How Much Does a CNA Earn?

Whether we agree or not, it is still a fact that money matters the most. Few people would defend themselves and say that they prefer passion above salary. However, when you tell them that they will not get paid, apart from having an opportunity to follow what they like, they will simply disappear in the thin air. The need of the hour is to be practical.

Nowadays, people who are thinking about joining a nursing career often wonder about this question “how much does a CNA earn?” This question will offend nobody since everyone has the right to know whether the job can help him or her in taking care of their family or not.

Many factors affect CNA earning. Largely, it will depend on the facility you are working in. If you survey the nursing assistants’ salary in a different healthcare setting, you will find that hospitals are the better paymasters.

In return, they will put lots of weight on your shoulder in the name of responsibilities. The other reason could be the number of patients these facilities are capable of taking care of.

Nursing homes and day-care facilities cannot manage more patients due to space crunch, or availability of other resources. As such, the CNA salary in these settings would not be higher.

The key to fetch a high salary in the job is to multi-task. If you can manage to provide many patients with nursing care, your salary may hike by a few dollars. If you are working in a home health setting and taking care of a single patient, you cannot expect a high salary.

If any healthcare setting that can manage to treat a wide number of patients and different types of diseases can afford to pay you’re higher than the standard rate.

Usually, CNA salary is calculated on an hourly basis. The hourly rate may be in the range of $8 to $12. Before taking the job, you should research the nursing assistants’ salary within your city.

How much a CNA earns also depends on the state or city you are living in. Not only the taxes people pay to the administration are higher, but also the charges paid for services to the providers are higher. Therefore, in such a city or state, you can receive a high salary.

You will find a $5 difference per hour in your salary. If your city were paying you $10 for an hour, the city where the cost of living is high would pay you $15 per hour.

Experience and additional certification can greatly affect your salary. Since experience is counted in the job, a nursing assistant with 10 years of experience can easily earn $20 to $25 per hour.

This is a huge difference in your salary check. Further, you have other opportunities to increase your salary by doing additional certification courses. The remarkable thing is that you can take extra training while continuing with your job.

Your employer will also help in this regard. They may even fund you and promote you once you have completed the course. When there is a promotion in your designation, your salary is likely to increase.

If you cannot wait to pile up your experience, you can resort to working as a traveling nurse. Many nursing staffing agencies would help you in this attempt. You will have to make a contract with them.

After getting into a contract, you may need to travel to different places and work there. The work location will keep changing as and when the demand of nursing assistants arises. You may have to compromise on the benefits part, but then the salary paid will definitely be higher than you would be drawing being a resident nurse.

If you need to work and remain at home to take care of your family, then the next option to earn extra is by doing overtime. However, the pay rate for an extra work hour is less, but then if you work three to four hours extra each day, you will see a significant increase in your paycheck.

Doing overtime when there is a workload is ok for a few days. It is not practical to continue with this routine for long, otherwise, you will soon get exhausted, and you will have less or no energy for the next day.

Nursing assistants are in great demand in the healthcare industry. In a way, their demand and the salary they earn are co-related since they are affected due to many factors.

If you stick to one employer for long, your salary will increase gradually at the end of each year after your performance appraisal.

However, experience and advanced training are important in deciding how much does a CNA earns.


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