Nurse Aide: How to Build Good Work Relationships

Building relationships with people is necessary both professionally and personally. Lots of matters that are not possible to handle it alone are accessible through friendly association with citizens in our community. Developing rapport with our staff is also important for a good professional life. If you are working in the medical industry as a nursing assistant, then it is insistent on having amicable relationships with other staff.

Remember, As a CNA your relationships with other staff and patients are important to push ahead of your career. If you ignore it and behave rudely or adamantly, you may lose your job. Here are some tips you can use to build a good relationship with other stuff.

Be Good at Communication

Since relationships are developed through verbal and written communication, you must be good in this aspect. In the job, you will have to listen to multiple questions from patients relating to their treatment. They believe that a trained nursing assistant knows to answer their questions.

Now, it is your duty to maintain and hold their belief and explain to them what they need to know. You will have to converse with their families and friends. You may have to repeat the same type of information for several times. However, that should not frustrate you and make you lose your temper. You should take it as your job and oblige patiently to all types of queries put by the people from the patients’ side.

Build Trust

Building trust with patients and staff is another crucial part of the nursing assistant job. You may have to face criticism from nursing staff as well as patients. Both these situations are critical for your professional life. Even a minor mistake in the job can be a serious cause of losing the job.

Therefore, before somebody else points it towards you, it is better to inform your supervisor and accept it politely assuring non-recurrence of such a mistake. Even if you are perfect in your job, misunderstanding does happen in the job. Such is the time when you should show your maturity and patience. Maybe, your calm and cool nature may impress your supervisor and you will have their trust and confidence.

Be Patience

Do not lose your patience even if a patient criticizes or complains about you. You must react to it professionally since patients’ complaints are common in the job. When patients do not see any change in their conditions, they become impatient and look for small reasons to vent their anger and frustration. Never take it personally, since they are not going to be in front of your nor more than a while. If you explain to them what is going with them in a friendly manner, they may feel sorry for their behaviour.

The day you put on the nursing assistant dress, make it a point to expect weird and abnormal things in your job. You may face lots of difficulties being a fresher in the post. Soon you will get the hang of the on-field job, and you can play it more comfortably. It cost nothing to wear a smile on your face and do your job. If you go with this attitude, you will surely win people’s hearts.

Why a Positive Relationship is Important at Work?

The importance of nursing assistant relationships with other staff is because of the job. If you are working in this designation, you will have to compromise on many things in the job.

Sometimes, you may not get proper or fair treatment from your supervisors. Some of their acts may also bring down your morale to a low level. Since seniors command respect from junior and their subordinates, you must stay calm and at no time badmouth them, or else, you may never be able to maintain and continue your job.

Working as a nursing assistant in any healthcare field is critical. The demand and expectations from you are always higher. You will hardly have any time for yourself once you start with your shift.

At the end of the shift, you will realize that the work for the day has exhausted you, and your energy level has dipped down. Nonetheless, you must feel happy that you have helped patients under your care with routine activities.

Besides patients, nursing assistants have to communicate with other staff as well for different reasons. Often you will have to send blood samples of patients to the lab for testing. The staff testing it and preparing the report will keep changing shift wise. You have to know each of them by their names. You also have to take your patients to the physiotherapy department.

There are even other departments like emergency care, critical and intensive care. Making good rapport with staff of all these departments will help in work performance as well as patients’ comfort.


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