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Nursing profession has gained tremendous popularity in these recent years. The U.S. Labor Bureau has predicted that there will be a significant rise in the demand of healthcare professionals from the starting of 2016 until the end of 2026.

Any person willing to become a registered nurse or a certified nursing aide will surely secure their lives by entering in the medical field.

If you are about to complete your high school and need suggestions for your career, we recommend you to join Louisiana CNA classes. The classes will guide you on how to take up the nursing career in the healthcare industry.

Since enrolling in the CNA classes is the first step towards building a medical career, you should know about the job descriptions of a certified nursing assistant. Certified nursing assistants work in a variety of settings.

They are needed in hospitals, nursing homes, aged home and any place where beds are kept for patients’ treatments.

They will lend helping hands to the medical team such as doctors, and registered nurses during the treatment by performing preparatory work. In addition, they will also work to provide basic nursing care to patients.

How to Become a CNA in Louisiana?

Certified nursing assistant or CNA as known in most of the U.S. States provide nursing care to

  • Patients in long-term facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Public or private clinics
  • Hospitals and facilities where patients can stay and take treatment

Nursing assistants help patients in managing daily tasks that are otherwise impossible due to illness. The regular activity includes

  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • Changing beds
  • Assisting with toilet

Many responsibilities nursing assistants have to fulfill are possible only when you have attended the training program. Therefore, to become a CNA in Louisiana, you have to take the training. The state has mandated 80 hours of CNA training to qualify for the exam.

The 80-hour training is divided in two parts, classroom and clinical instruction. You will be receiving the classroom training by registered nurses and guest speakers. Reading materials, home works, video demonstration, etc. will be the part of classroom instructions.

A test is compulsory upon completion of the course. Seventy percent is the passing mark for the written and practical test.

The nurse aide registry will register you when you have passed the exam. Those who are not able to clear in the first attempt can reappear for the exam within three months after the course is completed.

CNA Training Program in Louisiana

The healthcare industry in Louisiana is looking for qualified and trained nursing assistants to take care of residents. The right time to take the training is after graduating from the high school.

CNA training program is offered for 80 hours. Equal hours of classroom and practical instruction are part of the training program.

The classroom training will be provided on the campus where you have enrolled in. Practical instruction is given in a nursing home or hospital. The registered nurses will look after the practical training.

Many hospitals and nursing homes sponsor the CNA training program if you accept to work with them according to their terms. The last step in becoming a CNA is to clear the exam.

Answer the multiple-choice questions and demonstrate minimum five practical skills to the instructor in order to pass the exam. Apply for the registration process, once you have passed the exam.

Louisiana Free or Low Cost Nursing Assistant Classes

List of institute which might give you Free or Low Cost Nursing Assistant Training

