STNA Training Classes in Ohio

Do you know how many nursing professionals are working in Ohio state? Four years ago, their number was around 73,000, and there is no drop in the demand for nursing assistants and nurses in this state.

If you calculate the population that has aged or those who might have invited injuries or borne diseases, you will agree that these numbers are more than those employed in the medical field.

This shows that there are still wider opportunities to grab a job in this sector. If the medical career is what you are interested in, you must follow it by joining CNA classes in Ohio.

A medical career is for those who are physically and mentally strong. Previously, it was thought that getting into this field means studying for four years. Even if you were ready to wait for this period, you still needed a good bank balance.

Now, time has changed. It is possible to pursue a medical career with less money and time. This option is for those who want to become certified nursing assistants. By taking education with Ohio CNA classes, you can make yourself eligible for holding responsibilities as a nursing aide.

How to Become a STNA in Ohio

There are different names given to certified nursing assistants. In some states, they are known as

  • Nursing aides
  • Caregivers
  • Orderlies
  • Attendants, etc.

Ohio State calls them State Tested Nursing Assistant.

To be called as an STNA, you have to complete a CNA training program. The course must be one that is approved by the state Department of Health.

Contact the nearest college or school and find out if they meet the state requirements for certification. Training offered by the Red Cross Society is according to the state regulations.

Enroll and complete the course. The Ohio Nurse Aide Registry approves the course if they provide classroom and clinical training for 75 hours, both inclusive.

Apply for the exam at the end of the course. The state accepts your application if you fulfill specific requirements. Pass the STNA exam to prove that you have the skills and knowledge to get the registration.

Prerequisites for Nurse Aide Courses

  • Clean criminal background
  • Passing medical and drug examination
  • Good behavior
  • Good communication skills
  • Optimism
  • Consistency

Approved STNA Program in Ohio

The Nurse Aide Registry (NAR) under the state health department is responsible for regulating the program and certification requirements of nurse aides in the state.

As per the CNA certification requirements in Ohio, you must enroll in the training programs approved by the NAR.

The registry monitors and updates the various training programs regularly, and it has canceled the approvals of many programs over the years if they found the quality wanting.

Although not compulsory, many CNA nursing schools in Ohio require you to have a high school diploma or equivalent degree at the time of enrollment.

Many schools offer formal, and state approved CNA training programs, technical vocational academies, community colleges, long-term care centers, and independent programs.

Those are institutes that offer some of the best training programs in the state.

  • Advanced Health Career Systems, Ltd. in Bedford
  • Broadview Multi-Care Center in Parma
  • Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland
  • Health Care Management Group in Cincinnati
  • Royal Oak Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Middleburg Heights

Apart from these CNA classes in Ohio, the Cleveland chapter of the American Red Cross Society also offers nurse aide training.

The state recognizes all these programs.

Name of School Address Contact No
Ohio Valley College of Technology 15258 State Route 170, East Liverpool, OH 43920 (330) 385-1070
Brown Mackie College 755 White Pond Drive, Suite 101 Akron, OH 44320 (330) 869-3600
Apollo Career Center 3325 Shawnee Raod, Lima OH 45806-1454 (419) 998-2908, (866) 998-2824
Delaware Area Career Center 4565 Columbus Pike, Delaware, Ohio 43015 (740) 548-0708
Four County Career Center 22-900 State Route 34, Archbold, OH 43502 (419) 267-3331
Ehove Career Center 316 West Mason Road, Milan, OH 44846 (419) 499-4663(419) 627-9665
Holland Management, Inc 1383 Sharon Copley Road, Sharon Center, Ohio 44274 (330) 239-4474
Four County Career Center 22900 State Route-34, Archbold, Ohio 43502 (419) 267-3331, (800) 589-3334
Ace Tutors 5225 Northfield Road Suite C Bedford Heights, Ohio 44146 (216) 332- 1600, (440) 777-7970
Hennis Care Centre – Dover 1720 Cross Street, Dover, OH 44622 (330) 364-8849
Hennis Care Centre – Boliver 300 Yant Street, Bolivar, OH 44612 (330) 874-9999
Great Oaks 3254 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241 (513)771-8810
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center 2280 State Route 540, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311 (937) 599-3010
Greene County Career Center 2960 West Enon Road, Xenia, OH 45385 (937) 372-6941
Bedford City Schools 475 Northfield Road, Bedford, OH 44146 (440) 439-1500
Montefiore One David North Myers Parkway Beachwood, OH 44122 (216) 360-9080
Menorah Park Center for Senior Living 27100 Cedar Road Cleveland, Ohio 44122 (216) 831-6500
Anna Maria Care Community 889 North Aurora Road, Aurora, Ohio 44202 (330) 562-6171
Health Care Management Group 390 Wards Corner Road Loveland, OH 45140 (513) 943-4000
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College 3520 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45223 (513) 569-1500,

