CNA Classes in Michigan

It was not possible until the changes brought in by the technology in the medical sector that enabled you to work with healthcare professionals without completing a relevant degree course.

Now, you can have a job and work as a team with doctors and nurses. If you have not thought it possible, you must know that Michigan CNA classes will train you to become a certified aide by the State Aide Nurse Registry and start working in the nursing industry.

The CNA course is neither complex nor does it take lots of money and time to complete it. You can finish it off in three months or a maximum of one year, depending on your chosen specialization.

The healthcare team is not complete without certified nursing assistants. There are many responsibilities to be taken care of before, during, and after the treatment.

Doctors and registered nurses cannot manage tasks all alone. They need supporting hands so that they can focus on the patients’ treatment.

The CNA course will teach you how to become handy and perform a dual role while assisting the healthcare team and providing primary care to patients.

Many affordable places are available in Michigan to enroll for the CNA course. Community colleges, vocational schools, and training institutes are easy mediums to learn nursing skills from.

All these places offer training programs that are within your reach. If you still want some cheaper options, you can enroll in the Red Cross Chapter course.

CNA classes in Michigan will offer you many chances to get employment in the medical field.

You will have the knowledge and skills with which you can decide whether you want to work in a hospital, nursing home, or long-term care facility. The only need is to complete the state-approved training and to pass the certification exam.

How to Become a CNA in Michigan?

Nursing career aspirants in Michigan have to complete the CNA classes approved by the Michigan Nurse Aide Registry. The certification status is possible only when you finish the required number of training hours and pass the competency exam.

You can start working in the healthcare industry within three months once you have enrolled in the CNA training program.

First, apply to the approved community colleges for the course.

The CNA course includes 75-hours of the classroom and practical training. Finishing this required number of training hours is compulsory to qualify for the certification exam.

When the course is complete, you will have some time for exam preparation. Practice the nursing skills in any healthcare facility your friend or relative works in.

Hundred multiple-choice questions for the written test and five clinical skills demonstrations are compulsory for passing the exam and receiving the certified status.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses

For pursuing a CNA course in Michigan, the following points will be checked, which a candidate must satisfy in any case:

  • Criminal background check
  • Passing medical and drug test

Required Skills for CNA Courses

One must possess the following skills, as it will be very beneficial for oneself to do well in a nursing assistant course:

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Optimism/patience
  • All-round consistent performance
  • Leadership/team coordination

Approved CNA Program in Michigan

The department of Community Health and the Bureau of Health Profession administers the Michigan training program.

The state has handed over the responsibility of administering the certification exam to a private company. Prometric is the company that manages the exam procedures, including the database of certified nursing assistants.

To take the CNA course in Michigan, research is essential, considering the numbers of training-providers and the course cost difference. You can save money if you seriously take efforts to find affordable training programs.

If you are not concerned about the course cost, you can enroll in the Lansing Community College if it is near your place. You can also enquire about the scholarship scheme the college offers to interested students.

The course’s main intention is to prepare you for taking the exam and work in the state with the certification. The length of the time and the number of hours is different in each community college.

Those are some of the famous institutes that offer CNA programs in Michigan.

  • American Medical Careers Nurse Aide Course in Lansing
  • Everest Institute in Kalamazoo
  • Ross Medical Education Center in Roosevelt Park
  • Great Lakes Medical Education Center in Oak Park
  • Lansing Community College
  • Mott Community College
  • Henry Ford Community College

Red Cross also offers nurse aide programs at many chapters in the state; the Red Cross programs are offered at 36 different chapters. The curriculum is recognized nationally.

All these programs have state approval, which is essential for certification.

If any of these colleges are far away from your place, you can check on the Internet or communicate with local nurse aide registry officials to find training programs near your area.

Is Free CNA Training Available in Michigan?

Many federal and private nursing educational institutions offer free CNA classes. They get an agreement signed by the students that they would work for the same facility right after their graduation, for a specific time and without pay.

This kind of system is rather beneficial for the facility as well as the students. The students can take nursing education free of cost, and the facility gets qualified and skilled nursing professionals without paying them.

At times, some facilities also offer to pay for the continuing or higher education of worthy candidates who cannot afford to pay for the classes’ fees.

