CNA Training Classes in Nebraska

Why do we take education? To be sociable, provide for our family, and judge the right and wrong things in life. However, these days education alone is not enough to reach the destination we are dreaming about.

You have to keep adding qualities and skills to your professional repertoire. Otherwise, you cannot withstand the unpredictable nature of the economy. There is also a need to understand the right course and profession to guarantee you continuous returns for your lifetime.

You have to follow a path where this light would be the best and simple definition to explain the importance of choosing a career in demand. Going by the present and future trends, you will realize that certified nursing assistants would have better job opportunities and growth. If you are staying in Nebraska, join CNA classes in Nebraska immediately after high-school graduation.

The CNA course is to train you for an entry-level job as a nursing assistant. Once you are employed in this position, you have to continue learning the subjects of your field. You have to follow this federal and state rule to keep your certification status valid.

Being in an entry-level position does not mean that you have no scope to progress in your field. The promotion will follow you when you keep updating your knowledge, skills, and education.

Learning necessary nursing skills in a classroom and clinical skills in a healthcare facility is not enough to get a job. You must have a CNA certification to prove your ability for the job.

This certification is achievable when you have successfully passed the written and practical tests. Depending on states, you may get to work in the healthcare sector from day one of enrolling in the training program.

The duration of your employment in that situation would be for a limited time. If you fail to produce the certification within a specified time, probably three to four months, you will not continue working.

You do not have to wait for the CNA training program to be announced. The courses are held throughout the year by various community colleges, nursing schools, and technical institutes.

All the training providers have the same kind of teaching methods. They will provide you technical knowledge through lectures, video demonstrations, and inviting guest speakers in the facility. Registered nurses in a long-term care facility will take practical training.

How to Become a CNA in Nebraska?

Nebraska CNAs have many job opportunities. Once they receive the certification, they can work in a variety of healthcare settings. They work closely with the healthcare team and patients to support them.

If you desire to provide care to patients, follow these instructions to become a certified nursing assistant.

Find and complete a state-approved CNA training program. It should not be less than 75 hours. The course should have classroom and practical sessions. Take guidance from the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry so that you know which training programs they approve.

When both classroom and practical training are completed, the next step is to take the certification exam. Written and practical tests are the two-part exam you have to pass to receive the certification.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses

  • Must be at least 16 years old and literate
  • Clean criminal background
  • Passing medical and drug test
  • Good ethics
  • Good communication skills
  • Optimism
  • Consistency

Approved CNA Training in Nebraska

Completing CNA training programs in Nebraska is the only way to find a quick entry into the healthcare field. Training providers in Nebraska finish off the course in a few weeks.

The courses offered are affordable, flexible, and easily approachable. Whether you are enrolling in the college or school, ensure that they are officially recognized by the Nurse Aide Registry of your state.

The classroom and practical training will teach you the basic nursing skills needed in any healthcare setting. You will learn to provide emotional and physical care to patients, communicate and encourage them to get well soon, provide CPR, medical terminology, and other necessary skills.

The length of the training program and cost is different with each training provider. Check the ones that you can afford easily and with better learning opportunities. The minimum requirement for the certification is 75 hours of training.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Sciences (DHHS) is the authority that takes care of the training modules; to qualify for the state certification exam, you must enroll in a program that is approved by this authority.

Those CNA nursing schools in Nebraska that are not approved by the DHHS are not worthy of your time and money.

Some of the well known CNA classes in Nebraska are

  • Bryan LGH College of Health Sciences in Lincoln
  • Northeast Community College of O’Neill
  • Southeast Community College in Tecumseh
  • Clarkson College in Omaha
  • Mid-Plains Community College in McCook

The training modules in these colleges ensure that they get high-quality training to pass the state certification exam easily. These are all approved by the state of Nebraska.

Free or Low Cost Approved CNA Classes in Nebraska

The list of institutes that might offer CNA training courses to the promising students in Nebraska.