(877) 569-0115

Auglaize Acres 209 South Blackhoof Street Room 201 Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895 (419)739-6710
Aultman Transitional Care Unit 2600 Sixth Street Southwest, Canton, OH 44710 (330) 452-9911
Aurora Manor Special Care Center 101 South Bissell Road, Aurora, OH 44202 (440) 348-0540
Austinburg Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 2780 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219 (614) 416-0600
Enniscourt Nursing Care 13315 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio 44107 (216) 226-3858
Essex Healthcare, Tallmadge 563 Colony Park Drive, Tallmadge, OH 44278 (330) 630-9780
Hennis Care Centre, Bolivar 300 Yant Street Bolivar, OH 44612 (330)874-9999
Hennis Care Centre, Dover 1720 Cross Street, Dover, OH 44622 (330) 364-8849

CNA courses in the state are easy to locate. Vocational schools and community colleges in the state are the leading facilities offering CNA training courses. However, it is your responsibility to find out which one suits your budget and what features attract you. Some of the standard features you may find among training providers are the training program schedule.

How Long Does Ohio STNA Program Take?

The obligatory training hours for the state-approved programs are 75 hours split into 16 hours of skills training by a registered nurse who has a minimum of two years of nursing experience and the remaining 59 hours involves classroom study.

Classroom Session 59 hours
Clinical Session 16 hours
Total 75 hours

Courses are offered from Monday to Friday for both day and evening batches. If you are enrolling for the day program, you may finish the course a few weeks earlier than the evening program.

However, the training hours will remain the same regardless of the program schedule. Since you have the options to decide what time and budget is convenient for you, make up your mind and join Ohio CNA classes.

What will you Learn During the CNA Program?

A state-approved certified nursing assistant program in Ohio has a total duration of 75 hours. At least 16 hours out of these 75 are to be spent in the hands-on clinical practice.

The remaining hours of the classes are scheduled for the classroom session. In-class instruction consists of organized lectures by the course instructors, interactive sessions in audio-visual form, group discussions, etc.

Here the students learn and understand the theoretical concepts behind the nursing practice. They are taught all the techniques related to nursing and given enough time to get their queries solved.

In hands-on clinical practice, the students are taught all the practical aspects of nursing. They get to acquire and develop their manual skills in an actual living health care setting. The course instructors and the nursing professionals are there to guide and supervise the students throughout the practice.

Classroom Session
  • Primary patient care
  • Basic science
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Human body mechanism
  • Infection control
  • Medical terms
  • Basic nutrition for patients
  • Health and population education, etc.
Clinical Session
  • Feeding patients
  • Providing with proper medication
  • Preparing the simple dressing
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Helping them to stand up and move
  • Re-positioning them whenever needed
  • Bed making
  • Vital signs taking
  • Preparing health charts
  • Reporting health updates to the doctors, etc.

Thus, the students also get acquainted with the actual clinical environment, real patients, senior registered nurses, CNAs’ actual tasks, etc. They also get to know how to handle and operate advanced equipment. Both these sessions in the curriculum prepare the students to be able to serve readily as nursing assistants.

Procedure for the State Certification Exam

Applying for a certification exam becomes possible after you complete a CNA course in Ohio. This exam requires students to take two tests: a written test and clinical skills evaluation test.

Involving 79 multiple choice questions, the written test requires students to solve them within 90 minutes, judging their conceptual nursing knowledge. You can opt for an oral test instead of the written test if you are uncomfortable with English reading. Make sure you state it in the examination application form to apply to it.

