The Ultimate Guide To CNA Courses in Maine

Getting a listing in the Maine nurse aide Registry is very important to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state. For this, you will be required to complete, an approved course from Maine, and then pass the state certification exam.

A candidate must pursue a MSBON (Maine State Board of Nursing) approved course only, as this is the only condition that will allow him/her to sit for the state certification exam.

At least 180-hour training is included in such courses, divided as 90-hour classroom training, 20-hour skills laboratory training, and 70-hour clinical exercises.

This training raises students to learn, understand, and perform the following nursing related topics:

  • Nursing principles and assistance
  • Patient care and restorative care
  • Safety and emergency procedures
  • Vital signs
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Promoting residents’ rights
  • CPR and Dementia specific training
  • Documentation and reporting

Prerequisites for Nurse Aide Course in Maine

  • Must be 16 years old, literate and ninth grade holder
  • Clean criminal past record
  • Passing medical and drug test

Maine CNA Requirements

Maine state requires you to complete your nursing training approved by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. The training course in Maine lasts for 150 to 180 hours depending on the facility you join.

You can also have an opportunity to take free nursing education offered by nursing homes or long-term care facilities. Since they would be paying for your training, they expect you to work with them for few months or a year after you receive your certification.

To be registered with the Maine CNA registry, you have to pass the evaluation test. All the states would require you to pass written and clinical test. The passing percentage may differ slightly, but in most states, it is minimum 70%.

Required Skills for CNA Courses in Maine

  • Good conduct
  • Good communication skills
  • Time management skills/Punctuality
  • Proactiveness/Teamwork
  • Consistency

Who Can Work as a CNA in Maine?

To work as a nursing assistant in Maine, you should have a valid certified nursing assistant license. If this is not your first job, then you are expected to hold a good employment record.

The healthcare facilities in Maine would want you to be free from any negligence, and criminal charges. In addition, most employers would prefer someone who has at least worked in one place for more than a year.

Person who has been frequently changing his/her job in less than a one-year period are not considered as a reliable employee. If such is the case with you, be prepared with good reasons to convince the employers about your reliability.

Besides holding active CNA license, no criminal background, you also need to be physically and mentally fit.

This is necessary because most patients need someone who can lift and carry them for therapeutic and personal purpose such as bathing, toileting, dinning, etc.

Approved CNA Courses in Maine

Maine State offers you variety of options through community colleges, nursing schools, vocational training institutes and other education centers for completing your training course.

The training method includes instructions in the classroom, video demonstration, group discussion, and lab work.

Clinical training is provided in actual healthcare setting where a registered nurse will train and supervise you. Training cost will vary among the educational centers you are enrolling in.

However, you should be ready to pay around $900 as the course fee, excluding expenses for a white dress, white shoes, and a secondhand wristwatch. You have to manage these accessories on your own even if you have received grants for the course.

Nursing HomesAddressPhone No.Fax No.Website
Augusta Center for Health & Rehabilitation188 Eastern Avenue,Augusta, ME 04330(207) 622-3121(207) 623-7666http://augustacenterrehab.com
Heritage Rehabilitation & Living Center457 Old Lewiston RoadWinthrop, Maine  04364(207) 377-9965http://www.heritagerehabandliving.com
Hibbard Nursing and Rehabilitation Center1037 West Main Street,Dover-Foxcroft ME 04426(207) 564-8129(207) 564-8484http://www.hibbardnursinghome.com
The Commons atTall Pines34 Martin LaneBelfast, ME 04915(207)338-4117http://www.tallpinesliving.com
Victorian Villa Rehabilitation & Living Center26 Pleasant Street, Canton, ME(207) 597-2510http://www.victorianvilla.net
Brentwood Center for Health & Rehabilitation370 Portland Street,Yarmouth, ME 04096(207) 846-9021http://brentwoodcenterrehab.com
Brewer Center for Health & Rehabilitation74 Parkway SouthBrewer, ME 04412(207) 989-7300(207) 989-4240http://brewercenterrehab.com
Falmouth by the Sea191 Foreside Road, Falmouth, Maine 04105(207) 781-4714(207) 781-7356http://www.falmouthsea.com
Freeport Nursing & Rehabilitation Center3 East Street,Freeport, Maine 04032(207) 865-4713http://www.freeportnursingandrehab.com
Fryeburg Health & Residential Care Center70 Fairview Drive,  Fryeburg, Maine 04037(207) 935-3351(207) 256-8300http://fryeburghealthcare.com
Gorham House50 New Portland Road, Gorham, ME 04038(207) 839-5757(207) 839-8263http://www.gorhamhouse.com
Presque Isle Rehab & Nursing Center162 Academy Street ,  Presque Isle, Maine 04769(207) 764-0145http://www.pirnc.com
Ross Manor758 Broadway    Bangor, ME 04401(207) 941-8400http://www.ross-manor.com
Rumford Hospital420 Franklin Street,Rumford, Maine 04276(207) 369-1000http://www.rumfordhospital.org
Lakewood- A Continuing Care Center220 Kennedy Memorial Drive,Waterville, Maine 04901(207) 873-5125http://www.lakewoodcare.org

