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CNA Courses Near Me – The Start of a Better Health Career

Proper understanding and training of a certain task will help you perform the duty efficiently,same is the case with the job of a certified nursing assistant. It is obligatory for every CNA aspirant to undergo a CNA course before applying for a job in the nursing field.

Importance of a CNA Course

  • The primary objective of these courses is to educate the candidates to take care of the patients and to prepare them for the certification exams
  • To obtain the CNA certification and license
  • It is a mandatory requirement to get a job as a certified nursing assistant
  • It helps develop skillful nursing aides, who would later develop their career in the nursing field

Types of CNA Training Courses

Such courses are available in all the regions of the USA. Community colleges, nursing schools, hospitals, Red Cross institutes, and other health care institutes are the places where such training is conducted. There are basically two types (modes) of training that you can pursue. They are classroom and online CNA classes.

Classroom Training

As the name suggests the lectures are conducted in a classroom where the instructors would either be registered nurses or highly qualified nursing experts having several years of work experience in this field. The duration of the training in all the states should at least be 75 hours as declared by the Board of Nursing. However, at many instances, the duration of the program extends. During the training program, both theoretical and practical sessions will be conducted.

Following are the few things that will be taught during the CNA course:

  • Physiology and Anatomy of the Human Body: As the completion of this program will enable the students to become a part of the nursing field, it is important to know the human body basics and the functions of each and every part of the body. Though the CNA’s would not be treating the patients, but they definitely need to know about the human body basics. It is advisable to make the foundation of any program strong, so that things become easier in the future. Knowledge of human body structure will help them understand the need of medical procedures.
  • Responsibilities of a CNA in a Health Care Organization: CNA trainees are taught all the duties of a nursing aide that are necessary to be performed in health care institutes. Some of them are:
    • Conducting vital tests such as checking the temperature, pulse rate, and the blood pressure of the patient’s body
    • Changing the bed linens
    • Keeping the patient’s room clean
    • Maintaining hygiene of the residents
    • Preparing health charts of the patients
    • Answering patient’s calls
    • Help in transportation of the patients
    • Prepare the residents for surgery
    • Taking necessary steps in case of emergency

Though a brief idea about all these are taught in the theoretical sessions, most of it will be learnt in the practical sessions where you get hands on experience about the skills.

Fee Structure and Duration of the Course: There are certain fees applicable for the course. Given below is the fee structure and the duration of the course for some of the states.

Training Institute
Duration of the Course
California Seasons Medical Training 160 hours USD 1,350
Georgia Center for Progressive Training 140 hours USD 500
New York ABC Training 120 hours USD 1,600
Alabama Rio Salado 190 hours USD 1000
Michigan American Red Cross 90 hours USD 900


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