Those students who do not find the cost of CNA classes affordable have an option to apply for the scholarship and funding programs run by the state.

These programs have specific requirements to be fulfilled, and usually, they are awarded only to worthy and hardworking students.

The students taking education through such programs only need to maintain their grade levels to a good point consistently.

In short, the CNA training is offered by a large number of schools and colleges in Michigan that prepare the students to become successful certified nursing assistants.

List of nursing facilities in Michigan that might present CNA classes without taking any charge:

Nursing Homes Address Contact No
Ashley Care Center 103 West Wallace Street, Ashley, Michigan 48806 (989) 847-2011
Bishop Noa Home 2900 3rd Avenue, South Escanaba, MI 49829 (906) 786-5810
LakePointe Senior Care & Rehab Center 37700 Harper Road, Clinton Township, Michigan 48036 (586) 468-0827
Aberdeen Skilled Nursing 5500 Fort StreetTrenton, MI 48183 (734) 671 – 3500
Bay Bluffs – Emmet County Medical Care Facility 750 East Main Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740 (231) 526-2161
Bay Shores Senior Care & Rehab Center 3254 East Midland RoadBay City, Michigan 48706 (989) 686-3770
Gogebic Medical Care Facility 402 North StreetWakefield, MI 49968 (906) 224-9811
Iron County Medical Care Facility 1523 US-2 Crystal Falls, Michigan 49920 (906) 875-6671
OakPointe Senior Care & Rehab Center 18901 Meyers Road, Detroit, Michigan 48235 (313) 864-8481
Oakview Medical Care Facility 1001 Diana StreetLudington, Michigan 49431 (231) 845-5185

What will you Learn During the CNA Program?

Certified nursing assistant training comprises a total of 75 hours of coursework. These 75 hours are divided into two sections viz.

Classroom instruction and supervised clinical hands-on practice. The time schedules for each of them can differ at different facilities.

The in-class session involves lectures, interactive sessions, group discussions, reading, and writing, etc.

Here, all the essential theory parts are covered very well. The students learn and understand various topics such as

The second session covers all the practical aspects of nursing. The students learn to perform and develop all the necessary nursing tasks under the guidance and supervision of course instructors and senior nurses.

Classroom Session
  • Medical terminologies
  • Human body mechanics
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Primary patient care and safety
  • Hygiene
  • Health and population education
  • Infection control
  • Basic life support systems
  • Emergency services, etc.
Clinical Session
  • Reading, writing, and speaking in English
  • Patient care and basic hygiene
  • Feeding and grooming of patients
  • Interpersonal communication between patients and doctors
  • Infection control
  • Recording of vital signs
  • Documentation of patients’ status
  • Keeping track of the physical, mental, and developmental characteristics of patients
  • Safe transfer and repositioning
  • Taking care of essential nutrition
  • Maintaining a healthy environment
  • Emergency procedures, whenever required

They acquire and practice the skills required to work as certified nurse aides. This session is conducted in a living care setting, enabling the students to get used to the clinical environment, real patients, duties of CNAs, etc.

Procedure for the Michigan CNA State Exam

Excelling in certification exams is very important to acquire a license. One can attempt this exam only after the successful completion of the course.

This exam has two sections: a written test section and clinical skills evaluation test section.

The written test includes solving 60 multiple choice questions, ensuring 70% accuracy, which is intended to examine the candidates’ overall conceptual nursing knowledge.

If a candidate wants, he/she can also give this test in viva form, although it must be correctly specified in the application form.

During the clinical skills evaluation test, a proctor randomly selects any five skills from 25 skill sets and asks the candidates to perform those skills under his/her supervision. The hands-on nursing skills of the candidates are analyzed.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 60 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skill 31 – 40 Minutes

Ensure that you perform well in both these tests, as performances in both these tests will decide your result.

Once you do well in this exam, you will get a license registered under the Michigan Nurse Aide Registry.

After getting your license, you can work as a nurse aide in any long-term care facility, nursing home, hospital, clinic, rehabilitation center, etc.

In Michigan, A candidate can apply for the certification exam thrice. If a candidate fails in either one of the parts (written test or skills evaluation test) of the exam, he/she will be required to apply for that part only.

If a candidate fails to pass in his/her third attempt, he/she will have to retake both the course and the certification exam.