Procedure for Applying for State Certification Exam

The next step is to sit for the certification exam, after completing your CNA course from Maine. This exam stresses on testing the candidate’s understanding of the course pursued.

Although being a 1-day exam, it is divided into two parts: written test and clinical skills evaluation test.

The written part involves solving 50-70 multiple choice questions, eventually testing the conceptual nursing understanding of the candidate.

A candidate can take this test orally also; but it is compulsory to mention it in the application form. certified nursing assistant skills test is meant to analyze the candidate’s performance, in implementing any 5 skills, randomly specified and moderated by a proctor.

Make sure that you pass in both these tests to qualify. Once you pass this exam, you will get a license, recognized by Registry.

This license will give you the freedom to get employed anywhere as a nurse aide in any clinic, nursing home, rehabilitation center, long-term care facility, etc., in the state.

To continue working as a nursing assistant in any state, license must be renewed. A candidate is required to renew his/her license after every two years.

To renew it in Maine, you will be asked to prove that you have been employed in Nursing for at least 8 hours for compensation, performing nursing related duties since last 2 years.

Maine CNA Reciprocity

To transfer to this state for nurse aide employment, an out-of-state candidate will have to contact Maine Department of Health and Human Services for application form in order to apply for a bridge examination, which must be successfully passed to qualify for the transfer.

The following things must be highlighted / attached with this form:

  • Documented copy stating that the candidate has completed a CNA course equivalent to or more than the mandatory hours (180-hour training)
  • Copies of candidate’s state certification exam involving passing score and valid CNA certificate
  • Copy of candidate’s social security card
  • Copy of candidate’s passport/current driving license/official govt. ID
  • Documented copy highlighting candidate’s at least ninth grade completion
  • Letter(s) officially documented to the registry from employers highlighting candidate’s employment record(s)
  • Criminal background details

After filling this form (with attachments), send it to the nurse aide registry for verification. Once verified, you will be notified about your transfer status.

If you fulfill all the above specified requirements, the registry will allow you to sit for the bridge exam, excelling in which you will get a license of the state.

Salary of a CNA in Maine

Each state handles this critical and sensitive issue differently. Therefore, you will see a marginal difference in salary of certified nursing aide. In Maine, you can expect to earn your annual salary in the range of $22,000 in year.

Employment is not a dilemma for nurse aides in Maine as high scale opportunities are provided by many renowned companies/institutions.

Typically, a nurse aide in the state makes an average income of about $22,000-$27,000 annually and $11.48-$13.06 hourly.

As per the estimation made, the state is expected to see around 7.7% growth in certified nursing assistant job prospects, which is a bit lesser than the national average; however, it is positive from future prospective in every sense.

Thus with shortage in the nursing staff and signs of rise in CNA opportunities in the upcoming years, it will be good for the individuals interested in becoming a nurse aide to pursue the required education, so that it will guarantee the creation of an astonishing and satisfying career in the health sector of Maine.


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