Clearing this test with a passing score of at least 80% is required. Skills test involves an evaluator who randomly chooses any five skills and assigns them to the candidates, who must perform these skills within 35 minutes under his/her supervision. Amongst these five skills, one of them will be hand washing for sure. Your performance will be rated in each skill. For free CNA study guide visit our this post.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 79 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skills 35 Minutes

Make sure you pass this test, attaining at least an 80% score in each skill. Failing in even a single skill task will require you to give the skills test all over again (next time).

Passing in both these tests will ensure an STNA license acquisition in Ohio State, provided by the Nurse Aide Registry. This will help you find work in any licensed clinic, hospital, long-term care facility, rehabilitation center, etc. in the state.

You can opt for this exam thrice within a 2-year validity period. Retesting the written part or skills part will be required if you fail in either one of them, respectively, in your first/second attempt. Failure in the exam on your third try will need you to pursue the course and give the certification exam all over again.

Proving your STNA employment status in Ohio is required after every two years to renew your license, thereby ensuring employment continuation in that state. Make sure you complete working as a nurse aide for at least 8 hours, performing nursing duties over the past 24 months in Ohio for renewal.

How Much Does Ohio STNA Program Cost?

The cost of nurse aide training programs is very low in Ohio compared to other states. The health department has taken several measures to reduce costs and encourage the maximum populace to take up this profession.

The average cost of training in Ohio is around $400. Some programs that offer training for more than the mandatory requirements may charge higher fees. The state certification exam cost in the state is $96.

Written exam $24
Oral exam $34
Skills exam $76
Schedule Change $35
Cancellation $24
Fax $5
Fast Shipping $19.50
Fast service fee $15

What if you Can’t Afford the Cost?

You can also find free training in local hospitals and nursing homes if you accept their employment offer.

The Cleveland chapter of the Red Cross also offers free training for those willing to participate in the various welfare programs organized.

How Much Does a STNA Make in Ohio?

As per the NAR, close to 300,000 people were listed on the registry and nearly 90,000 active licenses by the end of 2019. The registry expects this number to increase at least 10,000 every year till the end of 2029. It illustrates that the job opportunities will not be at a shortfall for nurse aides, and if you have decided to start a nursing profession, it is a brilliant career move.

A certified nursing assistant in Ohio obtains USD 12 to USD 14 per hour while practicing in homes or elderly care centers. Nursing assistants working in hospitals earn a payment of USD 13 to USD 20 per hour.

To be precise, certified nurse assistants in nursing homes are paid a USD 17,500 to USD 29,000, but in hospitals, they are paid a payment of USD 20,000 to USD 30,000. A certified nursing assistant in Ohio earns between USD 20,000 and USD 27,000 per year in a nutshell.

Listed below is the average yearly remuneration of certified nursing assistants working in different industries for nursing aides.

Designation Average Annual Payment
Psychiatric Aide USD 35,000
Pediatric Nurse Assistant USD 76,000
Hospital and Nursing Home Based Aide USD 30,000
Home Health Aide USD 25,000
Personal Caregivers USD 32,000
Long Term Care Based Nursing Assistants USD 48,000

RN: The average pay-scale is around USD 75,000 per year.

LPN: The average pay-scale is around USD 42,000 per year.

So enrolling in CNA schools in Ohio, and you may not have to worry about employment for the rest of your life; you can also prosper in the nursing career if you continue education.

What Does a STNA Do in Ohio?

As a certified nursing assistant, you will not be working in the core medical functionalities. Still, your responsibilities will be inclined towards allied services like

  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Dressing patients, etc.

Although it is not a highly specialized job, you need to be professionally trained to work in the peculiar medical field.


In these times of economic crisis, everybody is looking for an industry that can offer steady jobs even at the cost of relatively lower salaries. It is a way to ensure that the livelihood is taken care of by regular paychecks instead of big money today and nothing to look for tomorrow.

Becoming a nursing assistant is one option that you might think about as the healthcare sector provides secure jobs irrespective of the economic situation.

CNA courses in Ohio can open such opportunities for you, but you must think twice before deciding about a nursing career. It is a noble job indeed, but you must have a passion for taking up this profession as it is a job that can be physically and mentally strenuous. But if you have the zeal for it, then it is a wonderful profession, and by putting in the hard work, you can blossom into this career.


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