CNA Classes in Rhode Island

Having a rewarding and satisfying career is becoming difficult in these present conditions. Often we have to do something or be in a situation that our conscience does not allow. We feel like our time and efforts are not put the way we always dreamed about. Many go through this kind of feeling about their jobs.

For example, when a creative person has to handle an administration job, he/she may not be able to deliver the right result. Similarly, somebody who craves a challenge and reward would not get satisfaction from mundane work.

If this is what you are experiencing in your job, you should know a nursing career would be the right choice for you. To follow it, you just need to enroll in Rhode Island CNA classes.

CNA classes in Rhode Island are specially prepared to help students in becoming certified nursing assistants. The course curriculum and teaching style are both scientific and traditional.

This combination makes passing the national certification exam easy. Candidates have to put in equal efforts and dedication on their part.

They should sincerely participate in entire training sessions in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical practice. Help from people who have passed out before you and known acquaintances will also help in the exam preparation.

How to Become a CNA in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island offers many opportunities for candidates who want to be nursing assistants.

Course curriculum and training hours in most community colleges and vocational schools are as per the Rhode Island Health Department’s norms.

Speak to a course coordinator of the training facility. Find out the acceptability for taking the course. Complete the required formalities and join the course.

Participate in the classroom lecture and clinical practice sessions. Concentrate on the teaching provided by the instructors. Avoid skipping classes except under emergency.

All that you have missed should be collected the next day from your desk partner and instructors. Ensure that you have attended the required training hours for the certification exam.

When the training is over, apply for the exam. Consult the training coordinator and complete the necessary paperwork.

Working candidates may have to get a portion of the employer’s application form to prove your employment. Take the exam with confidence and obtain the percentage necessary for certification.

When you have succeeded in the exam, you will get certification from the Rhode Nurse Aide Registry.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses

  • Clean criminal history
  • Succeeding in medical and drug exam
  • Good conduct
  • Good communication skills
  • Teamwork/patience
  • Consistency

CNA Training Program in Rhode Island

The thing that makes one eligible to sit for the Rhode Island CNA certification exam (to become a Nurse Aide) is to complete an approved certified nursing assistant course in Rhode Island. Many community colleges, technical/vocational colleges, and independent nursing facilities provide such courses.

The Rhode Island Department of Health approves these courses.

Those are some of the well-known institutes that offer CNA classes in Rhode Island.

  • Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center in Newport
  • Consistent Care Corporation in Jamestown
  • Homefront Health Care in Providence
  • Regional Career Center at Coventry High School in Coventry
  • Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute in New London

Free CNA Courses in Rhode Island

Name of School Address Contact No
Silver Creek Manor 7 Creek Lane, Bristol, RI 02809 (401) 253 -3000
Alpine Nursing Home P.O. Box 457557 Weaver hill Road, Coventry, RI 02816 (401) 397 – 5001
Grand Islander Genesis Health Care 333 Green End Avenue, Middletown, RI 02842 (401) 849-7100
Friendly Home Inc the 303 Rhodes Avenue, Woonsocket, RI 02895 (401) 769-7220
Phoenix Home Care Inc The 227 Phoenix Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920 (401) 943 -6230
Nursing Placement, Inc. 334 East Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02860 (401) 728-6500
Hispanic Technology and education programs 515 Elmwood Avenue, Providence Rhode Island, 02907 (401) 785-2202
Grace Barker Nursing Center 54 Barker Avenue, Warren, RI 02885 (401) 245-9100
Saint Elizabeth Manor One Saint Elizabeth Way, East Greenwich, RI 02818 (401) 471 – 6060
Health Care Connections Nursing Services Inc 425 Willett Avenue Riverside, RI 02915 (401) 437-3515,
Generations Comprehensive Health and Rehab services 267 Jenckes Hill Road, Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917 (401)725-6400
Crossroads Rhode Island 160 Broad Street, Providence RI 02903 (401) 521 – 2255
St. Antoine Residence 10 Rhodes Avenue, North Smithfield, RI 02896 (401) 767 -3500
Hope Nursing Home Care LLC 478 Reservoir Avenue Cranston, RI 02910 (401) 467-8588, 888-682-1475
911 Programs INC 175 Metro Center Boulevard, Warwick, RI 02886 (401) 773-7716

CNA Online Classes in Rhode Island

If you are skeptical about changing your career out of a fear of losing your job, you need not have to worry since the country needs nursing professionals.

If you do not want to lose your present job until you have one in your hand, you can take CNA classes in Rhode Island while working. Classes are available everywhere in the state.

Most training providers understand students’ schedules. That is why they are offering classes during the day, evening, and weekends. Since the number of training institutes is more, you can likely find one near your place.

Even if there is none, you can still get an online nursing education. Options are in abundance. You just need to motivate yourself and be firm in your decision.

Besides flexible timing and online CNA training programs, you also have a choice of Rhode Island Red Cross Chapter. There are two advantages to taking courses with this society.

