Preparation for the Nursing Assistant Exam

Everyone at some point or the other thought of being of help to somebody or the other in their times of distress, or sickness.

But, we find a clear and concrete idea of how this desire of ours can be given shape to, when we come across the profile of that of a certified nursing assistant.

The task of a nursing assistant is to provide every possible help that can be extended to the persons who are sick, and who are not in the position of themselves doing the chores of their daily lives.

However it is not a very easy task to qualify for the examination of that of a nursing assistant, and then go on to become a certified nursing professional in this field, who is then all out to go and pursue the career of one’s choice.

After the required training has been done, there has to be a thorough preparation before the nursing assistant goes for appearing for the nurse assistant exam.

The preparation for the nurse assistant exam can be done in many a way, but the most convenient of these is to browse through the internet, searching for sample question papers of the exam, which at times, gives a very well idea, as regards the kind of questions that might be there in the actual examination.

In the absence of any prior take on these type of examinations, the nursing assistant might be nervous regarding the type of questions that are asked in the exams.

Therefore, in order to make the nursing assistant of all the type of questions that might be asked there are various help provided all across the internet in the form of sample examination papers, with questions which are framed in a manner which if practiced by the nursing assistant would enable him or her to fare well in the exams.

This is due to the fact that these kind of questions are designed as similar to the actual questions as possible, and if the nursing assistant has thoroughly gone through these type of sample papers with the sample questions, then he or she will find it really to be of a help.

Since, the time when the nursing assistant goes to appear for the exam, he or she will find, to their pleasant surprise, that the questions that are there in the question papers, are known by them completely, and they can successfully solve them, and score good percentage of marks.

That is, the designers of the sample exam papers, containing the sample questions, are well versed of the type of questions that are there in the actual question papers, and just to make the task of the nursing assistant going through these simpler, and also worth the time spent on these, they design it in the same way as the original questions that would be asked in the nurse exams.

Now, for the nursing assistant exam, the type is that there are two sections in that.

The First Section,

In similar lines with most of the type of exam is the written examination section, in which, the nursing assistant has to prove his or her knowledge of the profession of nursing, in the form of writing down the answers to the written questions.

The written examination section, again is comprised of two parts, that is, one is the part in which, the nursing assistant has to prove his knowledge by writing down lengthy answers, giving an explanation for almost every answer in an elaborate manner.

The Second Part

Is one in which the nursing assistant has to have a very good knowledge of the nursing field, because herein, there is not much of a scope to write down long answers, and whatever has been asked in the question paper, has to be answered directly, with a short answer in either a single sentence, or at times, in even a single word, if required.

Therefore, it can be well understood from this fact that the examiner who has designed the question paper wants to check if the nursing assistant is well prepared with the comprehensive knowledge of the field before stepping in to provide his or her services in the form of a certified nursing assistant.

In the part of the written exam,

In which the answers are supposed to be given in a precise and short form, there are as much as almost seventy questions which fall in the category of the multiple-choice questions.

Out of these multiple choice written questions, there are around ten of them which are calculated much before the nursing assistant sits for the examination, and they are referred to as non-scored or pre test questions.

The main reason behind them, being referred to so, is that the score of these questions are not dependent on what the nursing assistant has written, but on something else.

That is, the score of these non-score questions is solely one, in which some statistical facts and information is collected, which of course, is added together at the end of the process of evaluating the whole performance of the nursing assistant, whether be it in the written examination, or the oral one.

The second section of the examination is the oral or the verbal one.

Here, in this particular section, the nursing assistant is expected to give his answers by verbally answering them, and this might actually be a very difficult thing, especially if the nursing assistant is not well versed of all the knowledge that he or she is expected to have, since there may not be the required time provided to answer each and every question, as per the convenience of the candidate.

This section again is divided into two further parts.

That is, in similar lines with the written section, in this section too, there are multiple- choice questions, which are as much as 60 in number, and ten questions, which require the nursing assistant to recognize a few words, and therefore called as word -recognition or reading comprehension questions.

Having gone through all these sample questions papers, comprising of the sample questions, would make sure that the nursing assistant is ready with his or her preparation for the nurse assistant exam.

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