Confidentiality: A Must Have Trait for a CNA

Whenever you are about to embark upon a new career, you need to have complete information in your hand to avoid all the possible mistakes that may occur due to ignorance or being over sighted. This means you must be technically and practically be prepared to do the job. Proper training and personal initiative will help in gaining knowledge and skills in what you intend to do. If you are into a nursing profession, many things are counted.

Your technical knowledge, ability to meet the nursing care challenges, and being detailed-oriented are few positive elements you must bring to your job. However, a must-have trait for nursing assistants is confidentiality. You should respect the confidentiality of the client, staff, and the facility you work with.

Why It’s Important

A certified nursing assistant has to be in contact with various departments of the facility. The job they do make them involved in many activities. For instance, they have to inform the housekeeping staff to clean the area where patients have vomited, or spilled liquid medicines, etc. on the floor. Then, they have to be in touch with the lab technician for x-rays and other reports. Conversing with the billing section is also a part of their duty. Dealing with such a wide area of operations makes them familiar with lots of happenings around in the facility.

With such a kind of exposure, the information collected by nursing assistants about the facility is tremendous. When so many facts are stored in your mind, the temptation to share it with others is irresistible. In any condition, you should not fall prey to such circumstances. We understand that it is human nature to ask and share things with others; however, you should realize that your income comes from a job that does not allow you to share and pass messages.

How to Pursuit the Confidentiality

In the training, you already go through the policies and procedures of the healthcare industry. On the first day of your joining, the supervisor will brief you about the system they follow. Somebody will show you the entire building so that you are aware of what sections are in which place. There would also be fire extinguishers, and emergency exit you have to resort to during unexpected situations. This information is very important, and you should use it with all your senses and convictions when the need arises.

Patients hospitalized in your facility need more than caring and treatment. They should have confidence in you that the problems they are going through are not shared with others. We may have made progress in many aspects of life, but still, we are not able to digest a few things. For example, few diseases are just considered very contemptible. Person afflicted with such a disease is looked down upon in society. If you disclose the victim’s identity outside, he/she cannot lead a normal life. Therefore, maintaining the confidentiality of such information is very important in your job.

There are certain clauses you have to follow when disclosing information about patients’ problems. The medical rules allow you to pass and receive information about the patient’s medical history only with the concerned person. For example, the patient might have taken initial treatment in some other facility where a physician or surgeon had handled the case. You can contact those doctors and get information so that your medical team can work on it.

Many diseases in medical history can spread quickly in the air. Such communicable diseases have to be handled cautiously and patients have to be in quarantine. Each facility applies its own policies and procedures in dealing with communicable diseases. If you disclose information about such diseases to others in the facility, it may create a panic situation, since it could widespread and turn into an epidemic. Such cases have to be taken care of by the local health department. A plan of action to stop the spread will be taken with the top authorities of the facility.

Confidentiality is not only limited to patients. You must as well include the medical staff. Since you have already developed a relationship with staff from other departments, one or another person would ask you about a patient under your care. If there is any connection with the treatment, then only you should disclose the information. If not, then you should maintain total confidentiality. You should also not indulge in any kind of gossip and disseminate it since it would spoil the work atmosphere.

Therefore, you must understand the importance of confidentiality in your training itself so that you neither commit nor violate the policy under any episode. Remember, clients, are more concerned about their privacy. They cannot accept that whatever is happening inside the facility is shared outside. Since many events take place around nursing assistants, they must have confidentiality as one of the important traits for the job.


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