CNA Classes in Maine – Complete Guide

The fast-paced environment and technology advancement have made many things easier for job seekers as well as employers.

Few years ago, you would have to wait for years to become a professional in areas of your interests. It was mandatory to do a degree course that would go on for years. Moreover, it would also have cost huge money, and great efforts in learning those skills.

Now, you have many options to choose from and make a career decision. There are certification-training programs that can be completed in less time and less money as compare to degree course. If you want to know how to secure your career by spending less money and time, then you should enroll in Maine CNA Classes.

The Maine CNA classes are planned in such a way that the healthcare employers can accept you without any conditions. Though the federal government has the last say in the certification requirements, all states still have rights to decide the conduction of CNA training program.

In addition to following the federal requirements, all states can have their own ways in fixing the number of training hours, age, qualification, and course cost for the CNA certification.

Considering the demand of certified nursing assistants, each state has made it possible for interested people in following a nursing career.

Unlike the shortage of nursing professionals in the health sectors, there are tremendous resources available in receiving the training if you are living in Maine.

However, the course duration, costs, application process will differ in each school, college, and training institute. If you need a career that can allow you to meet your family expenses and save something for your retirement, you must enroll in Maine CNA classes.

Within few months and investing few hundred dollars for the course, you will make a room for yourself in the medical industry.

How to Become a CNA in Maine?

The rules in becoming a CNA in Maine are the same as in other states. You have to enroll in a training program, complete the requisite numbers of training hours both classroom and practical, challenge the exam after finishing the course, and earn at least 70% marks for the certification.

After passing, you can apply to the Maine Nurse Aide Registry for registration so that you can start working as a certified nursing assistant.

The Maine State allows you to work in nursing homes even if you are not registered with the Registry.

However, at the time of employment, you must show the employers that you are taking the training program, and will produce the certification within four months from the start of joining date. If you fail to submit it in this allotted period, you will not be able to continue your job.

CNA Training Program in Maine

Numbers of training resources are available in Maine for people wanting to take the nursing career. If you are using the Internet to find such programs, you will see various schools, colleges, institutes and nursing homes offering the training program.

In some schools, you will discover that the training is given for 200 hours, whereas, in others it will be for 180 hours. You must consider the reputation of the training-provider before enrolling in the course. The important thing to check at the time of enrollment is the approval from the state.

The best training center is the Maine Medical Center situated in Portland, Maine. In this hospital, you can learn advanced nursing skills that are prominent part of the job.

There is a job guarantee if you are taking the training in this hospital, since there is a tie-up between Portland Adult Education and Maine Medical Center.

Here, the training is given for 200 hours. However, considering the reputation of this hospital, the time spent is worth. For more information on the CNA training program, visit the Local state Nursing Aide website.

