CNA Classes in New Mexico? Everything You Need To Know

A significant amount of share in the country’s economy is contributed by the medical industry. This field has performed varieties of roles for its citizens. On one hand, it has helped people in living healthy and longer life with the help of advanced medical treatments.

And on the other hand, it has provided employment to millions of deserving candidates. What is best about this industry is that interested people need not have to pay heavy amount or go for years of training, unless you are trying to become a doctor, surgeon or physician.

There are still ways to work with these healthcare professionals. Join CNA classes in New Mexico and get legal permission to work in the medical industry.

If you think you are too late or early to decide about a nursing career, the government report on demand of nursing professionals will answer your question. The experts believe that medical industry will keep growing and so the need of nursing aides.

They have estimated that there will be a rise of 20% in nursing jobs till 2025. This figure is applicable to all U.S. states. So tomorrow, even if you decide to relocate, you will have no problem. Job will be waiting for you no matter where you go once you are certified by your residing state.

However, to be attractive to the employers, you have to take the CNA classes. It will give you a path you can walk on throughout your lives.

Further, there is also a guarantee of progress if you keep gaining job-related knowledge and skills.

Moreover, it is necessary to continue your education if you want to work in this profession for a longer time. You need not have to leave your job for education purpose. You can learn and take training even while working in any healthcare facility.

All medical employers help their team in this regard by sponsoring their education or providing necessary material to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Classes in New Mexico is offered by various organizations. Community colleges, hospitals and the Red Cross Society are the few prominent training providers in New Mexico. The need is to enroll in a state-approved training program so that you can qualify for the certification exam.

How to Become a CNA in New Mexico?

To get the certified status in New Mexico, you have to complete minimum 175 hours of training. The exam formality after the course completion is looked by Thomson Prometric. This company has the state’s authority in deciding the eligibility factors of candidates appearing for the exam.

Ensure that you are applying for the exam within 24 months from the date of course completion. Or else, you will have to retake the training again.

The certification exam format in New Mexico is similar to other states. Students have to clear a written and a practical test. To show your theoretical knowledge, you have to complete 50 multiple-choice questions in two hours.

The questions will be based on anything that you have learnt during the classroom lecture and video demonstration. You have to show five skills to demonstrate your practical knowledge. After passing, Prometric will issue the certification.

CNA Training Classes in New Mexico

CNA training program is conducted throughout the state by various institutions, schools, universities, and colleges. If you are living far away, you can stay in hostels that within the campus premises.

The tuition fee and the duration of the course will depend on which college or university you have enrolled in.

You can expect $500 as a tuition fee and addition $500 for accommodation that is charged on a monthly basis.

The state nurse aide registry accredits most of the training programs. However, you must confirm it at the time of enrollment to qualify for the exam.

The course will teach you everything from handling medical reports, recording and documenting information on patients’ medical history and the treatment given. You will know the rights of the patients, and the languages used in the medical industry.

Further, you will learn how to take care of patients and help in their daily needs such as bathing, grooming, and eating.

