How to Apply for the CNA Certification

The healthcare sector has ample scope for those who want to get lucrative jobs at the same time to be of service to people. If you are a service-oriented person then only such a profile would suit you and certified nursing assistant jobs are highly in demand as they help you to get a high pay at the beginning of your career itself and there is also a huge scope for professional growth. Such aspirants want to know all the details about the CNA certification application as the application process is quite long.

The application process for the CNA certification program is a little complicated as it has a detailed background check along with the other formalities. You will have to meet all the eligibility criteria and fill up an application form properly in order to be reviewed by the selection panel. You will have to submit certain proofs that are necessary, like two copies of your photo identification proofs, recommendation letters from officials working in the healthcare sector in reputed positions.

Wondering how an application form looks like? See the example below

CNA application form example
CNA application form example

The eligibility criteria are an important part of the CNA certification application process and it is essential that you get to know them well in order to complete the application process successfully and get enrolled in the program. The eligibility criteria laid down by your state may be different from the other states so it is your responsibility to have the entire application process at your fingertips before enrolling. You will have to be eighteen years old and completed at least a high school diploma in order to be qualified to apply for the program.

You will have to get recommendation letters from at least two officials who know you and who are working in the healthcare sector for a long time. This is important as the selection panel members would want to know whether you are a candidate for repute by the clean chit given by the officials in the same sector. There would be a detailed background check by the school or college where you have applied for and you will be expected to comply with the procedure with all the necessary details. You should not have been convicted or committed any crime or felony in the past and a thorough check would be conducted in order to find whether you are eligible to apply for the program.

This much of background check is done in order to ensure that a morally clean person is selected for the program as it is necessary that a certified nursing assistant job should be held by an individual who is respected in the society and is eligible for offering service for the patients. You should also be prepared for the exam which is conducted to choose eligible candidates.

There would be an examination that tests your verbal and written communication skills and you will have to clear the examination in order to get enrolled for the program. You will have to possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as it is necessary that you communicate well with the patients as well as the doctors and nurses in the healthcare facility you work for.

It is necessary that you clear the examination because this will be the main criteria for you to be enrolled in the program. If you fail to clear the examination you may be provided training at the language lab in the school or college and would be allowed to appear for the examination provided you have fulfilled all the other criteria. You should be careful in selecting the school or college where such extra training facilities are provided to ensure that you are enrolled in the CNA certification classes.

Before applying for the certified nursing assistant job, you will have to be very much sure of the fact that you will be able to do a service-oriented job and be dedicated. Dedication and sincerity are two qualities that would be required for the successful completion of the program as well as achieving successful growth in your career. As a certified nursing aide, you will be expected to offer daily care of the patients and work as a team along with the nurses and doctors.

CNA certification application process has many important aspects that should be known thoroughly and well in advance so as to become a successfully trained certified nursing assistant and thereby achieve exemplary growth in the professional sector. As a CNA, you will be provided with ample opportunities to learn new skills and acquire knowledge and eventually become a successful professional.


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