CNA Job Openings – How to Excel in Your CNA Job Hunting

I completed my CNA training in Ohio State in 2008. At that time, certified nursing assistant profession was just catching up in the job market. Many educational centers were flourishing up throughout the state.

Each of them promised a guaranteed job with a certification. Unlike now, finding healthcare facilities that offer job training as well as employment was a bit difficult. Maybe, surge in population has created the difference in recent times. Anyway, I had to struggle a bit in getting an employment. Though the scenario of CNA job openings have changed now, you must still find ways to excel in your CNA job hunting.

If you are not lucky to find an organization that will look after your training expenses and offer a job, then you are all alone on the way to the job market. The first thing you have to do as soon as you achieve the CNA certification is to prepare a resume that could convey your abilities to the would-be employers. If this is your first job, you obviously will find it resume building difficult. I am confident in stating this statement out of my experience. Therefore, I decided to take help from resume writers and people I knew.

As a fresher, you too must opt for resume writing service. Never mind if you have to bear the expenses. Paying them once or twice is enough to understand the components of a resume. Before writing it, I download a standard resume format from the internet and fill in information relevant to the job. You too must do the same, and alter it each time you are applying for a job. That way, it will be job-specific and employers would love to read it. Remember, employers just want to know you, your qualification, experience and personal details such as hobby, social security number, hobbies, etc.

Going through lots of interviews, I came to know that personal achievements do play an important role in nailing the job. I take care to include accomplishments in the resume. Do not worry if there is nothing for you to add in this category. Employers understand that this is your first job, and you need a chance to perform. If you volunteer your services for a good cause during your academic year, it will impress the employers. If nothing sort of that happened, you can as well attach a letter of recommendation from your teacher, instructor and any influential person with your resume.

After that, give your attention in drafting a cover letter. Take care not to repeat what you have already included in the resume. Instead, focus on something special about you. It may be your ability to empathize with others, or passion for the profession. Read different types of cover letters on the internet to get a feel of it.

Upload your resume on job portals. Many online job sites can find a job for you. They might charge a nominal fee for registration, but it will allow employers to go through it. If it attracts any employer, you will get an interview notice through email.

When I was searching for a job, I even visited many healthcare settings in the area I live. I did not bother whether they have advertised or not. I used to take chances by enquiring at the reception or requesting a meeting with the HR personnel. My aim was to let them know that I have a certification and am ready for employment, in case there is any vacancy. So, step out and visit your neighboring healthcare settings. Even if there is no job opening, at least they will have your profile for future contact.

Make a social network and let people know about your qualification through mouth publicity. Contact any known person who is serving in the medical industry. Try to receive references from them. In addition, go through the daily newspaper. There are many jobs in the classified column. Call each of them as you come across each of them. If possible, make an appointment talking in a professional manner. You may get a positive response for your call, or they will suggest you to mail a copy so that they can go through it and get back to you.

Job-hunting for any profession is a frustrating and tiring activity. Apply all the resources at your end in finding the job. Make use of reference, mouth publicity, media, etc. to get employers’ attention towards your profile. Do not lose your heart even you have to wait for a long. I hope, this excerpt would help you to excel in your CNA job hunting.

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