Complete CNA Recertification Guide

The times when we are down in the bed with an ailment, whether of a major or minor type, we naturally want to be properly cared for and nursed back to health. Deep inside, every person wants to be independent in doing their own chores rather than relying on somebody else for the same.

But then at times, our health has to bear the brunt of many a trauma with the end result being that it deteriorates to such an extent that we are not even left in a position to tend for ourselves.

And as much as we might hate to, it is precisely during these times when we require the help of an expert in the field of nursing or taking care of the sick.

The certified nursing assistant or CNA’s work in this case is of utmost importance for the immense support they can lend to the patient, both in terms of mental as well as physical health.

These certified nursing assistants mostly work under a licensed practical nurse, popularly referred to as an LPN, or a registered nurse (RN) and their service towards the sick person goes a long way in him or her recovering fast.

Like in any other domain of work, to make sure that these certified nursing assistants are eligible, and in a position to carry on with their service for the ailing, their license or certificate has to go through the process of renewal.

CNA Recertification Requirements

But before applying for the recertification procedure, the CNA should ensure that all the criteria for the same have been met.

A few of these CNA Recertification requirements would be-

  • Ideally, the time required for the process of recertification of a CNA certificate to be applied for is two years in most of the states and it has to be done before the last date of the assistant’s birth month. However, there are a few differences in this from state to state, though they almost center around two years and this information can easily be collected from the state board of nursing. Crossing this required time frame might result in the person being fined with a sum of money. While at other times, the nursing assistant might require to go through the entire process of essential training as well as the educational part of it all over again if they expect to retain their CNA certificate. This might be a headache of sorts since a little extra caution on the part of the person would have made him or she avoid going through this pain. And this might also be a cause behind many a CNA dropping out of this profession completely for life. This is unfortunate considering the noble intention behind the profession, one in which the need of others is put before one’s own.
  • Another CNA Recertification requirement is the duration the CNA has put in, in terms of being on the job in a span of the last two years. In this, the case with most of the states is that they need minimum working hours of 150-160 within the previous 24 months. Failure on the part of the nursing assistant to meet this vital criterion might make him or she go through all the above mentioned unpleasant situations. Having to go through the entire process of training all over again would also mean extra expenditure. Hence, what a nursing assistant can do is to work even if it is part-time for two years and somehow make sure that the required number of hours to apply for the process of CNA Recertification has been met. A few such CNAs might just get lucky by being under a state board which does not have stringent methods for the same, and they might just do away with appearing for the test of CNA certification.
  • The other important requirement for applying for the process of CNA Recertification is that there has to be a valid document proving that the nursing assistant is a citizen of the United States of America and is in a position to work in the country. The method to submit this type of document is a necessity with almost all the state boards.
  • If a nursing assistant is found guilty of a kind of serious crime and is further found not to have reported that to the state board of nursing, there is every chance that his or her name would be stricken off from the register of the board.

Once a nursing assistant is found fulfilling all these CNA Recertification requirements, he or she can go and apply for the process of recertification of the CNA certificate.

All the details regarding the assistant’s details have to be filled in the application form, with the section to be filled by the present employer and in cases where one is not currently employed, by the previous employer.

Lastly putting in the date and the signature at the exact places marked, the application has to be mailed to the state board of nursing.

All these CNA Recertification requirements are necessary to be met to make sure that the nursing assistant has been presently working and being involved in nursing- a field wherein with the passage of every single day, better and evolved technologies of healing are being introduced with the sole intention to make it easier for the nurses as well as the patients.

Instructions for Recertification Process

Recertification of your CNA license is mandatory if you want to continue working as a nursing assistant.

Below are some important instructions to be followed in the recertification process:

  • Keep track of the date of expiry and immediately follow up on the renewal notice sent by your state’s health department. A notification can be sent by mail or e-mail.
  • Get the renewal form from the CNA registry. Most state departments have the renewal forms on their websites; all you need to do is download them and get a printout.
  • You have to fill the first section, where all your personal information needs to be mentioned. Your current or last employer must fill the second section in 24 months.
  • The form must be signed and dated after the employer fills the second section and the form must be mailed to the address of your respective state department.
  • The renewal procedure can take two weeks; it may differ from one state to another. Most state departments have the facility to check the renewal status online.

For CNA recertification you have to fulfill all the mandatory requirements given above and follow the instructions to make for a smooth renewal and continue working as a nursing aide.

For details of the rules and regulations of renewal contact the CNA registry of your state.

Application Form and Recertification

The recertification requires a form to be filled by the candidates. The state authority sends this form to the candidates 2-4 months before the date of expiry of the certificate.

This is why the candidates have to keep updating the changes in postal or mailing addresses on the state registry.

The first section of the form is to be filled by the candidate and the second one by the current employer / the latest employer. The entire process can take as much as 2 weeks and the updated status can also be checked online.

The certification of a certified nurse aide has a limited validity period which has to be subjected to renewal. This process requires a form filling and completes in almost 2 weeks. Certain requirements have to be met by the candidates to re-certify the CNA certificate.

Recertification is nothing but the process of renewal of a certified nursing assistant certificate obtained from the state nursing authority. The procedure of renewal of the certificate is necessary because the certified nurse assistant certificate is not permanent, but a temporary one with a limited validity period.

Before this specific validity period ends, one has to go through the CNA recertification process; otherwise, the certificate is declared as expired or invalid.

Most of the time, the validity time for a certified nurse aide certificate is of 2 years. The renewal has to be completed before the last day of one’s birth month.


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