CNA Classes in South Dakota

Young graduates and the working population find themselves in deep trouble because of slack in the business world. Passed-out students are not getting employment, and others are losing the jobs they have. This type of condition is looming all over the U.S.

The only remedial measure one can take, according to the economic analysts, is to learn new skills that are in demand. You must look at the current industrial trends before acquiring modern education. The idea is to find out about the industry that has made its presence globally.

Thanks to curative discoveries, the medical industry has made to help people live longer and healthy. If you want to be part of this field, you should join CNA classes in South Dakota.

South Dakota CNA classes are the simple and easiest sources to make people eligible for employment in the healthcare industry.

They make people certified nursing assistants in less time and money. Admissions are open to all who are above 18 years of age and having a high school diploma.

Employed people are also welcomed to join the course.

For them, training centers provide flexible timings by which both job and course are manageable.

They also need not have to appear physically in the class if commuting is a problem. Many colleges, training schools, and private institutions offer online courses.

Joining South Dakota CNA classes means a flying start towards an exciting career you can stick to for your lifetime. Employment doors are wide open for healthcare professionals throughout the country.

Once your name appears in the state nurse aide registry, you will find it easy to gain employment in the healthcare industry. It is a known fact that trained nursing assistants draw a better salary than those who are not yet certified.

How to Become a CNA in South Dakota?

Nursing assistants perform important functions in the healthcare industry. These healthcare professionals provide all the needed support to the healthcare team.

They work under registered nurses’ supervision and handle patients’ basic needs. All minor and major calls of patients are treated with due care.

To become a nurse aide in South Dakota, passing the exam after completing 75 hours of training is compulsory.

The courses are offered throughout the year in the entire state. Candidates have to prove that they are ready to take nursing assistants’ duties by passing the certification exam.

However, to qualify, candidates have to finish the training first. When they succeed in the exam, the state nurse aide registry enters the certified nursing assistants’ database.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses

  • Must be a high school diploma or GED holder (recommended)
  • Clean criminal history
  • Passing medical and drug test
  • Good conduct
  • Excellent interaction skills
  • Teamwork
  • Consistency

Approved CNA Program in South Dakota

The South Dakota Board of Nursing (SDBN) supervises the training programs and certification of nursing assistants.

They regularly evaluate the training modules of approved programs. If a certain program is not living up to the expectations, it no longer features in the list of recognized programs.

You should make sure that the SDBN approves the program you join; you can find a list of such programs on the nursing board’s website.

The CNA training program in South Dakota guides students with everything required to manage nursing assistants’ duties and responsibilities.

You must join the institute offering the course at a low cost and is per the federal and state mandates.

If you increase your search area, you will find many affordable courses. If the distance is not an issue with you, you can surely go to the best training facilities.

Check the classroom environment, find out if they have a laboratory setting, and what healthcare facility they provide clinical training.

If you find the course that matches your budget, speak with the training coordinator and students from other batches to find education quality.

Confirm it thoroughly before taking any further steps. After all, it is your time and money, and you have all the right to invest it with all caution.

Some of the most popular CNA classes in South Dakota are conducted at

  • Avera Education and Staffing Solutions in Yankton
  • Sinte Gleska University in Mission
  • Western Dakota Technical Institute in Rapid City
  • Bennett County Hospital and Nursing Home in Martin
  • Belle Fourche Regional Senior Care in Belle Fourche

The Rapid City chapter of the American Red Cross Society also offers CNA training.

These are all popular institutes because of the excellent training modules that are conducted by them.

What will you Learn During the Training?

Once the students meet the requirements and enroll in the classes, they are subjected to a training program that lasts for a minimum of 75 instructional hours. This fulfills the minimum hour requirement set by the national nurse aide authority.

These 75 hours of training are distributed in 2 sections – a classroom learning session and a clinical skills session.

The first session is covered in the facility’s classrooms, and it involves teaching the theoretical aspects of nursing. Here, the students learn and understand the course’s comprehensive syllabus through handouts, lectures, audio-visual sessions, discussions, etc. The course instructors are highly qualified and experienced.

The second session is conducted in an actual living health care setting under complete supervision. It is hands-on training and consists of a minimum of 16 hours.

During this session, the students are taught all the essential clinical skills that a CNA performs on-duty hours. They also get to know certain additional skills while working in an actual clinical environment.

The classroom instruction covers the theory portion, and the clinical skills training covers the practical portion. This course work for 75 hours tends to prepare prospective nursing assistants skilled and talented to work professionally.

