Tips to Maintain your Health as a CNA

Growing population, prevailing competition, and unemployment due to lack of jobs are all responsible for creating a stressful environment in working places. Jobs in this troubled economy are very rare to see. The healthcare industry has only survived the heat of the economy that we still see many job openings in this sector.

Most of the job openings in this field are for certified nursing assistants. The opportunities are due to the

  • Shortage of nursing professional
  • The increasing number of elderly people
  • And new healthcare technologies.

Top 4 Tips to Maintain your Health

However, like other professions, the job of nursing assistants also entails stress on the mind and body. Therefore, is necessary to maintain your health as a CNA. Below we listed some tips to maintain your health.

1. Maintain Your Physical Strength

Tabled jobs are stressful to mind since it does not involve any physical activities. One can complete it sitting in one place without any need to move around.

This is not the case with the nursing assistant’s job. They not only go through mental pressure but physical stress as well.

The stress factors are directly related to your job description. As a CNA, you will have to lift patients while taking them to the doctor’s cabin or other units for treatment.

Many patients, whether young or old, are not in a position to stand or sit in the wheelchair and lie on the stretcher. Such patients have to be lifted carefully without exposing them to injury. CNAs have to do this job on their own or with the help of someone from the staff.

To lift patients, you need physical strength. You can develop your strength through exercises and consuming nutritional foods.

To develop your upper body, you can do push-ups and pull-ups. These exercises will help in building strong muscles. Regular weight lifting training will also help in gaining strength and maintaining your body in shape.

As a CNA, you must make exercise as a hobby. Exercise will provide your strength to handle the physical activities in the job.

2. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Do not ignore your mental health along with physical strength. If you have peace in your mind, your efficiency level will rise high. Your mind would work to its capacity only if you had a sufficient sleep.

You will deprive yourself of a sound sleep when you have worked two shifts in succession. Working overtime will add extra earning, but the next day your mind will not react appropriately.

Being half-sleepy in the job will not allow you to focus on the tasks at hand. You may unknowingly create a blunder inviting a barrage of criticism from your supervisor. You can digest the harsh words or scolding, but if your mistake has created any problem for the patient, then who you are going to blame.

Therefore, you must work that many extra hours, which your mind permits you. Make a point that every day you have to be more alert than the previous day so that you are mentally present in your job.

3. Maintain Your Emotional Health

After physical and mental health, you should also maintain your emotional health. CNAs have to face many incidences in their job daily. Seeing patients die in front of your eyes may disturb you emotionally.

Both new joiners and experienced CNAs encounter this problem. The reason is the personal bounding between CNAs and patients. If you talk and meet patients regularly for days and months, you will soon begin to like something about them.

It is natural to have emotions for them. And when you see their conditions getting worsened, it will affect you emotionally.

You should try to get out of this emotional block by indulging in some activities with your family. You may also visit a place, such as a church, temple, and mosque that can console your mind. It is important to seek therapy and guidance from professionals to get back to normalcy.

4. Work Smart Not Hard

Along with exercise, it is equally important to learn the correct method of lifting people while shifting or transporting them. If you do not apply correct methods, the chances are that you may either injure yourself.

You should use the skills learned during CNA training. If you recall, you will realize that lifting patients from knees is the safest style.

If you forget what you have learned, you may injure your back or get your muscles pulled when lifting heavy patients. Maintaining correct posture and balancing weight are the keys to minimize lifting accidents.

As a CNA, you will have to apply physical strength many times a day. Therefore, it is important to maintain your health to handle physical activities with ease.

Remember, if you are mentally and physically strong, then only you can work efficiently and handle routine activities in your job. The benefit of good health is not only to you but also for the patients. Therefore, maintain your health as a CNA and become a role model for others.


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