Ultimate CNA Study Guide to Organize & Reduce Test Stress

To become a CNA, the student first should get his/her GED or high school degree. He/she can then get himself enrolled in a nursing training program which is a 6 to 12 weeks long course. This course is offered by universities and colleges.

One can also opt for online courses offered by some institutions. Once the course is over the student has to appear for the final Certified Nursing exam which has two parts: the written and the practical test.

The written test refers to the theoretical knowledge of the student while the practical exam tests the student’s hands-on proficiency.

The student has to pass both the exams, so as to achieve his certification, this is where a CNA study guide will be helpful.

A person with CNA certificate can find jobs in hospitals, healthcare facilities, adult health care centers and even at the patient’s home.

The certified nursing assistant certification test could be very stressful for any student. The students usually attend weeks or months of intense classes of theoretical and practical courses, investing time and energy to become a certified nursing assistant.

Training, clinical duties and quizzes are just a few steps in the student’s training programs. The certified nurse certification exam is an evaluation process that tests the candidate’s grasp and knowledge about the subjects and lessons taught during nursing training.

To pass the certification test, the students need to back themselves with solid theoretical and practical knowledge and also be organized and relaxed.

Different people have different ways of going about their studies.

For example, there are people who cram during the last few days before the exams, while there are others who plan their time and collect study tools beforehand.

Also, there are others who think that they studied correctly, but actually studied the wrong information or did not pay enough attention.

For a certain success at the final exam, the student has to establish a CNA study guide. This will help the student to organize his time more efficiently and will help him learn better and faster.

First, a student needs to implement a serious plan of studying and has to adhere to strictly. A student should organize the course materials according to the number of days, granting every theoretical and practical aspect a day or two of study.

It is vital that the student possess thorough information for a better understanding and for creating helpful connections.

Before the exam, the student should review all the reading materials and check his preparations. The reading materials include textbooks, class notes, practice tests, or flashcards. The student should establish a learning system and stick to it for better results.

Apart from books, notes, flashcards and other printed material the student may also make good use of the internet which is also known as a plethora of information and study material.

The students can search for:

  • Different tips
  • Forums
  • Nursing websites
  • Online books
  • Or sample questions

Which will help them prepare better for their exams. This helps in getting the pressure off and finding other new resources to prepare for the test. Students can also go for group study.

A group of 4-5 students can study together. In the process, they help each other out with doubts and problems related to studies which are otherwise difficult to understand if studying by yourself or it takes more than the time it should take.

The group of students may also exchange notebook, study material and other resources that are helpful for exam preparation.

It’s essential that students take ample rest as well. The mind and body both need to relax and be fresh. You should also eat well and eat at the right time. Neglecting on nutrient intake would make the body weak and hamper your exam preparations.

  • Try having healthy breakfasts
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy supplements are really important.

It is important to be relaxed and calm during the exam.

Don’t be nervous and don’t panic if you can’t recollect answers to a particular question. Try answering other questions that you are sure about and then come back to the one that you are apprehensive about.

Keep a cool head and try to recollect. A relaxed mind helps; after all you have spent nights preparing for the exam.

You can also refer to the CNA study guide, which offers five secret keys to crack the Exam: Test yourself; Prepare, Do not procrastinate; Practice smarter, not harder.

Ways to Use a CNA Test Study Guide

The certified nursing assistant certification is a much sought after certification in the nursing sector and the state-recognized exam is a tough one to clear. So, you would need all the preparation necessary to clear the exam and become enlisted in the registry of your state as a certified nursing aide.

For the intense preparation, you would need a CNA test study guide and thorough preparation is required to get the required score which is usually set very high.

You can also get many tips which would help you to prepare for the exam and handle the different kinds of questions which appear in the exam.