Free or Low Cost CNA Classes In New Mexico

  • Carlsbad Medical Center
    Contact Number: (575) 887-4100
    Address: – 2430, West Pierce Street, Carlsbad, New Mexico- 88220
    Fax: (630) 792-5636
    Email Id: complaint@jointcommission.org
    Official Website: carlsbadmedicalcenter.com
  • Casa Arena Blanca Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (575) 434-4510
    Address: – 205, Moonglow Avenue, Alamogordo, New Mexico- 88310
    Email Id: raquel.mcgrath@fundltc.com
    Official Website: casaarenablanca.com
  • Casa De Oro
    Contact Number: (575) 523-4573
    Address: – 1005, Lujan Hill Road, Las Cruces, New Mexico-88005
    Fax: (505) 524-9639
  • Casa Del Sol
    Contact Number: (505) 522-0404
    Address: – 2905, East Missouri, Las Cruces, New Mexico-88011
    Fax: (505) 522-2532
  • Casa Maria Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (505) 623-6008
    Address: – 1601, South Main, Roswell, New Mexico- 88201
    Fax: (505) 622-6651
  • Casa Real
    Contact Number: (505) 984-8313
    Address: – 1650, Galisteo Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico- 87501
    Fax: (505) 984-2542
  • Cedar Ridge Inn
    Contact Number: (505) 598-6000
    Address: – 800, Saguaro Trail, Farmington, New Mexico- 87401
    Official Website: innsofthesouthwest.org
  • Clayton Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre
    Contact Number: (575) 374-2353
    Address: – 419, Harding, Clayton, New Mexico- 88415
    Fax: (575) 374-2915
    Official Website: claytonnewmexico.org
  • Colfax General Ltc/Lab
    Contact Number: (575) 483-3300
    Address: – 615, Prospect Avenue, Springer, New Mexico- 87747
  • Laurel Plains Healthcare
    Contact Number: (505) 762-4705
    Address: – 1400, West 21st Street, Clovis, New Mexico- 88101
    Fax: (505) 762-4199
  • Laurel Ridge Healthcare
    Contact Number: (505) 762-3753
    Address: – 1201, Norris Street, Clovis, New Mexico- 88101
    Fax: (505) 762-7566
  • Laurel View Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (505) 822-6000
    Address: – 5900, Forest Hills Drive Ne, Albuquerque, New Mexico- 87109
    Fax: (505) 822-6244
    Official Website: therehabilitationcenterofalbuquerque.com
  • Lea County Good Samaritan
    Contact Number: (505) 393-3156
    Address: – 1701, North Turner, Hobbs, New Mexico- 88240
  • Lea Regional Medical Center
    Contact Number: (575) 492-5000
    Address: – 5419, North Lovington Highway, Hobbs, New Mexico- 88240
    Fax: (630) 792-5636
    Official Website: learegionalmedical.com
  • Los Amigo Care Center
    Contact Number: (505) 877-9292
    Address: – 1148, Blue Hole Road, Santa Rosa, New Mexico- 88435
  • Lovelace Transitional Care Unit
    Contact Number: (505) 262-7979
    Address: – 5400, Gibson Southeast, Albuquerque, New Mexico- 87108
    Fax: (505) 262-7188
  • Retirement Ranches Inc.
    Contact Number: (575) 762-4495
    Address: – 2221, Dillon Street, Albuquerque, New Mexico- 87101
    Fax: (575) 762-8051
    Official Website: retirementranchofclovis.com
  • Rio Rancho Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre
    Contact Number: (505) 892-6603
    Address: – 4210, Sabana Grande Southeast, Rio Rancho, New Mexico- 87124
    Fax: (505) 891-8774
    Email Id: admin.riorancho@peakmedicalcorp.com
  • Ruidoso Care Center
    Contact Number: (505) 923-5678
    Address: – 200, Resort Drive, Ruidoso, New Mexico- 88355
    Email Id: info@phs.org
  • San Juan Manor
    Contact Number: (505) 325-2910
    Address: – 806, West Maple, Farmington, New Mexico- 87401
    Fax: (505) 325-0191
  • Santa Fe Care Center
    Contact Number: (505) 982-2574
    Address: – 635, Harkle Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico- 87505
    Fax: (505) 988-1942
    Email Id: info@southwestcare.org
  • Sierra Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (575) 894-7855
    Address: – 1400, Silver Street, T or C, New Mexico- 87901
    Fax: (505) 894-6438
    Official Website: sierrahealthcare.com
  • Silver City Care Center
    Contact Number: (575) 388-3127
    Address: – 3514, Fowler Avenue, Silver City, New Mexico- 88061
  • Socorro Good Samaritan Village
    Contact Number: (575) 835-2724
    Address: – 1203, Highway 60 West, Socorro, New Mexico- 87801
    Fax: (575) 835-4378
  • Sombrillo Nursing & Rehabilitation Centre
    Contact Number: (505) 662-4300
    Address: – 1011, Sombrillo Court, Los Alamos, New Mexico- 87544
    Fax: (505) 662-4300
    Email Id: sombrillo@larcnm.com
    Official Website: larcnm.com

CNA Certification Requirements in New Mexico

At the time of enrollment, you must be 18 years old. A high school diploma is also compulsory along with the age factor. In addition, you need to submit medical checkup certification and fingerprint cards to check your background. If you do not hold a good standing, your application for the exam will not be approved.

You need to take total 175 hours of training. 75 hours for classroom instruction, and 100 hours of clinical training. This is the minimum requirement to challenge the certification exam.

Any organization offering less than 175 hours of training will not have approval status from the Nurse Aide Registry.

You will have to wait for several months to receive the certification since most courses in New Mexico run for two to six months. The Registry will designate you as certified when you pass the exam.

Though CNA classes in New Mexico are not expensive, they are definitely lengthy. Unlike in other states, you will have to wait for six to eight months to receive the certification. However, the wait is worth since you will learn variety of skills a certified nursing assistant must have.


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