How Hard is CNA Skills Test & Written Exam?

Anyone with a desire to serve the sick patients in their times of need or sickness can have the option, these days, of turning this noble desire into that of a profession, that is, to start work as a certified nursing assistant and be of help to the sick patients when they are in need of care and love the most in their lives.

In modern times, we people might be earning lots of money, but then we are devoid of the time, which is the most important factor to devote it for our near and dear ones, with the result that most of the times when any of the relatives fall ill, we resort to taking them to a health care facility, where there are the certified nursing assistants, who give the same quality of care and love as would have been otherwise given to the sick person by own family members.

Having had a good experience in these health care facilities, with the service of the nursing assistants, has increased the demand of the nursing assistants among the patients and their family members, in the process leading to an increase in job opportunities for them.

According to a finding made by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job opportunities for the certified nursing assistants or CNAs would rise by as much as almost 30 to 35% in the next couple of years.

Of course, there are some ways how the process of becoming a certified nursing assistant can be achieved, that is, it is not as easy as it seems as well.

Because of the reason that the job of a certified nursing assistant is a very important one, especially in the medical field, with the nursing assistants being the ones who are in close contact with the sick persons, most of the time, there are a few tests that are conducted how well the training has been received by the nursing assistant for him/her to be eligible and qualified enough to serve in that capacity.

The exam or the test that is there for the nursing assistants to go through is mainly of two kinds.

  • In the first kind, the questions that are asked have to be answered by writing down. The questions in this written type of exam are mostly of the kind of multiple choices, which check the general knowledge of the nursing assistant as regards the nursing profession.
  • The second kind of examination, that is considered as the harder of the two is that, which is referred to as the clinical skills exam.

If the nursing assistant has gone through, and diligently attended all the classes of his CNA training, as well as studied well regarding all the concepts of the nursing profession, then he or she should not find it too much of a difficulty to pass the written part of the exam.

The second part of the examination to assess if the nursing assistant is well prepared to serve in the capacity that he/she is expected to, that is, the skills test, which checks primarily the basic skills of the nursing assistant.

This actually is seen by many as a difficult task to go through. There is a misconception as regards passing the CNA skills test and written exam.

For many, it seems that if the training has been properly attended, then it qualifies the nursing assistant to easily pass through all the tests of the nursing assistants. To pass out with flying colors, thorough preparation is a must.

For the skills test, what most of the type of exams require is to come prepared with a person, who might be any person, i.e. either a friend or a relative, of the nursing assistant, on whom, he/she can demonstrate the skills, that he/she has acquired in the process of training.

Doing this will enable the nursing assistant to show in the best possible way regarding the skills he or she has acquired.

Otherwise, it might not be very possible to make the examiner understand regarding the skills acquired, and in these cases, an active demonstration, is anytime better than making him/her understand in a passive way, and if the nursing assistant has thoroughly attended all the classes of clinical training, that he/she would get to know this better.

The important things that are checked in the skills test are whether the nursing assistant has learned how to check the vital signs of the sick person, lifting and moving the patients properly from one bed to another, changing as well as making the bed for the patient, finding out the blood pressure as well as the body temperature, taking note of the respiration of the patient, and lastly to dress the wounds properly or not.

On the other hand, some facts regarding the student’s knowledge such as the basic things associated with taking care of the sick persons, a bit of common sense, requiring in times of emergency, and the knowledge and skills acquired in the process of training are also found out in the written part of the exam.

These days there are some institutes which conduct training in CNA, that offer the students a few aids in the form of books related to the field of nursing, some noted so as to pass out with flying colors in the test, as well as journals, while the process of training is conducted.

Any nursing assistant, who has attended this kind of a CNA institute, providing all these help, then it is a matter of great good luck for him or her because that would go a long way in helping to pass the test.

These aids ensure that the nursing assistant gets a good score in the exam because the nursing assistant is already high on confidence, unlike the others who in the absence of any help, are shaky regarding how to go about with the preparation.

In order to pass the CNA skills test and written exam, it is necessary to undertake a few measures, of course making sure to ask for the help of all experienced in this profession, but what matters is a genuine wish to be of help to the needy during their times of illness and sick health.


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