CNA: Preserving Dignity in Nursing Home Patients

Dignity is one thing that each and every individual desire. Ensuring dignity in nursing home patients is one of the most important roles of a CNA.

A certified nursing assistant provides complete patient care. This includes assisting patients in daily living activities, and a registered nurse or doctors at work. They also need to monitor the condition of patients (vital signs), maintain their records, and to report them to doctors regularly.

Dignity is a virtue that provides the strength to the patients to face the problems courageously. A certified nurse aide must take care of it, as this will not only make the patient comfortable and ensure quick recovery but also provide satisfaction to him/her.

Let us go through the ways that would help certified nursing assistants to preserve dignity in nursing home patients.

Own their Hesitation

Mostly elderly patients are a bit hesitant. They avoid taking help from others. When you provide help to them with daily grooming and related activities, they may feel a bit uneasy and may even be harsh towards you.

Although a certified nurse aide is well trained in such things, they must give patients liberty to perform their activities on their own keeping in mind their ability, as this will not only increase their morale but also show the signs of a quick recovery.

Patients feel uneasy, especially during dressing, bathing, or while using a bedpan or toilet in the presence of staff members or other patients.

Give them Privacy

A CNA must provide them privacy and accompany them only if required. He/she must listen to them and take care of their needs. It is necessary for a patient to follow the instructions in the nursing home.

When you are dealing with the patients, be calm and patient. You must communicate with patients in such a fashion that it should not hurt their self-esteem. You must not treat patients as if they are children. You must analyze their case through observation and provide the necessary assistance.

Be a Good Conversationalist

A good conversationalist is the one who is a good listener. Being a good listener makes the patients happy and makes them aware that you are a very caring and dedicated person.

You must be open, kind, and listen to their problems, the things that they are willing to share and related things. Kindness always helps a lot in easing things.

If the nursing home is larger, it becomes a bit difficult for the doctors and nurses to analyze each patient’s case in detail, especially if there is a shortage of nursing staff. Some patients feel lonely and develop a pessimistic approach to life. Some may not even get family support.

Give them Freedom

CNAs must ensure that such things do not happen. You must always allow patients to indulge in the activities of their interest. You must socialize with them and make their life happier. You should evaluate their personality and make them comfortable accordingly.

Although the main responsibility of a certified nurse aide is to take care of the health and safety of patients, the position gives you an opportunity to enlighten someone’s life, which is a wonderful thing in itself. To make someone happy through your deeds is a beautiful feeling. This not only makes you personally happy but also enhances your growth and status as a CNA.

In addition, this will eventually lead to the development of the health care sector. Thus you must take complete care of preserving dignity in nursing home patients.


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