What is CNA Certification Verification?

There are many important aspects of CNA certification, among which CNA certification verification is an important one. The requirements, eligibility criteria, duration, course fee, classes, and practical sessions differ from one state to the other. Of all these, verification is common to all states and it is the most important part of the background check, which is done by all schools and colleges.

The background check is done to ensure that only individuals without any criminal background enter the healthcare sector that, too, in such a crucial job of the certified nursing assistant. You will have to co-operate with the educational center and provide all the necessary details so that the process of enrollment is completed within time.

You will have to complete the application form with all the necessary details and submit it on the day specified by the CNA certification school. You may also have to provide two copies of your photo identification proof along with recommendation letters from professionals from the healthcare sector.

Before your background check is done, you should fulfill all the eligibility criteria laid down by the concerned department of your state.

Some states say that the student should have completed at least eighteen years of age while some states accept even enrollment of individuals who are sixteen years of age.

Likewise, some states want at least a high school diploma as the highest qualification and some can do without the diploma. So, the requirements are flexible in some states and you should be aware of all the requirements and eligibility criteria of your state and only if you fulfill all of them can you move on to the next step of CNA certification verification.

The whole verification process is done by the school or college where you are applying for the CNA program and you will be expected to furnish all the necessary information. The verification is done to identify whether you have done anything against the law and been convicted in the past.

Such individuals who have committed a crime or felony in the past are generally not considered to fit enough to become a certified nursing assistant, which is a noble job. The main objective of a certified nursing aide is to offer daily care to patients and assist him or her to recover soon.

So, it is considered by the government that only a person with a clear conscience and past can do justice to such a noble job. You can get more information about the verification process from the related school or college so that you can be fully prepared for the background check.

The criteria for this also differs from one state to another. You may also be expected to submit letters of recommendation from two officials who hold respectable positions in the healthcare sector, which will strengthen your application status. This is to assure you that you are an honest citizen who has such high profile contacts in the sector in which you have decided to make a career.

You will be required to submit these along with the application form, and you will have to pay the required screening fee of around $30 – $38 on the day of your interview. You will have to attend an interview with the management of the school or college.

After the screening, if you are found eligible, then you will be expected to clear an exam that will test your verbal and written communication skills. It is considered that communication skills are very much essential for a person to become a certified nursing aide as he or she has to interact with the patients regularly. You will have to develop a rapport with the patient so that the patient will become comfortable with you, and this is an essential factor in the recovery of the patient.

As a certified nursing aide, you will be spending the maximum number of hours with the patient, more than that of the nurses and doctors. So, you have a very important role to play irrespective of the kind of healthcare facility you work in.

CNA certification verification is an essential part of the enrollment process, and this is to filter morally and socially responsible individuals from the thousands of the aspirants who apply to become certified nursing assistants. You will have to spend some time in research to find the best schools and colleges which are accredited properly.


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