CNA Exam Study Guide

CNA Exam Study Guide

In order to choose a particular study guide, you will need to take the suggestion of your instructor as to which guide will be more useful and suitable for your preparation. You would need a study guide which has modules that cover the important aspects of the responsibilities of a nursing aide like daily care, infection control, patient’s rights, emergency procedures, vital signs, weight and other measurements, medicine management, etc. Apart from these modules, the study guide should also have many practice questions and sample question papers. You should practice them again and again which will help you gain confidence to clear the exam.

Importance of a CNA Guide

The CNA exam study guide helps you to prepare for the evaluation and revise the important concepts which are regularly asked in the tests. For example, there are numerous tricky questions which could be asked related to vital signs. To take the blood pressure of a patient, you may need to ascertain certain things like the correct size of the cuff, the lying position of the patient, the position of the cuff and pumping of the cuff to the right measurement depending upon the patient’s baseline blood pressure.

Temperature, respirations and pulse of the patient are other important questions relate to vital signs which reappear in most of the exams. You can make use of mnemonics which will help you to remember every intricacy related to vital signs or any other concept. As the CNA test is a concept based test, you will need to be thorough with all the small details in the concept in order to get the required score and clear the certification test successfully.

A CNA clinical skills study guide will also be of utmost use to you as it will prepare you for the skills test which is a part of the nursing aide exam. The nursing assistant evaluation consists of a theoretical concept based written test and a skill based skills test. This study guide will help you tackle the questions based on the skills you imbibed in the clinical sessions you attended in the healthcare facilities. The skills are directly related to the role of a certified nursing aide and you may very well be prepared to be asked questions which are complex and you may be required to really think and answer the question.

As the certified nursing assistant exam is a content based, you may have to memorize a lot of concepts which may be difficult to remember. For this, you can make use of mnemonics which are of many types. You can use a visual mnemonic which can help you memorize concepts with the help of images. You can visualize the concept you are studying, for example, if you are studying vital signs, then the ideal temperature that has to be set can be visualized or drawn in a chart with the help of cartoon figures. These visual images will ultimately help you remember the figures.

Acronyms are an interesting and important way to remember difficult terms and you can take the first letters of each term, make an acronym and remember it as such. The acronym may become a funny one with a funny sound, but this will surely pop up at the right time in your test. There may be many medical terminologies which are necessary to remember in case of clinical sessions and concepts related to physiology, so visual images and acronyms will ensure that you do not forget them and increase the chance of clearing the exam successfully.

A CNA exam study guide will help you understand the basic concepts, practice the frequently asked questions, remember the important terminologies and ace the test with flying colors. So, it would be a smart move to invest time and efforts to get a useful study guide which will help you in every aspect and start a successful career in the nursing industry.

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