Name of school Address Contact No
Central Community College – Lexington 1501 Plum Creek Parkway, PO Box 827, Lexington, NE 68850-0827 (308) 324-8480
Southeast Community College 4771 West Scott Road, Beatrice, NE 68310-7042 (402) 228-3468, (800) 233-5027
Nebraska Health Care Association 1200 Libra Drive, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512 (402) 435-3551
Bryan Health 1600 South 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68506 (402) 481-1111
Blue Valley Lutheran Homes 220 Park AvenuePO Box 166, Hebron, NE 68370 (402) 768-3900
Burwell High School 190 Street, Burwell, NE 68823, (308) 346-4150,
Heritage Care Center 909 17th Street, Fairbury, NE 68352 (402) 729-2289
Midland University 900 North Clarkson, Fremont, NE 68025 (800) 642-8382
Kimball County Manor 810 East 7th Street, Kimball, NE 69145 (308) 235-4693
Southeast Community College 8800 O Street, Lincoln, NE 68520-1299 (402) 471-3333
Crestview Care Center 1100 West First Street, Milford, NE 68405-0614 (402) 761-2261
Sunrise Country Manor P.O. Box A610 224th Road, Milford, NE 68405 (402) 761-3230
Northeast Nebraska Community College 801 East Benjamin AvenueP.O. Box 469, Norfolk, NE 68701 (402) 371-2020,
Mid-Plains Community College 1101 Halligan Drive, North Platte, NE 69101 (308) 535-3600
Clarkson College 101 South 42 Street Omaha, NE 68131 (402) 552- 3100
Metropolitan Community College P.O. Box 3777Omaha, NE 68103-0777 (402) 457-2400
Nebraska Methodist College 720 North 87th Street, Omaha, NE 68114 (402) 354-7000
QLI- Tri-Dimensional Rehabilitation 6404 North 7th Plaza, Omaha, NE 68104 (402) 573-3700
Quality CNA/CMA LLC 5437 North 103rd Street, Omaha, NE 68134 (402) 609-9583
Regional West Garden County 1100 West 2nd, Oshkosh, NE 69154 (308) 772-3283
Papillion-La Vista Night School 402 East Centennial Road, Papillion, NE 68046 (402) 898-0400
Western Nebraska Community College 1601 East 27th StreetScottsbluff, NE 69361 (308) 635-3606
Sidney Regional Medical Center—Extended Care 645 Osage Street, Sidney, NE 69162 (308) 254-5825
Johnson County Central High School 358 North 6th Street Tecumseh, NE 68450 (402) 335-3320
York General Hearthstone 2222 North Lincoln Avenue, York, NE 68467 (402) 362-6671
Bryan College of Health Sciences- Bryan West Campus 2300 South 16th StreetLincoln, NE 68502 (402) 481-1111
Southeast Community College 8800 O StreetLincoln, NE 68520-1299 (402) 471-3333
Mid-Plains Community College- North Platte Community College – South Campus 601 West State Farm RoadNorth Platte, NE 69101 (308) 535-3600,
Golden Living Center—Sidney 1435 ToledoSidney, NE 69162 (308) 254-4756
York General West View Medical Building 2319 North Lincoln Avenue, York, NE 68467 (402) 362-1444

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, CNA programs provide training for 75 hours divided into 16 hours of the clinical session and the remaining 59 hours for classroom study.

Classroom Session 59 hours
Clinical Session 16 hours
Total 75 hours

You can start working as a nursing assistant, but within 120 days of employment, you must complete the training and competency test; if you fail to do so within the stipulated time, you will not be allowed to practice further till you get certified.

What will you Learn During the CNA Program?

Classroom Session
  • Basic science and medical terminologies
  • Human body mechanism
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Primary patient care and safety
  • Basic nutrition
  • Patient and personal hygiene
  • Infection control
  • Patient’s rights and ethics of nursing
Clinical Session
  • Primary patient care and nutrition
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Room preparation
  • Re-positioning whenever required
  • Simple dressing preparation
  • Basic life support system and emergency services
  • Recognizing the vital signs of patients
  • Health chart preparation and reporting

The students also get to know how to deal with real patients, how to work in an actual clinical environment, how to communicate between the patients and doctors, how to develop intercommunication skills, how to comfort the patients in a clinical environment, how to handle and operate advanced equipment, etc.

These additional skills prove to be very useful for the students to pass the exam and become professional.

Procedure for the Nebraska CNA State Exam

Comprising a written test and clinical skills evaluation test, a certification exam can be attempted after completing the course in Nebraska.

The CNA exam’s written test section focuses on testing the candidates’ overall theoretical nursing understanding, wherein they are required to solve 50 multiple-choice questions. We have free CNA practice tests for each section of the exam here.

During the skills evaluation test, the candidates’ clinical hands-on skills are evaluated. They perform any six skills, randomly selected (from a set of 25 skills), assigned, and supervised by a proctor.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 50 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Practical Test 6 Randomly Selected Skill 25 – 40 Minutes

If you fail in any of the skills, you will be declared failed in the skills test.