The guide gives you an opportunity to solve various practice questions related to the main subjects like

  • Resident/patient rights
  • Physiology
  • Charting techniques
  • Emergency procedures
  • Infection and control procedures
  • Basic care
  • Vital signs
  • Weighing and measuring techniques, etc

There are many ways adopted by aspirants who want to successfully complete the certification and usually they use a CNA test study guide for the purpose.

Knowing all important aspects that are usually tested in the exam is very important and there is no better option other than this. You should be thorough with the concepts and make it a point to refer to a CNA study guide while preparing for the exam.

There are also some important tips you should know before starting your preparation for the exam.

Firstly, you should get a good study guide which will help you clear the exam with ease and confidence.

You can get the help of your instructor before choosing a particular study guide and it is better to buy the one which is recommended by them as your instructors may know the kind of questions that generally appear in the exam.

You should start studying early once you buy the study guide as the concepts take time to be understood and assimilated.

The exam pattern should be studied in details and this can be done only when you keenly observe the pattern of all the previous papers. This would help you gain the confidence to tackle the exam as the format will mostly be the same but the kind of questions may differ.

The only keyword to ace the tough exam is to practice, it will make you confident enough to crack any kind of questions even if the pattern of the exam is changed.

CNA Test Study Guide

It would be better if you can also buy some audio CDs which can be listened to anywhere you go so that the concepts are imbibed well in your mind. You can get them in book shops and listening helps you absorb the concepts better than learning from books.

But, this should be a simultaneous activity along with reading and not a single activity or strategy to prepare for your exam. You should also be prepared enough to take on the CNA clinical skills study guide which is an important part of the test.

The clinical skills test is an integral part of the exam and tests the skills that you had learned in the clinical lab sessions.

The clinical lab sessions give you a chance to learn the responsibilities of a certified nursing aide by working in a healthcare facility.

You get the chance to work under the supervision of nurse sand do the responsibilities of a certified nursing aide like that of infection control procedures, daily care activities like bathing, eating, etc. You get to work individually under the supervision of a nurse or in a team along with the nurses and doctors.

  • A study guide has many modules which cover the main aspects like:
  • Emergency procedures
  • Infection control
  • Vital signs
  • Weight and other measurements
  • Patients’ rights, etc.

There will also be practice questions at the end of each module and it would be a wise move to practice these questions before you move to the consequent modules. There are also many practice papers at the end of the study guide which

CNA test study guide will help you to prepare for the exam in every way and importantly to gain the confidence required to tackle the questions in the written as well as the skills test.

The study guides are available for both written tests as well as a skills test. The standards of the exam have been set high in order to ensure that only deserving and hardworking individuals become certified nursing assistants.

Importance of a CNA Exam Guide

In order to choose a particular study guide, you will need to take the suggestion of your instructor as to which guide will be more useful and suitable for your preparation.

You would need a study guide which has modules that cover the important aspects of the responsibilities of a nursing aide like daily care, infection control, patient’s rights, emergency procedures, vital signs, weight and other measurements, medicine management, etc. Apart from these modules, the study guide should also have many practice questions and sample question papers. You should practice them again and again which will help you gain the confidence to clear the exam.

The CNA exam study guide helps you to prepare for the evaluation and revise the important concepts which are regularly asked in the tests.

For example,

  • There are numerous tricky questions which could be asked related to vital signs
  • To take the blood pressure of a patient
  • You may need to ascertain certain things like the correct size of the cuff
  • The lying position of the patient
  • The position of the cuff and pumping of the cuff to the right measurement depending upon the patient’s baseline blood pressure

Temperature, respiration’s and pulse of the patient are other important questions that relate to vital signs which reappear in most of the exams. You can make use of mnemonics which will help you to remember every intricacy related to vital signs or any other concept.

As the CNA test is a concept based test, you will need to be thorough with all the small details in the concept in order to get the required score and clear the certification test successfully.

A CNA clinical skills study guide will also be of utmost use to you as it will prepare you for the skills test which is a part of the nursing aide exam.

