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CNA Study Guide to Organize and Reduce Test Stress

To become a CNA, the student first should get his/her GED or high school degree. He/she can then get himself enrolled in a nursing training program which is a 6 to 12 weeks long course. This course is offered by universities and colleges. One can also opt for online courses offered by some institutions. Once the course is over the student has to appear for the final Certified Nursing exam which has two parts: the written and the practical test. The written test refers to the theoretical knowledge of the student while the practical exam tests the student’s hands-on proficiency. The student has to pass both the exams, so as to achieve his certification, this is where a CNA study guide will be helpful. A person with CNA certificate can find jobs in hospitals, healthcare facilities, adult health care centers and even at the patient’s home.

Certified nursing assistant certification test could be very stressful for any student. The students usually attend weeks or months of intense classes of theoretical and practical courses, investing time and energy to become a certified nursing assistant. Training, clinical duties and quizzes are just a few steps in the student’s training programs. The certified nurse certification exam is an evaluation process that tests the candidate’s grasp and knowledge about the subjects and lessons taught during the nursing training.

To pass the certification test, the students need to back themselves with solid theoretical and practical knowledge and also be organized and relaxed. Different people have different ways of going about their studies. For example, there are people who cram during the last few days before the exams, while there are others who plan their time and collect study tools beforehand. Also, there are others who think that they studied correctly, but actually studied the wrong information or did not pay enough attention.

For a certain success at the final exam, the student has to establish a CNA study guide. This will help the student to organize his time more efficiently and will help him learn better and faster. First, a student needs to implement a serious plan of studying and has to adhere to strictly. A student should organize the course materials according to the number of days, granting every theoretical and practical aspect a day or two of study. It is vital that the student possess thorough information for a better understanding and for creating helpful connections. Before the exam, the student should review all the reading materials and check his preparations. The reading materials include textbooks, class notes, practice tests or flashcards. The student should establish a learning system and stick to it for better results.

Apart from books, notes, flash cards and other printed material the student may also make good use of internet which is also known as plethora of information and study material. The students can search for different tips, forums, nursing websites, online books or sample questions which will help them prepare better for their exams. This helps in getting the pressure off and finding other new resources to prepare for the test. Students can also go for group study. A group of 4-5 students can study together. In the process they help each other out with doubts and problems related to studies which are otherwise difficult to understand if studying by yourself or it takes more than the time it should take. The group of students may also exchange note book, study material and other resources that is helpful for exam preparation.

It’s essential that students take ample rest as well. The mind and body both need to relax and be fresh. You should also eat well and eat at the right time. Neglecting on nutrient intake would make the body weak and hamper your exam preparations. Try having healthy breakfasts, nutrition, and healthy supplement, are really important. It is important to be relaxed and calm during the exam. Don’t be nervous and don’t panic if you can’t recollect answers to a particular question. Try answering other questions which you are sure about and then come back to the one that you are apprehensive about. Keep a cool head and try to recollect. A relaxed mind helps; after all you have spent nights preparing for the exam.

You can also refer to the CNA study guide, which offers five secret keys to crack the Exam: Test yourself; Prepare, Do not procrastinate; Practice smarter, Not harder.

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