Free or Low Cost CNA Classes in Maine

  • Birch Grove Rehabilitation and Living Center
    Contact Number: (207) 487-3182
    Address: – 18, Leighton Street, Pittsfield, Maine- 04967
  • Borderview Rehabilitation and Living Center
    Contact Number: 207-868-5211
    Address: – 90, State Street, Van Buren, Maine-04785
  • Brentwood Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (207) 846-9021
    Address: – 370, Portland Street, Yarmouth, Maine-04096
    Fax: (207) 846-1497
  • Brewer Rehabilitation & Living
    Contact Number: (207) 989-7300
    Address: – 74, Parkway South, Brewer, Maine-04412
  • Colonial Health Care
    Contact Number: (207) 794-6534
    Address: – Workman Terrace, Lincoln, Maine-04457
    Fax: (207) 794-2173
    Official Website: rosscare.org
  • Country Manor Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (207) 549-7471
    Address: – 132, Main Street, Coopers Mills, Maine- 04341
    Fax: (207) 549-3617
  • Courtland Rehabilitation and Living Center
    Contact Number: (207) 667-9036
    Address: – 42, Bucksport Road, Ellsworth, Maine-04605
    Fax: (207) 667-3681
  • Evergreen Manor
    Contact Number: (207) 282-5161
    Address: – 328, North Street, Saco, Maine- 04072
  • Falmouth by the Sea
    Contact Number: (207) 781-4714
    Address: – 191, Foreside Road, Falmouth, Maine-04105
    Fax: (207) 781-7356
    E-mail ID: admin@falmouthsea.com
    Official Website: falmouthsea.com
  • Fieldcrest Manor
    Contact Number: (207) 832-5343
    Address: – 126, Depot Street, Waldoboro, Maine-04572
    Fax: (207) 832-4757
  • Forest Hill Manor
    Contact Number: (207) 834-3915
    Address: – 25, Bolduc Avenue, Fort Kent, Maine-04743
  • Freeport Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (207) 865-4713
    Address: – 3, East Street, Freeport, Maine-04032
  • Fryeburg Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (207) 935-3351
    Address: – 77, Fairview Dr, Fryeburg, Maine-04037
    Fax: (207) 935-2454
  • Gardiner Health Care Facility
    Contact Number: (207) 532-6085, (207) 532-3323, (207) 532-1560
    Address: – 8, Holland Street, Houlton, Maine-04730
  • Gorham House
    Contact Number: (207) 839-5757
    Address: – 50, New Portland Road, Gorham, Maine-04038
    Fax: (207) 839-8263
    E-mail ID: information@gorhamhouse.com
    Official Website: gorhamhouse.com
  • Maplecrest Rehabilitation and Living Center
    Contact Number: (207) 696-8225
    Address: – 174, Main Street, Madison, Maine-04950
  • Market Square Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (207) 743-7086
    Address: – 3, Market Square, South Paris, Maine-04281
    Fax: (207) 743-2395
  • Marshall Health Care & Rehabilitation 
    Contact Number: (207) 255-3387
    Address: – High Street Ext B, Machias, Maine-04654
  • Marshwood Center for Healthcare
    Contact Number: (207) 784-0108
    Address: – 33, Roger Street, Lewiston, Maine-04240
    Fax: (207) 784-0752
  • Presque Isle Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (207) 764-0145
    Address: – 162, Academy Street, Presque Isle, Maine-04769
  • Riverridge
    Contact Number: (207) 985-3030
    Address: – 79, Cat Mousam Road, Kennebunk, Maine-04043
    Fax: (207) 985-6428
  • Robinsons Health Care Facility
    Contact Number: (207) 582-6250
    Address: – 284, Brunswick Avenue, Gardiner, Maine- 04345
    Fax: (207) 582-6008
  • Ross Manor
    Contact Number: (207) 941-8400
    Address: – 758, Broadway, Bangor, Maine-04401
    Email ID: adminross@firstatlantic.com
    Official Website:  www.ross-manor.com/
  • Rumford Community Home
    Contact Number: (207) 364-7863
    Address: Sunnyside Terrace, Rumford, Maine-04276

CNA Certification Requirements in Maine

Getting a certification in Maine will require you to complete 180-hours of CNA training program approved by the state Aide Nurse Registry.

You have to participate in the classroom lectures, laboratory instructions, and gain hands-on experience by providing nursing care to patients in any healthcare facility.

No matter which town or city you belong to, you can enroll in many training schools and institutes throughout the state. Moreover, finding them is as simple as the course itself.

After completing 180-hours of training, you are required to submit few papers to allow the local registry in finding you eligible for the certification exam. Name, contact address, numbers, and a social security number will help the registry in identifying you.

Further, you need to make checking your background possible to the registry by submitting fingerprints. In addition, proof about completing the training, good physical and mental status is also required to appear for the exam.

If you are looking for a nursing career, enroll in Maine CNA classes and complete 180-hours of training. To challenge the exam, you have to submit few papers that can prove you have completed the course and are free of criminal records, and diseases.

The CNA course will ensure you an immediate employment and better salary package once the Maine Nurse Aide Registry certifies you.

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