Tips to Maintain your Health as a CNA

Like other professions, the job of nursing assistants also entails stress on the mind and body. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your health as a CNA. Below we listed some tips to maintain your health.

Maintain your Physical Strength

Tabled jobs are stressful to mind since it does not involve any physical activities. One can complete it sitting in one place without any need to move around.

This is not the case with the nursing assistant’s job. They not only go through mental pressure but physical stress as well. The stress factors are directly related to your job description. As a CNA, you will have to lift patients while taking them to the doctor’s cabin or other units for treatment.

Many patients, whether young or old, are not in a position to stand or sit in the wheelchair and lie on the stretcher. Such patients have to be lifted carefully without exposing them to injury. CNAs have to do this job on their own or with the help of someone from the staff.

To lift patients, you need physical strength. You can develop your strength through exercises and consuming nutritional foods. To develop your upper body, you can do push-ups and pull-ups. These exercises will help in building strong muscles. Regular weight lifting training will also help in gaining strength and maintaining your body in shape.

As a CNA, you must make exercise as a hobby. Exercise will provide your strength to handle the physical activities in the job.

Take Care of your Mental Health

Do not ignore your mental health along with physical strength. If you have peace in your mind, your efficiency level will rise high. Your mind would work to its capacity only if you had sufficient sleep. You will deprive yourself of a sound sleep when you have worked two shifts in succession. Working overtime will add extra earning, but the next day your mind will not react appropriately.

Being half-sleepy in the job will not allow you to focus on the tasks at hand. You may unknowingly create a blunder inviting a barrage of criticism from your supervisor. You can digest the harsh words or scolding, but if your mistake has created any problem for the patient, then who you are going to blame.

Therefore, you must work that many extra hours, which your mind permits you. Make a point that every day you have to be more alert than the previous day so that you are mentally present in your job.

Maintain your Emotional Health

After physical and mental health, you should also maintain your emotional health. CNAs have to face many incidences in their job daily. Seeing patients die in front of your eyes may disturb you emotionally.

Both new joiners and experienced CNAs encounter this problem. The reason is the personal bounding between CNAs and patients. If you talk and meet patients regularly for days and months, you will soon begin to like something about them. It is natural to have emotions for them. And when you see their conditions getting worsened, it will affect you emotionally.

You should try to get out of this emotional block by indulging in some activities with your family. You may also visit a place, such as a church, temple, and mosque that can console your mind. It is important to seek therapy and guidance from professionals to get back to normalcy.

If s/he has the habit of smoking, then it has to be made sure that it is done much before the nursing assistant leaves for his/her duty so that there is no smell lingering while on duty.

Work Smart Not Hard

Along with exercise, it is equally important to learn the correct method of lifting people while shifting or transporting them. If you do not apply correct methods, the chances are that you may either injure yourself.

You should use the skills learned during CNA training. If you recall, you will realize that lifting patients from knees is the safest style. If you forget what you have learned, you may injure your back or get your muscles pulled when lifting heavy patients. Maintaining correct posture and balancing weight are the keys to minimize lifting accidents.

As a CNA, you will have to apply physical strength many times a day. Therefore, it is important to maintain your health to handle physical activities with ease.

Remember, if you are mentally and physically strong, then only you can work efficiently and handle routine activities in your job. The benefit of good health is not only to you but also for the patients. Therefore, maintain your health as a CNA and become a role model for others.

Is Personal Hygiene Important as a CNA?

The duty of a certified nursing assistant covers mainly tasks related to taking care of sick persons, and in this case the most important thing that comes into consideration is how well the nursing assistant is groomed to look after the sick patient.

The sick patients, in their sick health cannot do most of the work of daily life, which is done by the nursing assistants on their behalf. That is, almost all the tasks, like bathing, at times even having food on his or her own, changing their clothes on their own and so on.

During such times, it is the nursing assistant who takes care that all these duties are done perfectly and that the sick person is completely at ease, without any hassles. Therefore, for all these reasons, it is very essential that the personal hygiene for a CNA is adhered to by the nursing assistant to the maximum extent possible, as it would be to the benefit of all.

If those factors not strictly followed, It may lead to the attack of germs. Including bacterial and fungal, and might be detrimental to the health of not just the sick person, But to the health of the nursing assistant as well.

Taking Regular Bath

You need to be considered is to have a regular bath every day, just before leaving for the shift of work, to make sure that there is nobody odor that is emitted from the body, and which disturbs and creates an unpleasant state for the sick person you are attending to.

This will also help you to feel fresh and invigorated throughout the whole day, and which will ensure that the tasks are performed with an active state of mind.

Having a body odor will mean that the sick persons, who are being taken care by you will have a hard time, during the time you are working at a close distance with the sick person and will have no other option but to bear through.

Washing Hands

The next hygiene for a CNA is washing the hands very well after the completion of every task related to taking care of the patient is extremely vital because we all know that this is the most susceptible region of the body which is exposed to the maximum germs, for the obvious fact that we perform almost all the tasks with the help of hands.

Even though, the rules and the regulations vary from one health care facility to the other, almost all of them at least would have some of the basic factors in common.

Washing the hands with a proper medicated soap or hand wash is one such point, which is strictly followed everywhere. Even after the certified nursing assistant has for some reason or the other been to the restroom, s/he is expected to wash off the hands clean with soap.

Proper Hair Care

Another important tip of personal hygiene is to proper hair care, which is expected at least during the hours of duty while taking care of the sick persons, to be kept in the most well-groomed manner as possible. For the nursing assistants who have long hair, and which might be distracting, in the process of performing tasks, it is best advised to keep it tied while the nursing assistant is attending to the sick person.

Wearing Clean Clothes

It is important also to wear clean clothes while going for duty every day. There should be another pair of uniforms kept, in a neat manner in the locker assigned to the nursing assistant.

This is due to you may never know when there might be an emergency as regards the uniform that s/he is working, and the uniform might get spoiled and in that case, the extra pair can be utilized.

Moreover, there are also occasions when a sick person soils hi/her bed as well as clothes, and they need to be cleaned, and in the process the uniform of the nursing assistant gets dirty. Then in those cases, the spare uniform comes in handy.

Keeping Healthy Nails

Keeping the nails of the certified nursing assistant is equally important. It is a factor well known that beautiful, long nails are the preference of every lady.

However, because of its nature of work, the nails of that of the certified nursing assistant is expected to be not only clean but short as well, so as to ensure that there is no threat of them harming the sick person. This will be contrary to the care that is expected from the nursing assistant, as the sick person will only get hurt in the process of being taken care of.

Besides, it is also a fact well known that long nails run the risk of storing more harmful dirt, as well as bacterial and fungal germs, and having long nails on the part of the certified nursing assistant will only mean that it contributes further to the ill health of the sick person.

It is also not a good thing for the health of the nursing assistant, as the nails would carry dirt and germs from the health care facility and make the nursing assistant fall ill. Besides, it might not be possible for the nursing assistant to perform a few minor tasks.

Taking Care of Mouth Odor

The most disturbing factor which is a strict no-no is CNAs mouth odor, which is extremely an irritating thing for the patients. The best care that can be extended to the sick person is to ensure that daily brushing has been done and to chew a few mints while on duty.

To ensure that there is no potential risk to the health of the nursing assistant as well as to the health of the sick person, all the points necessary for maintaining the personal hygiene for a CNA, need to be strictly followed.


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