Precautionary Measures Nursing Assistant Should Take

One with a thirst for serving others in their days of ill health and sickness has to find out what are the requirements to be practicing as a certified nursing assistant and then go all out to becoming one. It is neither during the course provided, nor during the period of being in the internship, nor even in the process of being in service in an organization that the precautions nursing assistants should take.

Therefore, every nursing assistant has to make himself or herself acquire the necessary knowledge regarding the required precautions to be observed. Sometimes, it is noted that even if there is some other help ready for the assistance of the nursing assistant in the performance of a few tasks, like the lifting up of a sick patient, the nursing assistant nevertheless, tries to do it on his or her own. This leads to risk as regards the life of the nursing assistant, as well as the life of the sick patient, bringing about jeopardy in the health care facilities and the whole job of the nursing assistant.

The next precautionary measure to be observed by the nursing assistants is from the attack of communicable diseases, which are especially spread via fluids All the knowledge as regards, the risk from the communicable diseases are taught to the nursing assistants not just in the process of their internships or training, but they are even given knowledge about in the process of the nursing assistants job tenure in any healthcare facility. Another means of how the communicable disease might be spread is when the sick person has dirtied his or her clothes.

In these cases, the precautions nursing assistants should take is that the nursing assistant has to make the use of hand gloves, which are made of rubber, and clean the stool or urine, whatever has spoiled the clothes, and later on, to wash off the hands with proper antiseptic soap. This will ensure that there is no spread of any communicable disease, if any.

Again, at times, some of the patients resist the assistance of the nursing assistants, causing them to go through their release of frustration. This might at times, just end up in the sick patient scolding and shouting madly at the nursing assistant. Due to their ailing health, at times, some patients are seen to suffer from the onset of many a mental and psychological problem, such as anger, being nervous and worried at all times of the day, being depressed at all times, extreme hatred, especially towards the nursing assistant, as he or she is the only person that they might be seeing throughout the day, and which also might be the result of the nursing assistant having to bear abuses, especially the verbal ones.

In this case of verbal abuse, the best policy that the nursing assistant can adhere to is to tell the sick person that you would do whatever and how much is possible from your role as a nursing assistant. If still, the problem persists, the next best thing to be done is to handle the situation as per the rules and regulations of the healthcare facility that the nursing assistant is working for.

The worst scene occurs when the nursing assistant has to bear the brunt of the sick person’s mental anguish in the form of being physically abused, in which case the best policy to adhere to is to shout for help, again as per the laws of the healthcare facility that the nursing assistant is employed with. It is of utmost importance to go for the assistance of the employer in the cases of physical abuse, as not reporting that might later on lead to the sick patient, once he/she is restored back to normalcy, rather accuse the nursing assistant of abusing them. Hence, it is of advice to the nursing assistant to call out for help in these cases as soon as possible.

The healthcare industry is one that reports the highest number of burning cases all across the globe almost daily. In such a situation, it is only more expected from the nursing assistants to be extra careful about all the burning cases. In observing all these precautions nursing assistants should take, it is very important that at the same time, the nursing assistant is well aware of the huge responsibility that rests on his/her shoulders, which is not just to look after the sick person, but also make sure that the whole profession of that of a nursing assistant is brought glory upon by his or her job.


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