Approved CNA Classes in Ohio: Dummy’s Guide

Do you know how many nursing professionals are working in Ohio state? Four years ago, their number was around 73,000 and, there is no drop in the demand of nursing assistants and nurses in this state.

If you calculate the population that have aged, or those who might have invited injuries or borne diseases, you will agree that these numbers are more compared to people employed in the medical field.

This shows that there are still wider opportunities to grab a job in this sector. If the medical career is what you are interested in, you must follow it by joining CNA classes in Ohio.

Medical career is for those who are physically and mentally strong. Previously, it was thought that getting into this field means study for four years. Even if you were ready to wait for this period, you still needed a good bank balance.

Now, the time has changed. It is possible to pursue a medical career with less money and time. This option is for those who want to become a certified nursing assistants. By taking education with Ohio CNA classes, you can make yourself eligible of holding responsibilities of a nursing aide.

CNA courses in the state are easy to locate. Vocational schools and community colleges in the state are the leading facilities offering CNA training courses. The state Department of Health approves most of these training centers.

However, it is your responsibility to find out which one suits your budget and what features attract you. Some of the common features you may find among training providers are the training program schedule.

Courses are offered from Monday to Friday for both, day and evening batches. If you are enrolling for the day program, you may finish the course few weeks earlier than the evening program.

However, the training hours will remain the same regardless of the program schedule. Since you have the options to decide what time and budget is convenient for you, make up your mind and join Ohio CNA classes.

How to Become a CNA in Ohio?

There are different names given to certified nursing assistant. In some states, they are known as

  • Nursing aides
  • Caregivers
  • Orderlies
  • Attendants, etc.

Ohio state calls them State Tested Nursing Assistant.

To be called as a STNA, you have to complete CNA training program. The course must be one that is approved by the state Department of Health.

Contact nearest college or school and find out if they meet the state requirements for certification. Training offered by the Red Cross Society is according to the state regulations.

Enroll and complete the course. The Ohio Nurse Aide Registry approves the course if they provide classroom and clinical training for 75 hours both inclusive.

Apply for the exam at the end of the course. The state accepts your application if you fulfill certain requirements. Pass the STNA exam to prove that you have the skills and knowledge to get the registration.

CNA Classes in Ohio

You can find yourself working in the healthcare industry after completing the CNA Classes in Ohio. You can provide patients with care that includes bathing, feeding, grooming, etc. You can manage shifting and moving patients all by yourself.

The course will provide you knowledge on various medical aspects such as

  • Handling emergency
  • Performing CPR
  • Administering medications
  • Recording vitals
  • Handling tools and equipment’s
  • Ambulating patients
  • Safety measures
  • Communicating with patients and their relatives
  • Answering medical-related queries

Complete attendance in the class is compulsory not only to learn, but also to qualify for the test. In failing to do so, you may not be able to finish the course according to its schedule.

