Details of CNA Classes in South Carolina

What defines the growth-rate of your career? It is the business of the organization. When the business is doing well, it will have a positive effect on your annual package. And when it is facing problems, you may even lose your job.

Presently, many industries are going through difficult time. Most working professionals have lost their jobs due to this. Only healthcare professionals are untouched by the economy.

It is because of the growing population that medical industry is standing tall and making huge profits despite the poor economy. If you want to join this industry and stop worrying about losing your job, you must enroll in South Carolina CNA classes.

If you have no idea about CNA classes in South Carolina, we will explain you what changes it could bring to your career.

The CNA course is the structure that will build your nursing career.

This course is to teach you nursing skills, armed with which you can work in the medical industry. There is also an assurance that no sooner you finish the course and pass the exam, jobs will be waiting for you.

You must seriously believe the U.S. Labor Bureau statistics that have confirmed the growing demand of nursing assistants throughout the country.

Therefore, we would sincerely recommend you to take CNA training if you want to enjoy a career that is exciting and rewarding.

Since you are ready to join the South Carolina CNA classes, you must learn the job responsibilities. CNA is the shorter version of certified nursing assistant.

There are myriad of job responsibility CNAs hold. It also depends on what type of care and treatment healthcare facilities are providing to their clients.

Most common job responsibilities would include

  • Speaking with patients or their relatives
  • Recording medical histories
  • Checking vitals
  • Keeping medical equipment’s ready
  • Administering medications
  • Testing blood and urine samples of patients before the treatment
  • Providing nursing care

Similar to their job responsibilities, CNAs can work in different places such as hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, treatment centers for mentally and physically challenge people, etc.

They may also work for a single patient as a freelance nursing assistant.

How to Become a CNA in South Carolina?

Before starting your nursing career, you have to take training and get certification from the state’s nurse aide registry.

For that, you need to complete the CNA training, and pass National Nurse Aide Assessment Program exam to become certified.

To qualify for the NNAAP exam, you have to enroll in the training course that is designed according to the South Carolina Nursing Board.

Start by collecting information about CNA classes in your area. U.S. states approve training courses offered by community college or vocational school.

This course may take few weeks to complete depending on the program schedule. Training takes place in two different places. Textbook training is in the premises, and practical training in a hospital or nursing home.

It is compulsory to attend both the training. Each state needs students to complete certain training hours in the class and in a healthcare setting.

The course-end should follow with the exam. Practical skills and theoretical knowledge are two parts of the exam. Hands-on experience is evaluated with a clinical demonstration.

Nursing care and medical knowledge is tested with 70 multiple-choice questions. You must pass both the tests so that the nurse aide registry can certify you.

CNA Training Program in South Carolina

South Carolina CNA training program helps students in getting ready to shoulder responsibilities of a certified nursing assistant in healthcare industry.

The training program is controlled by the Department of Health and Human Services. The course runs for several weeks.

It consists 75 hours of classroom instruction, and 100 hours for clinical training. Students completing 80-hours training program can qualify for the certification exam.

The planned training course teaches students about nursing and personal care.

Classroom lecture covers

  • Topics on patients’ rights
  • Safety and emergency procedures
  • Mental and physical needs of patients
  • Symptoms of diseases
  • Restricting infection
  • Handling patients who could not respond to basic things

Students get opportunity to try hands-on skills on patients in a healthcare facility, where registered nurses monitor them. The clinical training helps students in understanding the physical aspects of nursing job.

Free or Low Cost Approved CNA Classes in South Carolina

  1. Agape Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (803) 739-5282
    Address: –300, Agape Drive, West Columbia, South Carolina-29169
    Official Website: agapesenior.com
  1. Allen Bennett Memorial Hospital Snf.
    Contact Number: (864) 848-8200
    Address: – 313, Memorial Drive, Greer, South Carolina-29651
    Fax: (864) 848-8510
  1. Anne Maria Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (803) 278-2170
    Address: –1200, Talisman Drive, North Augusta, South Carolina-29841
  1. Carolina Village Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (864) 330-8230
    Address: –2993, Van Valin Drive, Rock Hill, South Carolina-29732
  1. Carriage Hill Plantation
    Contact Number: (803) 643-3694
    Address: –550, East Gate Dr, Aiken, South Carolina-29804
    Fax: (803) 641-6229
  1. Central Carolina Health and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (803) 254-5960
    Address: –2451, Forest Dr, Columbia, South Carolina-29204
    Fax: (803) 252-0352
  1. Charleston Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (843) 884-8903
    Address: – 921, Bowman Road, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina-29464
    Fax: (843) 849-5289 
  1. Cherokee Co. Ltc Facility
    Contact Number: (864) 487-2717
    Address: –1434, North Limestone Street, Gaffney, South Carolina-29340
  1. Chester County Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (888) 959-5948
    Address: –1, Medical Park Drive, Chester, South Carolina-29706
  1. Edgefield Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (803) 637-5312
    Address: – 1, Wa Reel Dr, Edgefield, South Carolina-29824
  1. Ellen Sagar Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (864) 427-5187
    Address: –1817, Jonesville Highway, Union, South Carolina-29379
    Fax: (864) 427-2666
  1. Fountain Inn Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (864) 862-2554
    Address: –P.O. Box No-67, 501 Gulliver Street, Fountain Inn, South Carolina-29644
    Fax: (864) 862-6650
  1. Medford Place
    Contact Number: (843) 398-7000
    Address: –105, Medford Drive, Darlington, South Carolina-29532
    Fax: (843) 398-7022
  1. Methodist Manor
    Contact Number: (843) 664-0700
    Address: –2100, Twin Church Road, Florence, South Carolina-29505
    Fax: (843) 669-9008
    Official Website: methodist-manor.com
  1. Morrell Memorial Convalescent Center
    Contact Number: (843) 383-5166
    Address: –900, North Marquis Highway, Hartsville, South Carolina-29551
    Fax: (843) 383-9072
  1. Mountainview Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (864) 582-4175
    Address: –340, Cedar Springs Road, Spartanburg, South Carolina-29302
    Official Website: mountainviewnh.com
  1. Mullins Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (843) 464-8211
    Address: –518, S Main Street, Mullins, South Carolina-29574
    Fax: (843) 464-1330
  1. Myrtle Beach Manor
    Contact Number: (843) 449-5283
    Address: –9547, Highway 17 North, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-29572
    Fax: (843) 497-0880
    Official Website: myrtlebeachmanorseniorliving.com
  1. N Greenville Hospital Sac
    Contact Number: (864) 834-5132
    Address: –807, N Main, Travelers Rest, South Carolina-29690
    Official Website: ghs.org
  2. Newberry Co. Memorial Hospital Tcu
    Contact Number: (803) 276-7570
    Address: –2669, Kinard Street, Newberry, South Carolina-29108
    Fax: 803.276.6885
    Email Id: info@newberryhospital.net
    Official Website: newberryhospital.org

CNA Certification Requirements in South Carolina

To be certified by the nurse aide registry in South Carolina, students have to complete the required training approved by the Department of Health and Human Service.

As per the state’s rule, they have to complete 80-hours of training to appear for the exam. Students are expected to take both classroom and clinical training for specified hours.

Students have to meet other requirements as well in addition to the training hours. They have to submit proof of their moral character. If candidates are facing charges for abuse, theft or other offences, they cannot take the exam.

However, they can qualify for the exam through other options. For that, they have to take assistance from the Health Department.

In addition, they need to provide proof of the mental and physical status by conducting a medical checkup. Driving license, a social security number is also needed at the time of applying for the exam.


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