First, they are very reasonable. Second, there is no issue about the course accreditation. Moreover, the courses offered are not lengthy.

How Long Does It Take?

Approved CNA programs in Rhode Island have training that must be of at least 100 hours, out of which 20 hours are fixed for the clinical practice, giving hands-on experience to the students on a nurse aide’s practical skills.

Classroom Session 80 hours
Clinical Session 20 hours
Total 100 hours

The remaining hours are for classroom training, where students are given knowledge of subjects like infection control, resident rights, medical terminology, etc.

Procedure for the State Certification Exam

Ensuring success in Rhode Island CNA certification is needed to acquire a Nurse Aide license, for which one can apply after completing a CNA course in Rhode Island.

This exam comprises two parts: a written/oral test and a skills evaluation test. Providing 2 hours to complete a written test includes 70 multiple-choice questions.

This test is meant to evaluate candidates’ theoretical nursing understanding. If you give the written test orally, you will be required to solve 60 multiple choice questions and 10 word-recognition questions.

During the oral test, you will be provided with an earphone, using which you will listen to a cassette full of questions. Each question will be repeated once, after which you will be required to mark the correct answer.

The word recognition part of this test focuses on judging the nursing vocabulary of the candidates.

With each question repeated twice, you will require matching that word with one of the ones mentioned in the answer booklet, following which you will mark the answer.

Necessarily, you must pass a written test/both the parts of the oral test. Skills test, as the name implies, focuses on analyzing candidates’ clinical hands-on skills.

By assigning any five arbitrarily chosen skills to the candidates during the skills test, they are asked to perform those skills under an evaluator’s supervision. The candidate’s performance in each skill is rated, and consequently, results are decided.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 70 Multiple Choice 120 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Random Selected Skill 25 Minutes

Perform well in each skill as falling short in even a single skill will lead to complete failure, requiring you to retake that test next time.

You will be honored with a license (provided by Rhode Island Nurse Aide Registry) after you excel in the certification exam.

This license authorizes you to work as a Nurse Aide in any long-term care facility, clinic, local hospital, nursing home, rehabilitation center, etc. in Rhode Island State.

In all, three chances are provided to clear this exam within the 2-year validity time.

Failure in either part of this exam in the first or second attempt will require you to retest that part only, while third attempt failure will require you to take the entire course with the certification exam once again.

At least 8 hours of work experience (for pay) as a Nurse Aide, performing nursing tasks over the last two years in Rhode Island is needed to get approved for CNA license renewal.

To remain active as a Certified Nursing Assistant in that state, renewal must be done after a gap of every 24 months. If this criterion is met, your license will be renewed.

How Much Does it Cost?

The training cost varies from $400 to $1500, but you must check the details of the course charges.

Written and skills exam $99
Oral & skills exam $99
Written retake $30
Oral retake $30
Skills retake $69

Usually, the low-cost programs involve the tuition fee’s cost only; the expenses of books, supplies, uniforms, medical and background checks, and exam fees are all your responsibilities.

The high-cost programs cover all the expenses, so the major difference in cost is the number of training hours you have enrolled for.

What if you Can’t Afford the Cost?

If you are not in a situation to pay for the training fee, you will have to look for hospitals or nursing homes with job openings for nurse aides.

Such facilities will offer to pay for your training program, or they may have their training center where you can get free training. Some community colleges have financial assistance programs at very nominal interest rates.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Rhode Island?

There are currently around 10,000 active CNA licenses in Rhode Island, and the figure is expected to rise over the next five to ten tears by a minimum of 18 percent.

The average salary of nurse aides in Rhode Island is $32,000 a year, and you can earn from $19,000 to $38,000 depending on your expertise, experience, and the kind of facility you serve in.

RN and LPN median salary in the state is $82,000 and $51,000, so if you plan for career advancement, you will have better opportunities as a nursing professional.

If you are searching for a steady job that will give you satisfaction and rewards and join one of the CNA schools in Rhode Island, you can be sure that you will have many good growth opportunities.

What Does a CNA Do?

Certified nursing assistants work as assistants to the registered nurses (RN), as the name suggests.

Earlier the RN had to look after patients’ routine needs like feeding, dressing, bathing, etc. which had increased the workload and could not focus on their main duties, i.e., medication and patients’ treatment.

Now with the nurse aides to take care of these secondary duties, the RNs are better off. The nursing assistants also reduce the cost of healthcare, which is vital in the current economic situation.


Job satisfaction is important in any profession, and it cannot be achieved without the rewards and benefits.

But in the current situation, many people are losing their jobs or are getting reduced paychecks, so the question of rewards and benefits does not exist.

There is one field that is thriving even in these bad times; the healthcare field. If you are one of those who have been unfortunate and have lost your jobs or faced pay cuts, you can consider becoming a healthcare professional.

CNA schools in Rhode Island will be the right place to start if you are residing in this state in New England.

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