Free or Low Cost CNA Classes in Ohio

  • Auburn Manor
    Contact Number: (740) 335-9270
    Address: – 375, Glenn Avenue, Washington Court Hou, Ohio-43160
    Fax: (740) 335-9456
  • Auglaize Acres
    Contact Number: (419) 738-3816
    Address: – 13093, Infirmary Road, Wapakoneta, Ohio- 45895
    Fax: (419) 738-6684
    Official Website: auglaizecounty.org
  • Aultman Transitional Care Unit
    Contact Number: (330) 479-4800, (330) 452-9911
    Toll-free: (800) 686-9373
    Address: – 2600, Sixth Street Southwest, CNAton, Ohio-44710
    Official Website: aultman.org
  • Aurora Manor Special Care Center
    Contact Number: (440) 424-4000, (330) 562-5000
    Address: – 101, Bissell Road, Aurora, Ohio- 44202
    Fax: (330) 562-5181
  • Austinburg Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (440) 275-3019
    Address: – 2026, State Route 45, Austinburg, Ohio- 44010
    Fax: (440) 275-3366 
    Email Id: info@atriumlivingcenters.com
    Official Website: atriumlivingcenters.com
  • Englewood Manor Inc.
    Contact Number: (937) 836-5143
    Address: – 425, Lauricella Court, Englewood, Ohio- 45322
    Fax: (937) 836-1799
    Official Website: englewoodmanor.com
  • Enniscourt Nursing Care
    Contact Number: (216) 226-3858
    Address: – 13315, Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio- 44107
    Fax: (216) 226-8344
    Email Id: ennisct1@aol.com
    Official Website: enniscourt.com
  • Erie Co Care Facility
    Contact Number: (419) 627-8733
    Address: – 3916, Perkins Avenue, Huron, Ohio- 44839
    Fax: (419) 627-1614
    Website: eriecounty.oh.gov
  • Essex Healthcare, Tallmadge
    Contact Number: (330) 630-9780
    Address: – 563, Colony Park Drive, Tallmadge, Ohio- 44278
    Fax: (330) 630-2390
  • Essex, Salem
    Contact Number: (330) 337-9503
    Address: – 2511, Bentley Drive, Salem, Ohio- 44460
    Fax: (330) 337-5390
  • Hennis Care Centre, Bolivar
    Contact Number: (330) 874-9999
    Address: – 300, Yant Street Northwest, Bolivar, Ohio- 44612
    Email Id: kstaron@henniscarecentre.com
    Official Website: henniscarecentre.com
  • Hennis Care Centre, Dover
    Contact Number: 330-364-8849
    Address: – 1720, Cross Street, Dover, Ohio- 44622
    Email Id: msheetz@henniscarecentre.com
    Official Website: henniscarecentre.com
  • Heritage Care Center
    Contact Number: (419) 347-1313
    Address: – 100, Rogers Lane, Shelby, Ohio- 44875
  • Heritage Manor
    Contact Number: (419) 424-1808
    Address: – 2820, Greenacre Dr, Findlay, Ohio- 45840
    Fax: (419) 424-2010
  • Heritage Manor Jewish Home
    Contact Number: (330) 746-1076
    Address: – 517, Gypsy Lane, Youngstown, Ohio- 44504
    Fax: (330) 743-3115
    Official Website: jewishyoungstown.org
  • Manorcare Health Services
    Contact Number: (614) 882-1511, (216) 251-3300
    Address: – 4102, Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, Ohio- 44135
    Fax: (614) 882-5318, (216) 251-0201
    Toll Free: (800) 427-1902
    Official Website: hcr-manorcare.com
  • Manorcare Health Services, Akron
    Contact Number: (330) 867-8530
    Address: – 1211, West Market Street, Akron, Ohio- 44313
    Fax: (330) 867-9159
    Official Website: hcr-manorcare.com
  • Manorcare Health Services, Belden Village
    Contact Number: (330) 492-7835
    Address: – 5005, Higbee Avenue Northwest, Canton, Ohio- 44718
    Fax: (330) 492-8156
    Official Website: hcr-manorcare.com
  • Maple Care Center
    Contact Number: (216) 662-0551
    Address: – 16231, Broadway, Maple Heights, Ohio- 44137
    Fax: (216) 662-7754
  • Roselawn Manor
    Contact Number: (419) 647-4115
    Fax: (419) 647-6744
    Address:–420,  East-Fourth Street, P O Box No-127, Spencerville-Ohio-45887
    Email Id: Administrator@RoselawnManor.com
    Official Website: roselawnmanor.com
  • Roselawn Terrace
    Contact Number: (330) 823-0618
    Address: – 11999, Klinger Avenue Northeast, Alliance, Ohio- 44601
    Fax: (330) 821-3004
    Email Id: moesch@roselawn-terrace.net
    Official Website: roselawn-terrace.net
  • Rosewood Manor
    Contact Number: (419) 468-7544
    Address: – 935, Rosewood Dr, Galion, Ohio- 44833
    Fax: (419) 468-5884
  • Rosewood Manor
    Contact Number: (740) 859-6496
    Address: – 212, Fourth Street, Yorkville, Ohio-43971
    Fax: (740) 859-2813
  • Royal Oak Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (440) 884-9191
    Address: – 6973, Pearl Road, Middleburg Heights, Ohio-44130
    Fax: (440) 884-5811
  • Ruffing Family Care Center, Bloomville
    Contact Number: (419) 983-2021
    Address: – P.O. Box No– 69 22, Clinton Street, Bloomville, Ohio- 44818

CNA Certification Requirements in Ohio

To become a state tested nursing assistant, as nursing assistants are known in the state, you have to complete a CNA training program.

Before that, meeting certain conditions in order to get admission in the training program is compulsory. The state requires students to be a high school graduate, and be over 18 years of age.

In addition, you also need to have a sound mental and physical status, including a good standing in the society.

This means that your name should not appear in the criminal records in any of the local and national police stations. There is no way to hide about your background since you have to submit your fingerprint cards to the local authorities.

Though there is no special requirement in terms of training hours, Ohio State expects you to complete minimum 75-hours of training comprising classroom and clinical practices.

The Registry also requires you to produce proof of immunization and a copy of TB test. If the TB report is positive, you may be asked to take the treatment first and then join the course.

You need to pass the exam that includes 79 multiple-choice questions for written test, and 5 nursing skills for practical tests. Upon passing both the tests, you are registered with the state Nurse Aide Registry.

To enroll for CNA classes in Ohio, you must have a good standing. To qualify for the exam, it is necessary to complete the minimum number of training hours, i.e. 75 hours.


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