What Are The Most Important Parts of a CNA Resume?

It should be of no concern whether the certified nursing assistant has recently gone through all the theory part of the educational part of the field of nursing, and after passing through all the associated tests got his certificate to work as a certified nursing assistant, or whether one has already been through in this domain for a good many numbers of years.

The bottom line is that, similar to all the other professional fields, at any point in time in one’s career, there has always been the importance of a well-framed out the resume.

In the process of preparing the resume for the CNA job, the basic point to be kept in mind is the reason why the particular nursing assistant has applied for a particular position. The other underlying point that has to find mention in some parts of the resume is why the employer should hire a particular candidate.

3 Most Important Parts of a CNA Resume

The resume for the CNA job has to be written well enough to make the employer want to give at least the call for an interview with the concerned candidate, irrespective of whether s/he gets selected in the process of interview.

A few basic things to adhere to while framing a CNA resume are as follows-

1. Proper Contact Details

The first thing to be kept in mind while preparing a CNA resume or any resume for that matter is to mention the complete name of the nursing assistant, with the surname, all correctly spelled.

Also, this part must contain the contact details of the nursing assistant, that is, the mobile number/s as well as the landline numbers, if any, in case the employer has decided to call him or her for an interview for the particular position.

The best part is to keep the contact section as simple as possible, making it not very troublesome for the employer to find through the numbers were to give a call to the nursing assistant, In case s/he is selected for the process of interview.

The email address is another important feature which has to be put in, in this section, so that in cases where they call for the process of the interview might be missed, at least the candidate has the chance to get to know about it while going through his/her mails. The residential address also should be put in this part, because at times, some employers directly send letters for the interview call at the mentioned address.

2. Clear Objective

The next part, that is, the portion wherein the objective or the future goals of the nursing assistant has to be mentioned should not give a vague impression to the employer as if the nursing assistant has accidentally got into the profession, and lacks a clear purpose regarding the job s/he wants to get into.

nursing resume cover letter

At the same time, this is also an essential section for the reason that it is here where the nursing assistant can mention and draw a link on how his/her future objectives are related to the benefit of the organization.

This would enable the employer in question to see clearly how beneficial the particular nursing assistant can be to the organization. If found helpful, the candidate would get the much-desired interview call for the process of interview, and perhaps also get selected.

3. Relevant Experience

The next important part in a resume for the post of a CNA is to list out the related experience in the field of nursing, highlighting the role and responsibilities, and the major kind of work that the candidate has been into, in the tenure of his/her work there.

Of course, enough care has to be taken to make sure that the candidate does not put in too many unnecessary details in this section, with enough details of only the major kind of work.

One also has to mention the place where the certificate, as well as the training, has been derived from. At times, the nursing assistant can also mention a few other details, such as having worked in a few non – profit organizations as volunteers.

After a proper mention of all the necessary details, the last step that has to be taken is to go through the whole resume for CNA post, just to make sure that the grammar, as well as the spellings in the resume, is in the correct order, in order not to make a wrong impression on the potential employer.

Having done all this would ensure that half of the work has already been done, and the nursing assistant is perhaps only just a few steps behind to getting his or her much-desired dream job of serving as a certified nursing assistant in the organization of choice.


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