CNA Training Classes in Maryland

Are you looking for a CNA training school in Maryland? There are many programs that offer this course, but not all of them will provide the same experience. It is important to find out what your needs are and see if the program can meet those needs before enrolling. This blog post will answer questions about requirements, cost, length of time needed for completion, and other factors so you can make an informed decision.

CNA Training Courses in Maryland

There are a few options for courses in Maryland, including offline courses, online classes, and evening/weekend classes.

There are many types of CNA programs available for those who are first-time or need to complete updates to their license each year. But where should you look? For those looking for the convenience of an online course, there’s plenty. However, if you’re looking for an in-person experience with instructors on-site as well as hands-on practice with one of our study partners, then you might want to choose an offline program or one offered at a community college that offers weekend or evening CNA training all year long.

Those are some of the popular CNA training centers in the state.

  • JHU the Baltimore community college
  • Julia Manor Healthcare Center in Hagerstown
  • Kent Island High School in Stevensville
  • American School of Allied Health in Wheaton

The Baltimore chapter also offers the Red Cross CNA training program.

Where can you Find Free CNA training in Maryland?

You can find Free CNA Training at the hospital nearest to you. Nursing homes often offer free CNA training and can be an excellent opportunity to make connections with people who have already been through it all. Your employer may also offer continuing education benefits that could pay for your training. They will usually want some paperwork from you so it’s best to ask about this right away so there won’t be any surprises when it comes time to submit them. Reimbursement from the Armed Forces, or Federal or State grants are another possibilities. Oftentimes these programs come with stipulations but they’re worth looking into.

Below is a list of Nursing homes in Maryland that offers free CNA training:

Nursing Homes Address Contact No
Charles E. Smith Life Communities 6121 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD 20852-4803 (301) 881-0300
Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center of Frederick 1920 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21702 (240) 772-9200
Ginger Cove 4000 River Crescent Drive, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 (410) 266-7300
Glen Meadows 11630 Glen Arm Road, Glen Arm, MD 21057 (410) 319-5000
Laurelwood Care Center at Elkton 100 Laurel DriveElkton, MD 21921 (410) 398-8800
Maplewood Park Place 9707 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20814 (301) 530-0500
Alice Manor 2095 Rockrose AvenueBaltimore, MD 21211 (410) 889-9700
Althea Woodland 1000 Daleview Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901 (301) 434-2646
Asbury Solomons 11100 Asbury Circle, Solomons, MD 20688 (410) 394-3000
Caroline Nursing & Rehab 520 Kerr Avenue, Denton, Maryland 21629 (410) 479-2130

How to Become a CNA in Maryland?

You can become a CNA in Maryland by meeting the requirements of the training programs, completing your CNA training under these programs, and then passing the CNA certification examination.

Prerequisites for CNA Courses in Maryland

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Good communication skills (Both reading and writing)
  • Passing a criminal history check
  • Having a negative two-step TB test
  • Having a physical exam report
  • Having Current immunization records

What You Will Learn During The Training?

CNA training is divided into two sessions which are classroom and clinical. In a classroom setting, students will learn various nursing skills through handouts and lectures. They get actual hands-on experience in clinical practice where they are able to apply their knowledge of health care settings as well as interact with real patients. In the process, they develop both medical communication and diagnostic skills while mastering the advanced equipment that is used in hospitals today.

Classroom Session
  • Basic patient care and safety
  • Basic nutrition
  • Health and hygiene
  • Ethics of nursing
  • Taking vital signs
  • How to look after the patients with specific disorders
  • How to deal with age-specific patient care
  • Basic life support systems (BLS)
  • Emergency services, etc.
Clinical Session
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Applying knee-high elastic stockings
  • Bedpan assistance
  • Ambulation using a transfer belt
  • Denture cleaning
  • Recording a radial pulse
  • Counting and recording respirations
  • Dressing clients with weak or injured arms
  • Feeding patients
  • Assisting with bed baths
  • Recording and measurement of the patient or client blood pressure, weight, and urinary output
  • Patient side positioning
  • Foot care
  • Providing mouth care
  • Perineal care
  • Moving the patient from a wheelchair to a bed using a transfer belt

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Maryland?

Maryland Board of Nursing requires a minimum 100 hours CNA training program. Classroom sessions should be 60 hours, and the rest are 40 clinical session time.

Classroom Session 60 hours
Clinical Session 40 hours
Total 100 hours

Procedure for The CNA State Exam

After completing your CNA training, you can take the state exam to get certified. The test is separated into two parts: a 75 question multiple-choice section that needs to both be finished within 90 minutes. On the other hand, practical skills consist of 3 or 4 selected tests which will require 40 mins in total. Here we have Free practice questions and answers similar to what you’ll see on the real exam.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 70 Multiple Choice 120 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skill 25 Minutes

Maryland CNA exam costs are as follows:

Written exam $35
Oral exam $35
Skills exam $70

How Much Does Maryland CNA Program Cost?

The cost of CNA training can be from $500 to $1500. The low fee training usually does not provide supplies, uniforms, etc… In contrast those who charge higher amounts offer background checks and medical examinations as well as other perks like a uniform or supplies.

Is Financial Aid Available for CNA Program in Maryland?

There are many scholarships and grants available for students seeking a career in the medical field. Grants can be applied to CNA training, depending on how well you qualify. Colleges such as Anne Arundel Community College offer financial aid packages for those who meet eligibility requirements. One helpful way to find out if a particular school offers financial aid is by checking their website or giving them a call when they open at 8am EST.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Maryland?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The average CNA salary in Maryland is $15.60 a hour or $32,450 a year. Entry-level candidates can expect around $25,000 whereas experienced candidates could make up to about $45,0000 yearly.

Following is a list of average CNA salaries in Maryland working in different industries:

Designation Average Annual Income
Psychiatric Aide USD 38,000
Pediatric Care Nurse Assistant USD 39,000
Hospital or Nursing Home Nurse Aide USD 47,000
Nurse Aides working in Long Term Care Facilities USD 26,000
Personal Caregivers USD 34,000
Home Health Aides USD 29,000

Now that you have a better understanding of how CNA courses work, we hope you feel more confident in your ability to make an informed decision. If there are any questions left unanswered from this post, please check out our FAQ page for answers or contact us with additional inquiries.