CNA Classes in Michigan

CNA training is an essential step in the nursing profession. If you are interested in becoming a CNA, it’s important to find out what the requirements are for your state and how much classes will cost. This article will provide information on Michigan’s CNA training requirements, length of class time, costs, and more.

CNA Training Classes in Michigan

CNA Classes are available at both on-campus and online schools that offer certification programs in Michigan. Evening classes are offered for those who work during the day, as well as weekend classes to accommodate working parents.

Here are some approved institutes that offer CNA programs in Michigan.

  • American Medical Careers Nurse Aide Course in Lansing
  • Everest Institute in Kalamazoo
  • Ross Medical Education Center in Roosevelt Park
  • Great Lakes Medical Education Center in Oak Park
  • Lansing Community College
  • Mott Community College
  • Henry Ford Community College
  • Red Cross CNA Training Program

Where can you Find Free CNA Training in Michigan?

There are different avenues for becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant. First, you can contact your local hospital or nursing home to see if they offer CNA training. If they don’t, they may know a place in the area that offers it professionally. You can also find out about reimbursement from Medicaid and any other state programs.

You can also contact a company that teaches Certified Nursing Assistants – usually this is done through community centers and non-profits in low-income areas (although some higher end hotels offer CNA training). Lastly, Armed Force sometimes allow military members to train as CNAs before returning to duty by providing CNA training on site or reimbursing expenses incurred for courses taken off site.

Here is a list of nursing facilities in Michigan that free CNA classes:

Nursing Homes Address Contact No
Ashley Care Center 103 West Wallace Street, Ashley, Michigan 48806 (989) 847-2011
Bishop Noa Home 2900 3rd Avenue, South Escanaba, MI 49829 (906) 786-5810
LakePointe Senior Care & Rehab Center 37700 Harper Road, Clinton Township, Michigan 48036 (586) 468-0827
Aberdeen Skilled Nursing 5500 Fort StreetTrenton, MI 48183 (734) 671 – 3500
Bay Bluffs – Emmet County Medical Care Facility 750 East Main Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740 (231) 526-2161
Bay Shores Senior Care & Rehab Center 3254 East Midland RoadBay City, Michigan 48706 (989) 686-3770
Gogebic Medical Care Facility 402 North StreetWakefield, MI 49968 (906) 224-9811
Iron County Medical Care Facility 1523 US-2 Crystal Falls, Michigan 49920 (906) 875-6671
OakPointe Senior Care & Rehab Center 18901 Meyers Road, Detroit, Michigan 48235 (313) 864-8481
Oakview Medical Care Facility 1001 Diana StreetLudington, Michigan 49431 (231) 845-5185

How to Become a CNA in Michigan?

If you want to become a CNA in Michigan, there are few steps that must be completed and met. You’ll need to select a program, meet prerequisites, complete the course of study for CNA training with your employer’s guidance, take and pass the exam and get licensed.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses in Michigan

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Have a high school diploma (Optional)
  • Having good communication skills (Both reading and writing)
  • Passing a criminal history check
  • Having a negative two-step TB test
  • Having a physical exam report
  • Having Current immunization records

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Michigan?

CNA programs in Michigan are for 75 hours; these are systematically divided into two parts. The classroom study last for 59 hours. The remaining 16 hours are dedicated to practicing clinical skills.

Classroom Session 59 hours
Clinical Session 16 hours
Total 75 hours

What You Will Learn During The Training?

CNA coursework is divided into two sections, Classroom instruction and supervised clinical hands-on practice. The in-class session involves lectures, interactive sessions, group discussions, reading and writing while the second section covers all practical aspects of nursing including performing tasks under guidance from instructors/senior nurses.

Classroom Session
  • Medical terminologies
  • Human body mechanics
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Primary patient care and safety
  • Hygiene
  • Health and population education
  • Infection control
  • Basic life support systems
  • Emergency services, etc.
Clinical Session
  • Reading, writing, and speaking in English
  • Patient care and basic hygiene
  • Feeding and grooming of patients
  • Interpersonal communication between patients and doctors
  • Infection control
  • Recording of vital signs
  • Documentation of patients’ status
  • Keeping track of the physical, mental, and developmental characteristics of patients
  • Safe transfer and repositioning
  • Taking care of essential nutrition
  • Maintaining a healthy environment
  • Emergency procedures, whenever required

Procedure for The Michigan CNA Certification Exam

After completing the coursework, one can take the certification exam. The written test has 60 multiple choice questions and requires 70% accuracy; candidates may also give this in viva form. During the clinical skills evaluation – which is randomly selected from 25 skill sets-the proctor will provide feedback on your performance for each of five different assessments they conduct with you.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 60 Multiple Choice 90 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skill 31 – 40 Minutes

Michigan CNA exam costs are as follows:

Skill Test $80
Registration Fee $10
Knowledge Test $35

How Much Does Michigan CNA Program Cost?

In Michigan, a CNA program will cost you around $800. The duration and the number of hours enrolled for varies depending on what institute is chosen. Some institutes provide all study material, supplies and background checks while others charge higher fees when providing these necessities to students who enroll in their programs as well as those who don’t want them included with the price they’re paying up front.

Is Financial Aid Available for CNA Program in Michigan?

Yes, there are financial aid programs for those who want to become CNAs. Community colleges offer grants and scholarships, as well as the potential for low-cost loans. Financial aid is also available at hospitals where students may work during their course of study to get hands-on experience This will help them find a job as a CNA once they have finished their training.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Michigan?

Nursing assistants in Michigan make $31,220 a year on average. Entry-level nursing assistants can expect to start at around 25K and experienced candidates can earn up to 45K annually based upon their experience level.

The details of the nurse assistant’s average annual payment working in different industries for CNAs are mentioned below.

Designation Average Annual Payment
Psychiatric Aide USD 36,000
Pediatric Care Nurse Assistant USD 37,000
Hospital or Nursing Home Nurse Aide USD 45,000
Nurse Aides working in Long Term Care Facilities USD 25,000
Personal Caregivers USD 32,000
Home Health Aides USD 27,000

In this post, we’ve provided an overview of Michigan’s CNA training requirements and costs in order to help you make informed decisions about what path is best suited to meet your needs. We hope that our information has been helpful. To learn more visit our CNA FAQ post or contact us with any questions at