Can You Get CNA Recertification Online?

The complexity of our modern lives has made it impossible at times for taking care of our near and dear ones on our own with the result that we tend to look out for experienced people on this. That is, when we find it beyond our reach to attend to our sick family members, reasons of which might be different, we depend on the expertise of people who have been trained particularly for this job, i.e., to attend to those who need care in the process of healing.

The trained nurse’s aid in the healing of the sick patients by looking after their everyday needs related to health and ensure that all of them are met and that the person is not undergoing any trouble as far as his health issues are concerned.

As the requirements of every patient will be many and different, there might be times when the task of the nursing assistant might become complicated.

However, a desire to actually be of help to the ones in need will ensure that s/he can come over the monotony of the work.

The persons who take training, especially to look after the needs of the sick ones are called certified nursing assistants, i.e., they have been authorized to look after people who are not well and need help from others to regain their health.

As in any other field of work, these certified nursing assistants are also required to go for the process of renewing their work certificate, and at times for the same, they can take the assistance of the internet for that.

CNA Recertification online has become much sought after in modern times because of its many advantages, the basic reason being it’s reducing the expenditure of the person.

But the first thing these CNAs have to keep in mind before the process of applying for the renewal of their certificate is that they are supposed to fulfill certain criteria based on which they can further apply for renewal or recertification.

Of these, the most important is that the CNA must have worked for a minimum of 150 hours in the duration of the previous 24 months or two years. If this basic criterion has been fulfilled, the CNA can expect to apply for the method of recertification of his CNA certificate via the internet.

Once this is done all the details regarding the CNA has to be filled online in the form in the first section, after which the second section needs to be filled in by the current employer.

In case the nursing assistant has not been currently working, then s/ he is required to find out the last employer from the previous two years and request him/her to fill it for them.

After duly putting down one’s signature and the date in the mentioned place, the application has to be mailed to the state board of nursing and wait for almost two weeks before the process gets complete.

There are options in some states to check the status of the process of renewal on the internet and know how much more time is left for the same to be over.

As in any other service, in the renewal of a CNA certificate too, the tremendous help of the internet cannot be ignored.

The best part of the process of CNA Recertification online is that it helps in saving a lot of time as far as going to the state board of nursing, taking the application, and submitting is concerned since through the net a lot of guide from step to step is also available, thus ensuring that the CNA has no problems in filling out the application and submitting it.

Of course, a nominal convenience fee of $2.00 is charged for that.

However, the process of recertification of the CNA certificate through the internet is more efficient and safe with the facility of going through the process at any convenient time of the day following one’s schedule and the time is taken for completion of the renewal is also comparatively less.


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