CNA Exam Study Guide

The nursing assistant evaluation consists of a theoretical concept based written test and a skill-based skills test. This study guide will help you tackle the questions based on the skills you imbibed in the clinical sessions you attended in the healthcare facilities.

The skills are directly related to the role of a certified nursing aide and you may very well be prepared to be asked questions that are complex and you may be required to really think and answer the question.

As the certified nursing assistant exam is content-based, you may have to memorize a lot of concepts that may be difficult to remember.

For this:

  • You can make use of mnemonics which are of many types.
  • You can use a visual mnemonic that can help you memorize concepts with the help of images.
  • You can visualize the concept you are studying, for example, if you are studying vital signs, then the ideal temperature that has to be set can be visualized or drawn in a chart with the help of cartoon figures. These visual images will ultimately help you remember the figures.
  • Acronyms are an interesting and important way to remember difficult terms and you can take the first letters of each term, make an acronym, and remember it as such. The acronym may become a funny one with a funny sound, but this will surely pop up at the right time in your test.
  • There may be many medical terminologies that are necessary to remember in case of clinical sessions and concepts related to physiology, so visual images, and acronyms will ensure that you do not forget them and increase the chance of clearing the exam successfully.

A CNA exam study guide will help you understand the basic concepts, practice the frequently asked questions, remember the important terminologies, and ace the test with flying colors.

So, it would be a smart move to invest time and effort to get a useful study guide that will help you in every aspect and start a successful career in the nursing industry.

Finding a CNA Study Guide for Your Needs

It is a universal standard of finishing any training program with an exam. The exam decides how well you have attended the course. If you are approaching a CNA exam, you should be serious about your preparation.

Even though you have participated in every classroom and clinical setting, you should still be mentally alert when taking the exam.

Luckily, there are many CNA study guides available in the market. There is no need to worry about finding the best guide since obtaining them is as easy as carrying a pen and paper to an exam.

Ask Your Instructor

CNA study guide will surely help you in preparing for the certification exam. If you desperately need it, you should begin your search by having a conversation with your training instructors.

Their experience will help you in grabbing the best CNA study guide. They are more knowledgeable in this regard since they have already collected opinions from students about study guides. If they suggest you to buy any one particular study guide, just ask them what good things it contains and how it could be useful. A word of advice from your instructors will make a lot of difference in passing the exam.

Ask Senior Student

Next, speak with your training coordinator and request a few contact numbers of students who have passed the exam before you. Some of them might even be working as a nursing assistant.

Make an appointment, meet them personally, and seek their opinions in preparing for the exam. They will guide both on technical and practical aspects of the exam. If possible, request them to lend the notes they have collected during their time.

Few students have the habits of making notes of everything that can be useful in the future. Just ensure to return the material back to them when you have done with it.

Use the Internet

The internet is the best place to find a CNA study guide for your needs. You will also have to go through the reviews on study guides written by ex-students.

Those reviews will be helpful in selecting the best and useful one. You will not only save your money and time, but your confidence will also increase.

Another advantage of online searching is the price factor. Since the nursing assistant’s profession is the hottest selling even under a slow economy, many organizations are trying to encash on it. You will find a study guide published by different companies.

Buy Affordable Books

Someone who has served the nursing industry may have written those study guides. Depending on the sales policy of the companies, you will surely find changes in the price quote of the product you have chosen. Go for that price that is affordable to you.

See how simple it is to find a CNA guide for your needs.

However, there are a few points you should stress before buying it.

The two parts of the CNA exam are written and clinical tests.

The written test will have multiple-choice questions related to nursing training. The number of questions and the time allotted to answer it will depend on the state you are appearing for the exam in. However, you need to prepare yourself in answering 70 to 100 questions in 1.5 hours.

CNA Study Guide

Demonstration of any five nursing skills in front of the state examiners will be the part of the clinical test. You may need to arrange a person on your own to show the clinical skills.

