CNA Training Program in Oregon

The current economic condition is very uncertain. You may never know when you will be called in the cabin and get a layoff notice. The fact that you have worked so long for the company will hold no importance.

Management has to take this drastic step to save the business. They will spare nothing to guard their business interest. Therefore, while working, you must accept this kind of behavior and keep acquiring new skills. Smartness lies in taking training and education that is in demand.

If you need to know which field can provide employment as soon as you complete the training, you should know about CNA classes in Oregon.

Maybe you hearing the term ‘CNA’ for the first time. You may also have questions about which field or sector they relate to and why there is a need to take training in the first place.

This excerpt will throw light at every doubt and query you have. CNA means a certified nursing assistant. The term itself is easy to understand their occupation.

Since nursing and assistant are included, you can understand that they assist nurses. They are much more than assistants in a true sense. They help doctors, nurses, and patients in healthcare settings.

Now that you are clear where they work, you can understand the need for training.

Training is essential to learn

  • How the facilities where patients are treated work
  • How nursing care is provided to patients
  • How to handle the paperwork needed in the facility
  • What to do in making patients recover faster
  • What are the important signs and symptoms of diseases, etc.

There is also a need to learn about vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate, sugar level, etc.

How to Become a CNA in Oregon?

Most students feel that CNA training is costly and lengthy. It is not with Oregon state.

The cost of CNA training in Oregon is below 1000 U.S. dollars. If you look at community colleges and vocational schools, you will possibly see the difference. It will be the same as the course length.

Further, it will also depend on what program schedule you have enrolled in.

A part-time course would take more time than full time. It does not make any difference where you are enrolling as long as you complete 75 hours of training.

Subsequently, you have to achieve success in the final exam. It will be multiple-choice questions and practical skills.

You have to complete both the tests in a given time with passing marks. The average passing percentage that would make you eligible for the certification is 70%.

You will get the results after a few hours of completing the exam. However, it will take a few weeks to receive the certification.

Prerequisites for Nurse Aide Courses

  • Clean criminal history track
  • Passing medical and drug test
  • Good mannerism
  • Good communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Consistency

Approved CNA Program in Oregon

The Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) is responsible for setting the regulations regarding nurse aides’ training and certification modules.

The training schools have to prove their mettle to get training licenses from the board, and they have to maintain the quality of training to continue serving as a training center.

Students must enroll in approved programs to qualify for the state certification exam.

Some of the best CNA training institutes are down below.

  • Providence Benedictine Nursing Center in Mt. Angel
  • Springdale Job Corps Center in Troutdale
  • Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton
  • Portland Community College in Portland
  • Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario

They offer training that has earned a good reputation over the years. These CNA schools in Oregon are recognized by the state and abide by the statute’s rules and regulations.

These schools have made it their motto to provide practical and qualitative; that’s why these programs have become popular amongst aspiring nurses.

Free CNA Courses in Oregon

Here is a list of training institutes that might give you CNA training for free.

Name of the School Address Contact No.
Linn Benton Community College 6500 Pacific Boulevard Southwest, Albany, OR 97321 (541) 917- 4999
Southwestern Oregon Community College 1988 Newmark Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420 (541) 888-2525
Clatsop Community College – Astoria 1651 Lexington Avenue, Astoria, OR 97103 (503) 325-0910
Klamath Community College – Klamath 7390 South 6th Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97603 (541) 882-3521
Oregon Coast Community College – Newport 400 Southeast College Way, Newport, OR 97366 (541) 265-2283
Cornerstone Care Option – Portland 12640 Southeast Bush Street, Portland, OR-97236 (503) 761-6621
Chemeketa Community College – Salem 4000 Lancaster Drive Northeast, Salem, OR 97305 (503) 399-5000
Central Oregon Community College 2600 Northwest College WayBend, Oregon 97701 (541) 383-7700
Dallas Retirement Village Healthcare Center 377 Northwest Jasper Street, Dallas, Oregon 97338 (503) 623-5581
Dare 2 Care 195 Silver Lane, Eugene, OR 97404 (541) 688- 4262
Lane Community College Eugene 4000 East 30th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97405 (541) 463-3000
Mt Hood Community College 26000 Southeast Stark Street, Gresham, OR 97030 (503) 491-6422
EmpRes Healthcare 1788 Northeast Cornell Road, Hillsboro, OR 97124 (503) 648-6621
Lake District Hospital 700 South J Street Lakeview, Oregon 97630 (541) 947-2114
Clackamas Community College 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon 97045 (503) 594-6100
Marquis Companies 4560 Southeast International Way Suite 100, Milwaukie, OR 97222 (971) 206-5200
Providence Benedictine Nursing Center 540 South Main Street, Mount Angel, OR 97362 (503) 845-6841
Umpqua Community College 1140 Umpqua College Road, Roseburg, OR 97470 (541) 440-4600
Marian Estates 390 Southeast, Church Street, Sublimity, OR 97385 (503) 769-3499
Columbia Gorge Community College 400 East Scenic Drive, The Dalles, OR 97058-3434 (541) 506-6000
Prestige Care Inc 375 9th StreetFlorence, OR 97439 (541) 902-7945
Rogue Community College 7800 Pacific Avenue, White City, OR 97503-1060 (541) 245-7500
Avamere Health Services 25115 Southwest Parkway Avenue Suite B, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070 (877) 282-6373
Salem Health 890 Oak Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97301 (503) 561-5200
Santiam Memorial Hospital 1401 North 10th Avenue, Stayton, OR 97383 (503) 769-2175

What will you Learn During the CNA Program?