To renew your license in Michigan, you will be required to submit documents claiming that you have worked for at least 8 hours as a nurse aide, carrying out nursing-specific duties over the last two years.

After every two years, renewing your license is very important as it promises your employment extension in that particular state. Make sure you renew it every two years.

How Much Does Michigan CNA Program Cost?

On average, a training program in Michigan will cost you $800 and will last for six to twelve weeks.

Skill Test $80
Registration Fee $10
Knowledge Test $35

The cost of the program and duration will vary depending on the number of hours you enroll for. Some institutes provide all the study material, supplies, and background and medical checks; such programs will charge you higher fees.

What if you Can’t Afford the Cost?

If you are currently unemployed, you can contact the state government for financial aid; as social reform, the Michigan government has many scholarship programs offered to those in need.

Even the Red Cross chapters in the state offer free training; to qualify for this program, you must have a yearly income of less than $40,000.

So for all those who are not in a position to pay for the training can seek help from the various programs in the state.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Michigan?

Nursing assistant programs in the state are for 75 hours; these are systematically divided into two parts.

The classroom study involves subjects like physiology, anatomy, communication, etc.; they last for 59 hours.

The remaining 16 hours are dedicated to practicing clinical skills to get maximum exposure to these skills.

Classroom Session 59 hours
Clinical Session 16 hours
Total 75 hours

The clinical training is supervised by a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) where basic nursing and personal care skills are taught.

Upon completing the training, you are expected to attempt the state certification exam, which has a theory and a practical paper.

You have to attempt the practical paper first at a healthcare facility where you have to exhibit three to five skills out of the 30 odd skills you are trained on.

After this, you have to clear the theory paper, which has multiple-choice questions. The passing percentage for the written test is 75%.

Once you pass the exam, you will be issued a valid license for two years, and you can apply for renewal if you have worked for at least eight hours in the two years and have no charges of patient abuse.

You should also get a refresher training of one month every year to qualify for renewal.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Michigan?

The demand for certified nursing assistants is very high in the state of Michigan.

Every year the state employs close to 1400 new nurse aides in various facilities across the state. So if you have decided to become a nursing assistant, you have indeed made the right decision.

Certified nurse assistants in Michigan earn an average annual payment of USD 24,000. The entry-level nurse assistants in this state can expect to draw payment of USD 15,000, while the experienced candidates can expect to draw payment up to USD 24,000.

The details of the nurse assistant’s average annual payment working in different industries for CNAs are mentioned below.

Designation Average Annual Payment
Psychiatric Aide USD 36,000
Pediatric Care Nurse Assistant USD 37,000
Hospital or Nursing Home Nurse Aide USD 45,000
Nurse Aides working in Long Term Care Facilities USD 25,000
Personal Caregivers USD 32,000
Home Health Aides USD 27,000

If you continue education and advance in the nursing profession, you can have a better paycheck. The average salary of an LPN is $44,000, and that of an RN is $72,000.

CNA nursing schools in Michigan provide training that is focused on giving maximum exposure to the skills part of the training so that you will be able to pass the exam quickly and prosper into your nursing career with efficiency.

Where Does CNA Work in Michigan?

Certified nursing assistants are the front line health care experts who are considered as the fundamentals of nursing.

There is a predicted increase in the demand for nursing aides or nursing assistants in various long-term care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, clinical settings, mental care centers, etc., across the state. This is one of the topmost states in need of CNAs.


Michigan has been mostly dependent on agriculture and tourism for its livelihood, and in the past decade, the automobile industry has made a significant impact on the state’s economy.

Due to the global crisis, most of these industries have suffered losses resulting in shrinking paychecks and job cuts.

But the healthcare industry has not suffered due to the crisis; in fact, there has been a steady growth in the field, and now it is flourishing even more.

So if you are one of those who have experienced job cuts, you can enroll in one of the CNA nursing schools in Michigan and start a career in the healthcare profession.

A certified nursing assistant provides primary healthcare services to patients under the control of a registered nurse and does all the allied duties delegated to him/ her.

It is a starting level job in the nursing profession, and you have to get trained in CNA classes in Michigan to provide professional service.

If you think you have the finesse to be a nurse, this profession can give you perfect judgment about advancing into a full-time nursing career.

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