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Sometimes, it takes more than medication to heal patients. Along with necessary treatments or remedies, there has to be someone who could take patients’ care while they are undergoing treatment. Patients should know when to take medicines, and how to accomplish routine tasks without incurring any injury while still under the reinstatement process.

Those who cannot move due to injury or critical illness need special care. They need assistance to shift from their beds to the respective department. Nursing assistants are those careful hands that do this job with precision. They do all the things that are necessary to make patients comfortable, and smoothen the treatment process for the healthcare team.

If you want to know how you can assist both patients and healthcare team, you must join CNA classes in New Hampshire.

Seeing nursing assistants around patients in hospitals or nursing homes when visiting a friend or a relative might have made you think that the job is easy.

Most of the time, the reality is different from what our eyes could perceive. The nursing assistants’ job is not easy. They have to constantly watch the patients’ conditions, and raise an alarm if there is any unusual drop.

Without a proper training, it is impossible to know what the patients need, and when there is urgency to call for the doctors.

Since jobs these days are difficult to come due to the fragile economy, the CNA course will guarantee you a job. When you are qualified for the nursing assistant’s job, you will have a job that will be with you as long as you enjoy doing it.

Let the economy act anyway it wants, there will be no effect on your job. As a nursing professional, you are in association with an industry that will never stop growing because people of all age, sex and race will need some kind of medical treatment and nursing care at least once or throughout their lives.

How to Become a CNA in New Hampshire?

CNAs in the medical field take varieties of responsibilities. The most common responsibilities they will fulfill regularly are:

  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • Pulse and respiration
  • Checking blood-sugar level
  • Taking blood and urine sample for lab testing
  • Helping patients with bath
  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Drinking
  • Eating, etc.

To gain the nursing assistant designation, students have to complete 144 hours of CNA training program. The course should have a set pattern of classroom and clinical training that all states follow. Only the number of hours given in the classroom and clinical training will differ among states.

Most states lay stress on the practical training. Therefore, students have to spend more time trying to achieve hands-on experience than sitting in the classroom and listening to lecture and seeing video demonstration.

Aspiring CNAs in New Hampshire have to prove their eligibility for the position by passing the certification exam. Once the exam is cleared, and you are registered with the Registry, you become a certified nursing assistant.

CNA Training Program in New Hampshire

People living in New Hampshire have great opportunities in taking the CNA training. Many community colleges in New Hampshire are famous in the state for the quality education they provide to nursing students.

The top in the list is the River Valley Community College. The course offered by this college targets the needs of the healthcare industries.

Most of the colleges offer full time and part-time classes. Depending of the category you have chosen, the length of the course would differ.

Full time course takes 8 weeks, and part-time 12 weeks. However, the training provided for both the categories will be the same. You can complete even other programs much early if you want to receive the certification soon.

On the other hand, some training providers conduct the course only twice a year starting at the semester of fall and spring. Nevertheless, the New Hampshire Nurse Aide Registry accepts any course that offers minimum 100 hours training.