  • Avoyelles Manor Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (318) 922-3404
    Address: – 5682, Highway 107 South, Dupont, Louisiana-71329
    Fax: (318) 922-3680
    E-mail ID: amnhome@yahoo.com
    Official Website: amnhome.com
  • Azalea Villa Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (337) 364-5472
    Address: – 1306, West Admiral Doyle Dr, New Iberia, Louisiana-70560
  • Baptist Retirement Center
    Contact Number: (318) 263-9581
    Address: – 1355, Sixth Street, Arcadia, Louisiana-71001
    Fax: (318) 263-8784
  • Basile Care Center
    Contact Number: (337) 432-6663
    Address: – 2907, East Schambers, Basile, Louisiana-70515
    Fax: (337) 432-6664
  • Baton Rouge Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (225) 774-2141
    Address: – 5550 Thomas Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-70811
    Fax: (225) 774-2143
    E-mail ID: rbauder@commcare.com
    Official Website: brhealthcarecenter.com
  • Eden Gardens Nursing Center
    Contact Number: (318) 865-0261
    Address: – 7923, Line Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana-71106
    Fax: (318) 865-5758
  • Eunice Manor
    Contact Number: (337) 457-2681
    Address: – 3859, Highway 190, Eunice, Louisiana-70535
    Fax: (337) 457-0728
    Official Website: eunicemanor.com
  • Evangeline Oaks Guest House
    Contact Number: (337) 896-9227
    Address: – 240, Arceneaux Road, Carencro, Louisiana-70520
    Fax: (337) 896-0801
    E-mail ID: info@evangelineoaks.com
    Official Website: evangelineoaks.com
  • Fair Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (318) 793-2368
    Address: – 1818, Highway 121, Hineston, Louisiana-71438
    Fax: (318) 793-2039
  • Fernandez Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (504)682-0131
    Address: – 2725, Bayou Road, St. Bernard, Louisiana-70085
  • Louisiana Guest House, Baton
    Contact Number: (225) 356-0644
    Address: – 7414, Sumrall Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-70812
  • Luling Living Center
    Contact Number: (985) 785-8271
    Address: – 1125, Paul Maillard Road, Luling, Louisiana-70070
    Fax: (985) 785-9944
  • Lutheran Home, New Orleans
    Contact Number: (504) 246-7900
    Address: – 6400, Hayne Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana-70126
    Fax: (504) 246-6570
  • M.Mcgregor Jones Health Center
    Contact Number: (504) 486-1235
    Address: – 3316, Pine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana-70125
  • Madison Parish Home for Aged
    Contact Number: (318) 574-1541
    Address: – 701, North Chestnut Street, Tallulah, Louisiana-71282
    Fax: (318) 574-0554
  • Magnolia Estates
    Contact Number: (337) 216-0950
    Address: – 1511, Dulles Drive, Lafayette, Louisiana-70506
    Fax: (337) 216-0944
  • Magnolia Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (318) 868-4421
    Address: – 1411, Claiborne Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana- 71103
    Fax: (318) 868-4431
  • Olive Branch Senior Care
    Contact Number: (318) 574-8111
    Address: – 32, Crothers Drive, Tallulah, Louisiana-71282
  • Ollie Steele Burden Manor
    Contact Number: (225) 926-0091
    Address: – 4200, Essen Lane, Baton Rouge, Louisiana-70809
  • Opelousas General Hospital Snf.
    Contact Number: (337) 948-3011
    Address: – 520, Prudhomme Lane, Opelousas, Louisiana-70570
  • Ormond Nursing and Care Center
    Contact Number: (985) 764-1793
    Address: – 22, Plantation Road, Destrehan, Louisiana-70047
    Fax: (985) 764-1374
    E-mail ID: treeves@asimgt.com
    Official Website: ormondnursing.com
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Med Center Sn.
    Contact Number: (337) 289-2000, (337) 232-1480
    Address: – 611, St. Landry Street, Lafayette, Louisiana-70506
  • Our Lady of Prompt Succor Nf.
    Contact Number: (337) 948-3634
    Address: – 954, East Prudhomme Lane, Opelousas, Louisiana-70570
    Official Website: promptsuccor.com

You will have many advantages by doing the Louisiana CNA classes. For that, you have to take immediate action and enroll yourself in any state-approved training program that you can afford.

In the state, you will find the course in various schools, colleges, and occupational training institutes.

You have to ensure that school or institute you are taking admission in holds an official permission from the Department of Health and Hospitals of the state.

The safest way to confirm the approval status is to take admission in the training program offered by the Red Cross Chapter of Louisiana. This will ensure that you are ready to challenge the CNA competency exam after completing the course.

CNA Certification Requirements in Louisiana

The major requirement for the certification is that the training you take from must have an accreditation by the the state’s Department of Health and Hospitals.

The classroom instructions will cover the topics such as

  • Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry, etc.

Another requirement for the certification is the hands-on training. You need to do the clinical practice in actual healthcare settings the training provider has a contract with. You must complete 40 hours of clinical training in a hospital or nursing home.

To enroll in the CNA classes, you are required to produce proof of your age, education and immunization certification. Further, clean background record against abuse, crime and other offense is also required for the certification exam.

Louisiana CNA classes are easy to find and enroll in. You have many options to do the training.

There are community colleges, schools, and institutes to choose from, offering online and traditional training.

Louisiana Red Cross Chapter is the best options if you are unable to find approved training programs. You just have to be 18 years of age, hold a high school diploma, and a clean criminal background.

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