10 Myths You Should Not Believe About a CNA Examination

Upon completion of a CNA program, one needs to pass a state examination to be certified. An exam to be a certified nursing assistant is aimed towards efficiently evaluating if an individual possesses the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to work as a nurse assistant properly.

Below are the top 10 myths that give inaccurate information about a CNA exam:

1. One needs to have at the very least, six (6) months experience working as a practice nurse before he or she can be qualified to take the examinations.

This is, of course untrue, as the CNA exam only tests the nurse’s knowledge on the basic skills necessary to begin practicing as such. This myth was born because those who are already practicing as a nurse are more confident with their skills, knowledge and experience and as such, they choose to take the examinations after having gained such expertise. This is to ensure passing.

2. The examination does not deal with the whole area of the nursing profession and deals only with a limited few.

This is again not true as the examination tests the knowledge of a nurse is varied and broad areas to ensure that those who are taking it have in-depth knowledge on the practice of nursing.

3. Questions in the examinations are presented in grouped topics.

This is inaccurate. The questions are presented randomly. One question may deal with diabetes and the next question may jump to the topic of how to deal with children’s sicknesses like a fever.

4. It is expensive to take the exam because of the high fee.

This is totally inaccurate. There are a large number of institutions that offer affordable certification programs. The rate may range from $500 to around $1200.

5. A certified nursing assistant who is nationally certified may also be allowed to practice as a licensed nurse practitioner.

Most states require that a national certification be obtained first before taking a licensure examination. Thus, if an individual is certified nationally, such certification is only a requirement for such an individual to obtain a license and not to practice.

6. Being certified and licensed in one state means that an individual can be allowed to practice in all states.

This is not true because each state has its own regulations regarding practice and as such, it is mandatory that one must first obtain a license in the state where he or she wants to practice before engaging in such activity.

7. The nursing practice is the same in each state

This is not true. There are various significant differences. For example, some states allow a nurse practitioner to prescribe medication even without a physician overseeing such prescription while there are states that mandate that a physician’s supervision is required before a nurse practitioner may prescribe medication.

8. In an exam administered through computers, once you state or choose your answer, the same cannot be changed anymore.

Answers may be changed as long as you have not yet signed off. You may even flag questions before you sign off in order to review the question later. As long as you are still signed in, questions may be reviewed and answers may be changed.

9. If you earned a nursing degree online, such a degree would not be credited.

This is a huge myth. Online degrees are credited. There are reputable schools and universities and even colleges accredited which offer online nursing degrees. They are affiliated with online CNA courses and are offering classes online.

10. Employers do not recognize license obtained through an online exam.

This is inaccurate. Traditional courses and online courses are both accredited and recognized. Applying for an online course and an online exam is actually a showing of great discipline and initiative for those nurses who want to seek higher levels of learning but are too busy with their current jobs. It is a plus point and not a negative point.


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