Topics Covered in CNA Training in South Dakota

  • Basic science and human body mechanism
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Medical terminologies
  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Patient and personal hygiene
  • Health and population education
  • Infection control techniques
  • Assisting in the daily activities of the patients
  • Basic life support and emergency services
  • CPR training
  • Recognizing vital signs from patients
  • Preparing health charts and reporting to the doctors

Along with all these topics, the students also learn and understand nursing ethics, residents’ rights, accurate measurement of BP, pulse rate and respiratory rate, interpersonal communication, etc.

Procedure for the Certification Exam

You need to pass the South Dakota CNA certification exam to become a certified nursing assistant. This exam requires you to go through a written/oral test and clinical skills evaluation test.

In all, 90 minutes are provided for the written test, in which candidates are required to solve 75 multiple choice questions, which tests their theoretical knowledge in different aspects of Nursing.

If you are taking this test in an oral format, you must specify it correctly in the examination application form. During oral tests, questions are read online, listening to which you write the computer’s answers.

Skills test requires candidates to perform any 5 skills, randomly selected and assigned by a proctor. The duration of this test is 30 minutes. A proctor supervises and evaluates the performance of the candidates in each skill.

You will fail in the skills test if you have performed well in all skills except one or more.

At least 75% must be scored in both parts (written test and skills test) to pass.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 75 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skills 30 Minutes

Once you achieve this feat, you will get a CNA license (from South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry) to work anywhere as a Certified Nurse Aide in any hospital, long-term care facility, clinic, nursing home, and rehabilitation center in the State of South Dakota.

This exam can be given thrice within a 2-year validity time. If you fall short either in a written test or in a skills test, you will require retaking that section only.

Third-time failure within the validity period will require you to retake an approved course and state certification exam in South Dakota.

At least 8 hours of work experience (as a Certified Nurse Aide) in any licensed facility over the past two years in South Dakota are required to apply for CNA license renewal. Your license will be renewed if you can prove this, thereby allowing you to continue your employment in South Dakota.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of training in SD is between $500 and $1500, and classes last for six to twelve weeks.

Skills exam $89
Oral exam $80.50
Written exam $70.50

The programs that include all the expenses from books and supplies to exam fees, background, and medical checks are the ones that charge higher fees.

Another factor that determines the cost is the number of hours of training. Some programs offer more hours for clinical practice so that students can have maximum exposure to these skills. The exam fee is $155.

What if you Can’t Afford the Cost?

Many education institutions conduct CNA classes in South Dakota. In addition to these institutions, there is a Red Cross Chapter in South Dakota that has helped thousands of students start their nursing careers.

Classes with the local Red Cross Chapter are more affordable than other training centers.

Besides, there is always a surety about the accreditation status of the classes offered by this chapter.

People with tight schedules or family obligations can join online classes from the comfort of their homes. A computer and an Internet connection are all they need.

How Much Does a CNA Make in South Dakota?

As of January 2019, there were more than 6,000 active nursing assistants on the nurse aide registry, and the nursing board expects that there will be at least 1,000 new job openings a year for nurse aides over five to ten years.

So many employment opportunities will be available for new entrants into this profession.

The state’s salary range starts at $20,000, and it can go up to $27,000 if you specialize in any of the fields like pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatrists, etc.

The average CNA salary in South Dakota is $23,000 every year, which is below the national average, but the wages are bound to rise with the growing demand.

The incomes of certified nursing aide in different industries for certified nurse aides are mentioned below.

Designation Average Annual Remuneration
Psychiatric Aide USD 29,000
Pediatric Nurse Assistant USD 63,000
Hospital and Nursing Home Based Aide USD 25,000
Home Health Aide USD 20,000
Personal Caregivers USD 26,000
Long Term Care Based Nursing Assistants USD 40,000

If you become an LPN, your average salary will be $35,000, and an RN can earn $63,000 a year.

Opportunities for nurse aide are excellent and if you are looking forward to a secure job with great growth potential, enroll in one of the CNA schools in South Dakota.

What Does a CNA Do?

Nurse aides support patients in basic healthcare requirements like bathing, dressing, eating, ambulating patients, light exercises, etc.

You have to take vital signs of patients like blood pressure, temperature, etc. record them, and report the registered nurse’s changes.

These are not highly specialized duties, but basic training is essential as you have to work in the healthcare field.


Are you thinking about starting a nursing career? If you are, you must look at all the options available before you finalize the career path.

Nursing degrees require you to attend college for years, and they cost a lot. In the present economic situation, it may not be feasible for all. But you have one more option that will consume only a few weeks and won’t be too costly.

Become a certified nursing assistant, a profession in huge demand due to the aging population’s growth and increased health awareness in the United States.

CNA schools in South Dakota are training aspiring nurses to meet this growing demand in the state.


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