How to Get Certified Nursing Assistant Certification

A CNA certification is much sought after by many aspirants who want to make a career in the nursing and healthcare sector. These aspirants who are serious about getting a job of a CNA want to know how to get CNA certification and get listed in the registry as a certified nursing assistant. The CNA certification classes and job opportunities after getting certified are the main areas of interest for these aspirants.

The training program has been designed with the aim of providing holistic training to offer daily care for patients who need long term help physically, mentally and medically. The eligibility criteria, syllabus and the structure of the program differ from one state to the other. These things differ based on the norms laid down by the concerned department of your respective state. The common thing about the CNA certification course is the focus on service and the need for professional behavior in the healthcare facility where you work in.

Application Process

The CNA certification application is the first stage of acquiring a CNA certification and the eligibility criteria has to be known from the respective department before applying for the course. You should know whether you fulfill all the requirements before enrolling. You should be eighteen years of age and completed high school diploma though this criteria differs from one state to the other. Some states may accept your application even if you completed sixteen years of age and they may not need you to be a high school diploma holder too.

It becomes all the more important that you know all these requirements before deciding to apply for the course. The requirements also include two copies of any photo identification along with your signature and recommendation letters from officials holding high positions in the healthcare sector. You will have to fill all the details in the application form and submit it along with the other requirements. A background check is an integral and a major part of the application process and the program has the criteria that you should not have committed any crime or felony or convicted for it in the past.

Qualifying Exam

After the detailed application process, you will be required to appear for an examination which will test your verbal and written communication skills. Communication skills are important as the certified nursing assistants are required to communicate well with the patients and also with the nurses and doctors with whom the nursing aides have to work along with. Some schools and colleges also offer separate training if you fail to clear this examination. The training will be provided in a skills lab and you will be required to appear for the exam again.

Classes and Practical Sessions

The theoretical classes, skills lab and clinical sessions are the major parts of the training program which may be extended from three weeks to three months depending upon the state you are in. Usually, the maximum number of hours required for the training is seventy two and theoretical sessions take up thirty hours of this and thirty is taken up by the clinical sessions and the rest is occupied by the skills lab sessions. Theoretical classes include lectures by prominent professionals like nurses and doctors, demonstrations and theory related to infection control, medication management, daily care, hygiene management, physiology and protecting patient’s rights. You will be taught how to handle different kinds of patients and their mood swings. Skills lab improve your communication and people handling skills. Clinical practical sessions will give you on the job training which would require you to work in healthcare facilities and learn the day to day responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant.

Exams to get Certified

There would be two exams which would be conducted after you successfully complete the seventy two hours of the training program. The skills test and the written test will be the two exams and the skills test will test your skills learnt from the clinical sessions and the written exam will test you on the theoretical knowledge acquired from the classes.

You will have to clear both the exams with the required percentage of marks as only then you will be certified and your name would be listed in the state registry as a certified nursing assistant. You would start getting job opportunities as soon as you are listed in the registry.

CNA certification is a very worthy possession for those who want to pursue a stable and lucrative career in the healthcare sector. You will just have to be determined and disciplined to complete the certification program successfully. A little research will answer your question of how to get CNA certification.

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