  • Moving here and there very frequently, with hardly any time of the day left when the nursing assistant can relax while on duty
  • And having to sit in different positions throughout the day, are common sights that can be observed.

For this very reason, not just the body but the mind of the nursing assistant must also be in the proper frame while he/ she is on duty, to not cause any trouble to the sick patients. Who cannot take care of themselves, during their ill health, cannot but rely entirely on the assistance of the nursing assistant.

In the process of attending to the sick persons, the whole stamina, whether mental or physical, of the nursing assistant is put to the test, as well as his or her power to endure through all these hard tasks.

And it is mainly, the back of the nursing assistant, which is seen to suffer the brunt of all these, with the nursing assistants continually suffering from backaches.

As a part of the CNA internship or training that the certified nursing assistants are expected to go through, all the important techniques involved in lifting and moving the sick persons are taught.

These are taught in a manner so that it does not harm or injure the nursing assistant as well as the sick patient. It is not only important for the training of all these methods but what matters is whether the nursing assistant has learned the techniques or not.

4 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries as a CNA

Learning all these methods will ensure that there is no harm caused either to the sick person or to the back of the nursing assistant.

1. Consider The Size

In lifting or moving the sick patient, the first thing that has to be checked out is the size as well as the weight of the sick person, in comparison to that of the nursing assistant and in accordance with the same, the attempts of either lift or move the person has to be made.

2. Get Help from Co-worker

In cases of sick persons, who are bigger than the nursing assistant or perhaps too heavy, the ideal thing would be to go for the help of a co-worker.

3. Using Slider Board

While moving the sick person from one bed to another, the help of a slider board can be taken, by placing this slider board beneath the body of the ill person, and then put the other end of the board on the additional bed. Since in this position, there would be the least pressure on the back portion of the nursing assistant.

4. Using Proper Position

In cases of putting the sick person on the wheelchairs, the best thing to do is to make the patient sit in an upright position parallel to the nursing assistant. Slide in the arms around the waist of the sick person, and by bending down on the knees, make the ill person sit up and then place him or her in the wheelchair.

In this case, the pressure has to be put in the knees, so that the back is saved from maximum pressure.

Many a healthcare facility, these days have also gone for the introduction and usage of various devices which help the nursing assistants in lifting up the sick patients, and in cases where the nursing assistant experiences any pain towards the groin area of the body.

It is well-advised to seek help, for preventing back injuries as a CNA is an important factor in the nursing assistant enjoying his or her work thoroughly, and ultimately contributing towards the health of the patient.


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