Free or Low Cost CNA Classes In New Hampshire

  • Belknap County Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (603) 527-5410
    Address: – 30, County Drive, Laconia, New Hampshire- 03246
    Fax: (603) 527-5419
    Official Website: belknapcounty.org
  • Birchwood Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (603) 432-3801
    Address: – 20, Chester Road Derry, New Hampshire-03038
    Fax: (603) 425-2407
  • Colonial Poplin Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (603) 895-3126
    Address: – Route 107 Main Street, Fremont, New Hampshire- 03044
    Fax: (603) 895-3662
    Email Id: info@colonialpoplin.com
    Official Website: colonialpoplin.com
  • Coos County Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (603) 752-2343
    Address: –Cates Hill Road Rfd, 2-P.O. Box no-416, Berlin, New Hampshire-03570
    Fax: (603) 752-4773
  • Coos County Nursing Hospital
    Contact Number: (603) 246-3321
    Address: – P.O. Box No. – 10, River Road, West Stewartstown, New Hampshire- 03597
    Fax: (603)246-8117
    Official Website: cooscountynh.us
  • Greenbriar Terrace Health Care
    Contact Number: (603)888-1573
    Address: – 55, Harris Road, Nashua, New Hampshire- 03060
    Fax: (603)888-5089
  • Hanover Hill Health Care
    Contact Number: (603) 627-3826
    Address: – 700, Hanover Street, Manchester, New Hampshire- 03104
    Official Website: hanoverhill.com
  • Hanover Terrace Healthcare
    Contact Number: (603) 643-2854
    Address: – 53, Lyme Road, Hanover, New Hampshire- 03755
    Fax: (603) 643-1723
    Email Id: robert.shaughnessy@kindred.com
  • Harborside Applewood
    Contact Number: (603) 239-6355
    Address: – 8, Snow Road, Winchester, New Hampshire- 03470
    Fax: (603) 239-6472
  • Harborside Crestwood
    Contact Number: (603) 673-7061
    Address: – 40, Crosby Street, Milford, New Hampshire- 03055
    Fax: (603) 673-5420
  • Langdon Place, Keene Nursing
    Contact Number: (603) 357-3902
    Address: –136, A–Arch Street, Keene, New Hampshire-03431
  • Laurel  Center  Genesis  Eldercar
    Contact Number: (603) 627-4147
    Address: – 480, Donald Street, Bedford, New Hampshire- 03110
    Fax: (603) 627-6294
  • Lebanon Center Genesis Eldercare
    Contact Number: (603) 448-2234
    Address: – Rr #1 Box 13k Old Etna Road, Lebanon, New Hampshire-03766
    Fax: (603) 448-2087
  • Mark Wentworth Home
    Contact Number: (603) 436-0169
    Address: – 346, Pleasant Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire-03801
    Fax: (603) 766-0192
    Email ID: gpoehlman@markwentworth.org
    Official Website: markwentworth.org
  • Merrimack County Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (603) 796-2165
    Address: – 325, Daniel Webster Highway   Boscawen, New Hampshire- 03303
    Fax: (603) 766-2880
    Official Website: merrimackcounty.net
  • Merriman House
    Contact Number: (603) 356-5461
    Address: – 3073, White Mountain Highway   North Conway, New Hampshire- 03860
    Email Id: RMcLellan@memorialhospitalnh.org
    Official Website: memorialhospitalnh.org
  • Morrison Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (603) 837-2541
    Address: – 2-6 Terrace Street, Whitefield, New Hampshire- 03598
    Fax: (603) 837-3878
    Official Website: morrisonnh.org
  • Mountain Ridge Center Genesis
    Contact Number: (603) 934-2541
    Address: – 7, Baldwin Street, Franklin, New Hampshire- 03235
    Fax: (603) 934-2549
  • Presidential Oaks
    Contact Number: (800) 678-1333
    Address: – 200, Pleasant Street, Concord, New Hampshire- 03301
    Email Id: marketing@presidentialoaks.org
    Official Website: presidentialoaks.org

CNA Certification Requirements in New Hampshire

You can enroll for the CNA classes in New Hampshire only with a high school diploma, and after completing 18 years of age.

The registry also expects you to be in a good mental and physical state. You are required to submit documents of your health checkup. The report should show a negative TB mark because of its contagious nature.

You will also have to agree in allowing the registry to perform a criminal background check. Two fingerprints cards are essential to complete this formality.

Students are required to complete minimum 100 hours of training. 75 Hours of training must be dedicated to the clinical practices, and the reaming 25 hours for classroom instruction.

When the course is complete, students have to pass the certification exam to achieve the designation as ‘certified.’

Career as a nursing professional is a good choice if you are interested in helping others by providing care and support to patients. To make you career in the nursing industry, you have to join CNA classes in New Hampshire. The course will guarantee you a job and future growth for your lifetime.

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