Location & Experience Both Influence Your CNA Pay

When I became a nurse, I was never worried about the pay, location and experience. All I needed at that time was a job. Serving people selflessly was everything I craved for. However, getting an opportunity to serve people was not an easy walk for me. There was time when I was forced to give up the decision of pursing a nursing career out of frustration. That was because during late 90s, there were not many opportunities like now. The situation has only improved from 2008, and I am happy to know that the demand of nurses will rise with a decent percentage till 2025.

Rising Demand of CNA

The world has realized the need and importance of nursing aides. Many changes, innovation and the population, of course, have combined in the demand of nurses. All those who are dreaming about joining the nursing industry are lucky people. Besides the demand, there are also better training opportunities. Each state has minimum or over 100 training centers to train interested candidates.

What’s more, there is even provision to get free training, and scholarship aides. You can also learn the nursing technicalities from the comfort of your home through the internet. Nursing education has become so comfortable that you can choose them according to your convenience.

Besides nursing education, the healthcare industry has become more diversified. Today, you can take the training and work in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and many other settings that treat and provide care to their clients. You can also pick any specific location according to your interest for employment purpose. Since you have options to work in different settings and location, you will find differences in your pay.

But, How it influence CNA Pay?

I am glad you asked! Read on for the answer.

Many factors influence CNA pay. The status of the city you are living in will be the prime factor that will make a difference in your pay. If the city you live in falls under ‘A’ category, you can expect more pay than ‘B’ category cities. Moreover, it will also depend on the employers and the types of nursing care they provide to their clients.

The overall business of the facility is equally important for your pay. For example, if the ratio of patients discharged each day is more than the admitted, the management will not provide you a better pay. If you are working with big names that are known for treating all sorts of ailments and have a huge setup, you can expect good rewards.

Being an entry-level position, the salary given to CNAs is better than those working at the same position, but in different category. Your salary will be higher than a housekeeping person, or someone working in the kitchen. The geographic location and experience will also have a major role in your salary package.

Oky! So, Is Becoming a CNA Worth it?

Though the job is not glamorous, but at the end of the day the satisfaction one would derive from doing the job would be higher than the salary. Imagine the conditions of those who are not able to eat, go to the toilet, and even brush their teeth and hair, for them; you would be more than an angle. The nursing profession would give you more than just the salary.

What’s more, the experience and further education you take while working at this entry-level position will make you efficient in handling more responsibilities. You will also have decision-making power in your hand.

Remember, when there is demand for a certain product in the market, apparently its rate goes up. Similarly, when there is a demand for certified nursing assistant in the medical industry, the salary is bound to be better than before.

In the coming years, there would be better technology that would help people in living longer with proper nursing care and treatment. The nursing profession, therefore, is going to stay till the end of the world.

To all those about to enter in the nursing industry, I would like them to know that they are taking a noble profession that has the potential to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Since you are stepping on a foundation, you should not mind if the salary is not as you expected. But it is true that CNA pay will vary by location and experience.

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