Both these tests respectively require a passing score of 70% or more. Result declaration requires typically 21 days for processing, but you will be notified immediately if you fail in the exam.

Once you excel in both these exams, your name will be listed in the Nurse Aide Registry within 30 days from this exam’s successful completion.

You can give this exam at most thrice. If you fail in this exam (either in a written test or skills test or both) on your third try, you will be required to retake both the course and the certification exam in Nebraska.

Once you achieve your CNA license, you can get employed as a nurse aide in any hospital, long-term care facility, clinic, rehabilitation center, etc. in Nebraska.

To maintain your name active on the state registry, you will require renewing your license every two years. This is very important from an employment continuation point of view. For renewing a Nebraska license, all you will need is to prove that you have worked as a nurse aide, performing nursing-related responsibilities over the last two years. For more information on CNA registry and renewal process visit our this post.

How Much Does Nebraska CNA Program Cost?

You can find training costs varying from institute to institute, cost as low as $300 while others will cost you around $1400.

But if you enroll in cheap CNA classes, you have to take off all the expenses like books, uniforms, equipment for practice, exam fees, etc.

Written Exam $20
Skills Exam $32

What if you Can’t Afford the Cost?

Those who can’t afford the high paying courses can look for community colleges nearby because colleges offer courses at affordable rates.

There are many facilities run by Medicaid and Medicare across the state; these are the country’s two biggest health insurance companies. Training of the highest quality is provided at these facilities.

These facilities offer free training, and you also have the opportunity to work with one of the most respected medical facilities in the country.

Some other facilities may also provide free training if you are prepared to work for them, but you must carefully read the terms and conditions before signing the contract.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Nebraska?

As per statistics, close to 16,000 people were active on the nurse aide registry of Nebraska by the end of 2019, and there is an expected growth of 25% in employment by 2029.

So, nursing assistants’ opportunities are excellent in Nebraska, and you need not worry about finding jobs if you wish to pursue this profession.

Currently, the average salary in the state for CNAs is $21,000, which is lower than the national average, but this is bound to increase owing to the high demand. Moreover, the cost of living in the state is also low.

If you do not have work experience as a nurse aide, you can expect to earn an income of around USD 13,000 annually. Experienced candidates in this state can earn an income of USD 20,000 annually.

The income of certified nursing aide in different industries for CNA is given below.

Designation Average Annual Salary
Psychiatric Aide USD 31,000
Pediatric Care Center USD 64,000
Hospital and Nursing Home Based Aide USD 32,000
Home Health Aide USD 21,000
Personal Caregivers USD 28,000
Long Term Care Based Nursing Assistants USD 42,000

The LPN working in this state can earn an average salary of up to USD 38,000 annually.

The RN working in this state can earn an average salary of up to USD 66,000 annually.

To enroll in one of the CNA schools in Nebraska at the earliest and a rewarding career is in the offing if you play by the terms laid by the health and human services department.

What Does a CNA Do in Nebraska?

Nurse aides assist patients in basic activities like helping them eat, move them around, dressing and grooming them, and monitoring their health by taking vital signs like blood pressure and temperature.

All these duties must be performed under the instructions given by a registered nurse (RN) or a physician.

Advantages of CNA Training in Nebraska

Most of the schools and facilities offering approved training programs also provide online training courses. This facilitates the nursing education of those students who want to take approved classes but cannot afford to attend the on-campus courses.

As compared to many other states, Nebraska CNA programs are quite affordable. Trainers in the classes are very qualified and experienced; and thus, render good quality education.

The online data related to the course content is available all the time for the students. The students who take classes through the approved facilities immediately get the best of job opportunities for sure.

CNA training in Nebraska lasts for a short time and offers additional advantages along with good quality education. It is indeed a good option to choose taking classes in this state.


Just when you are about to finish your high school education, you start thinking about the various career options. You seek advice from the elders, and you may get confused because you may get a different dose of wisdom from just about everyone.

The most crucial aspect that you must consider is your likes and dislikes. Make a list of the options you have and think about the field you have a fascination with, research for the growth opportunities, and the job responsibilities.

Another important factor to consider these days is the stability that a career may provide.

One such stable and rewarding career are that of a nursing assistant. CNA schools in Nebraska are just the right starting point if you have a liking for the nursing career.

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