When you know the exam pattern, you will have no difficulty in deciding what you need from the CNA study guide. To brief the main points about the study guide, you must find one that covers questions on basic nursing skills, physical care skills, psychology care skills, the role of a nursing assistant. The study guide also includes a CD recorded on live nursing practice.

When you sit to solve the question paper from the study guide, record the time. You may not be able to complete those questions in the set time, but with practice, you will soon be able to finish it in the given time. To polish your clinical skills, seek a reference from your training coordinator.

Visit the healthcare facility and try to observe nursing assistants closely. Gaining experience before your exam will boost your confidence, and you demonstrate your skills to the examiner freely.

Keep in mind that when finding a CNA study guide for your needs you must pick one that focuses on preparing for the exam. With guidance from your training instructors, discussion with ex-students, and reading reviews on the study guide, you can easily pass the CNA exam.

Consider The Quality of Study Guides

Many individuals want to make a lucrative career in the nursing and healthcare sector and pursue the certified nursing assistant course as a beginning for the same.

The popularity of the course is said to be directly proportional to the toughness of the Exam. The CNA exam is very tough as the standards have been set high so as to churn out professional nursing aides.

You can take the help of the CNA study guide which gives you scope to practice the questions which are expected to appear in the exam.

There are many study models that are available in book shops which will help you to prepare for the exam, but it is you who have to choose the right one which will ensure you are best prepared for the exam.

A free study guide is one that can be got for free over the internet and a print can also be taken of the sample question papers available to increase your frequency of practice sessions.

You have to be careful about the quality of the free CNA study guide as there available for free over the internet and not each one will be of help to you.

Free CNA Study Guide

Whichever CNA study guide you choose, it is necessary to consider the quality before using it. It is better to use only those websites which will provide authentic information rather than blindly going for the first study guide you come across.

The study models have modules that are important to understand and revise the concepts which can make you confident enough to tackle any kind of questions that may appear in the examination.

Such free models cover extensive practice tests which are the best way to prepare for a CNA exam, so it is important to work out as many practice tests as possible.

You can use many techniques that can help you understand, revise, and recollect all the concepts pertaining to the role and responsibilities of a nursing aide.

Online practice tests will help you to get a feel of the actual test and prepare accordingly. The online tests also give you an opportunity to review your questions which you may have left unanswered or the questions which you are not confident about.

Thus, you get to know which areas you are weak in and study accordingly.

The online tests are timed so that you can get used to taking the final exam which is also timed.

The test will give you the feel of the exam and help you know how much prepared you are for the test. The level of difficulty is also the same as the CNA exam and it is true that the standards are raised to a high level that makes the exam very difficult.

This has been intentionally done to allow only well-deserving, hard-working, and ambitious individuals to become certified nursing assistants.

As the nursing aide exam consists of a skills test and a written test, it is important that you are prepared both simultaneously.

The online practice tests are mostly for the written exam and it is important for you to prepare for the skills test as well.

You can opt for a CNA clinical skills study guide which would help you prepare for the skills test.

The skills test basically is about the skills which you have acquired during the practical clinical sessions and the best way to prepare for his would-be learning from the training videos, these videos will demonstrate the most important skills a nursing assistant ought to have.

These videos also give enough details of each concept like

  • Vital signs
  • Daily care
  • Medicine management
  • Physiology etc.

There also audio CDs available which could be of real help to you to remember the difficult terminologies or concepts.

You can listen to the concepts wherever you go and this will be a relaxing and differing technique to study rather than constantly reading from the books.

The methodology of preparation through these models has undergone a sea change as there are also mobile applications that will help you to prepare well for the exam.

CNA study guide gives you excellent scope to prepare well for the exam and clear it with the required score.

Thorough preparation and hard work are two essential criteria to clear the exam and you should put in all efforts to fulfill these two criteria to start a career as a certified nursing assistant.


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