The required training hours to become eligible for the exam are 155 hours. It is divided into two different categories that include classroom, and clinical training.

Classroom training is for 80 hours, in which you will learn to

  • Communicate with patients
  • Handle paperwork
  • Understanding medical language
  • Knowing about law involving patients
  • Healthcare team and the facility

75 hours of clinical training is for gaining hands-on experience. This includes all the physical activities you have to indulge in healthcare settings.

You will learn to note blood pressure, read pulse rate, and understand a body-sugar level.

The clinical training will also teach you how to move patients safely on the bed and with the help of a wheelchair and stretcher. Registered nurses will show you how to change beds, assist patients in activities, not within their reach.

CNA training is the only easiest, fastest, and affordable way to start working with healthcare professionals.

When you finish Oregon CNA classes, you will have the skills and knowledge to perform the nursing assistant’s duties. All this can happen within a few weeks and with minimal investment.

After you are certified, you can work any longer as you wish. You just need to renew your certification and show certain hours of continuous training as per the state’s regulations.

How Long Does It Take?

CNA programs in Oregon provide two levels of certification. The Level-1 certification requires basic training at an approved institute.

The training program shall be for at least 155 hours, which will be equally divided into classroom and clinical training.

The 75 hours of clinical training must be at a hospital, nursing home, or medical facility when a registered nurse is on duty to supervise the training.

Classroom Session 80 hours
Clinical Session 75 hours
Total 155 hours

The Level-2 certification requires an active Level-1 certification to enroll in the required training program where advanced skills are taught and pass the competency exam.

Procedure for the State Certification Exam

Excelling in the level 1 certification exam is required to become a nurse aide in Oregon once you complete your course. This test has two sections, namely a written test and clinical skills evaluation test.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 80 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Clinical Skills Test 5 Randomly Selected Skills 45 Minutes

Written Test

Consisting of 80 multiple choice questions, candidates are required to complete them within 90 minutes.

This test can be taken online or offline (paper test) in the English language only, but results will be declared earlier in the case of online tests.

One can request to appear in this test in oral format also. During the oral test, earphones will be provided, using which you will listen to a soundtrack of the test questions and answer them accordingly.

A printed copy of the questions is also provided during the oral test. This test requires you to attain a passing score of 73% or more.

Skills Test

With 45 minutes to complete this test, candidates are asked to perform any five arbitrarily-selected skills under a proctor’s supervision.

Hand washing is one of the skills that is compulsorily asked to perform. Make sure you pass each skill with 80% or more accuracy. Failure in even a single skill will require you to retake this test (including all five skills)

Once you pass this exam, you will be listed on Oregon Nurse Aide Registry, giving you the license to work anywhere in any hospital, clinic, care center, nursing home, rehabilitation center, etc..

On the other hand, if you fail in the exam, you will have two more chances to pass this state exam within a 2-year validity phase.

You will require retesting either written or skill sections if you do not succeed in either one of them in the first/second attempt.

Ensure you pass in the third attempt since failing in it will require you to retake the course with a state certification exam.

After every two years, you must renew your license, for which you must have at least 400 hours of paid work experience in any licensed facility in the state within the last two years. Proving this thing will assure employment continuation in that state.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of nurse aide training starts at $500 and can go up to $1500. On average, the cost is around $1000, and it includes all the expenses of study material, supplies, and uniform and exam fees.

Written and skills exam $106
Oral & skills exam $35
Reactivation $106
Written retake $25
Skills retake $45
Written and skills retake $70

Some programs also take care of background and medical examination costs, while some include the practice tests expenses. However, such programs are costlier, but they are worth all the money.

What if you Can’t Afford the Cost?

Those who cannot pay for the training can look around for free training at some local hospitals and nursing homes. Such free training is given only if the facilities have job openings for nurse aides and if you are willing to work with them after certification.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Oregon?

By the end of the year 2019, around 30,000 active nurse aides on the state’s registry, and it is estimated that there will be an increase by 10% every year till 2029, which means 3000 new job opportunities every year.

The certified nursing aides in Oregon on average are paid around USD 22,000 to USD 31,000 per year.

Here we have listed the average per annum income of nursing aide working in different industries.

Designation Average Annual Income
Psychiatric Aide USD 35,000
Pediatric Nurse Assistant USD 75,000
Hospital and Nursing Home Based Aide USD 30,000
Home Health Aide USD 24,000
Personal Caregivers USD 31,000
Long Term Care Based Nursing Assistants USD 48,000

RN: The average remuneration is around USD 75,000 per year.

LPN: The average remuneration is around USD 41,000 per year.

CNA courses in Oregon play a vital role in matching the demand for nurse aides in the state who can lessen the burden on the RNs by assisting them in allied healthcare services.

What Does a CNA Do?

However, nursing is not an easy job; hence you must have compassion towards the sick and have a keen interest in serving them.

To serve patients efficiently, you must understand the duties of certified nursing assistants. This is why you must get proper training at CNA classes in Oregon. Nurse assistants work under the supervision of the registered nurses (RN) and can seek help wherever needed.


In economic downtimes, the revenues of many organizations are diminishing. In such a situation, the companies look at various ways to cut the cost to break even and survive.

One of the ways to cost-cutting is decreasing the headcount. It is indeed unfair for the employees, but sometimes the employers don’t have too many options; hence job cuts and reduced paychecks have become the talk of the offices across the globe.

But you do have one window of opportunity: the healthcare sector, which has been flourishing in the downtimes.

CNA schools in Oregon offer you such opportunities to pursue a career in nursing in the state.

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