How to Become a CNA Instructor

There are many lucrative career opportunities in the nursing and healthcare sector and one has to explore them properly in order to choose the best one which suits your abilities. You can become a certified nursing assistant or a CNA instructor as per your preference. The CNA certification program is a popular one but the CNA instructor certification is also becoming increasingly popular. If you have teaching abilities, then it would be wise to pursue the instructor certification and train the certified nursing assistants than becoming a certified nursing assistant.

It is mandatory for all the CNA instructors to have a valid Registered Nurse (RN) certification and this is applicable across all the states. The best ways to achieve the RN credentials are to complete a two-year associate’s degree in nursing or complete the Bachelor of Science in Nursing course (BSN). These are the two best and viable options for you to possess the required RN credentials and begin a career as a CNA instructor.

What does it take to be a CNA Instructor?

In order to complete the CNA instructor certification, you can pursue a two-year associate degree program that requires the candidate to have prior knowledge in natural sciences and math.

This is very essential as the degree program can be completed successfully only if you have basic knowledge of science and math which you may have achieved during your high school diploma.

Apart from this, the candidate must also be able to demonstrate knowledge in chemistry, physiology and anatomy in order to be enrolled for this associate degree.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an even more exhaustive program in which many aspects of nursing like clinical decision making, analytical and thinking skills are given importance. The students are trained to develop such skill sets which are essential while performing the role of a CNA instructor. You will also be expected to undergo clinical sessions on a rotational basis which is necessary to know the role and responsibilities of a nurse and a nursing assistant. This is essential if you want to teach them the real-life scenarios the certified nursing assistants have to handle when they are employed in various healthcare facilities.

These programs basically include subjects like clinical nutrition, nursing ethics, individual and family wellbeing, assessment of patients, foundations of physiology and pharmacology. It is important that you invest some time in research and choosing nursing schools or colleges which are properly accredited as every state requires a degree from an accredited nursing school. To become a Registered Nurse, you will have to clear the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) and then you will get the license of an RN and can become a CNA instructor in a healthcare facility or a nursing school or college.

In order to become a professional instructor, you will also have to get on the job training. This is very much essential as it is necessary to face situations and problems in a healthcare facility in order to train CNA aspirants as to how they can handle them in the future. You will also have to undergo a train-the-trainer course which is considered necessary in many states.

The course is basically a sixteen to twenty hours program which makes the instructors understand the requirements of training in the particular state and the ways of training adult students. Such sessions are conducted continuously or during consecutive weekends.

Training students who have finished high school diplomas are different and the principles of teaching adult students are also taught during these sessions. Every state has its own training sessions for CNA instructors and different norms for the CNA instructor certification. It is important that you know the requirements of the state before starting your career as an instructor in that particular state. You can contact the respective department of your state to know about the details and requirements of the CNA instructor certification.

There is an increasing demand for CNA instructors as the number of schools and colleges offering the CNA certification course has increased rapidly.

There is also a lack of qualified and trained instructors in nursing schools and colleges. You will also be paid well if you get the job of an instructor in healthcare facilities. You can contact the colleges and high schools that offer CNA courses and also healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes which offer such programs.

CNA instructor certification requires a lot of dedication and determination as these programs are tough and you need to be dedicated to complete them successfully and become successful CNA instructors.


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