Nursing Assistant Classes in Louisiana

The nursing profession has gained tremendous popularity in recent years—the U.S. The Labor Bureau has predicted that there will be a significant rise in the demand for healthcare professionals from the starting of 2019 until the end of 2029.

Any person willing to become a registered nurse or a certified nursing aide will surely secure their lives by entering the medical field. If you are about to complete your high school and need suggestions for your career, we recommend you to join Louisiana CNA classes. The classes will guide you on how to take up a nursing career in the healthcare industry.

Since enrolling in the CNA classes is the first step towards building a medical career, you should know about the details of CNA classes. Here in this article, we will cover details of CNA classes in Louisiana and how you can become a certified nurse in the state, Read more for the details.

Prerequisites for Nurse Aide Courses

  • High school diploma or GED holder (recommended)
  • Clean criminal background
  • Passing medical and drug test
  • Good mannerism
  • Excellent and practical communication skills
  • Calmness
  • Optimism and consistency

Approved CNA Training Program in Louisiana

Louisiana CNA classes are easy to find and enroll in. You have many options to do the training. There are many community colleges, schools, and institutes to choose from, offering online and traditional training.

You will have many advantages by doing the CNA classes. For that, you have to take immediate action and enroll yourself in any state-approved training program that you can afford. You have to ensure that the school or institute you are taking admission in holds official permission from the Department of Health and Hospitals of the state.

Those are some of the most sought after programs in the state.

  • Advance Healthcare Institute in Baton Rouge
  • Sowela Technical Community College in Lake Charles
  • Louisiana Technical College in Ruston
  • Delgado Community College Nursing Assistant Course in New Orleans
  • River Parishes Community College Nurse Aide Program in Sorrento

Moreover, The Red Cross CNA programs have a reputation across the country are also offered at the Baton Rouge chapter in Louisiana.

Free CNA Training in Louisiana

Usually, the training for certified nurse aide is relatively affordable; but the state offers specific scholarship programs for the students who cannot afford to pay the fees. This financial aid helps such students to take their education for a bright career.

There are many free CNA classes, too, provided that the students must agree to work for the same facility immediately after they graduate. In such cases, the students can take the exam without paying for the fees.

They also get a job right after their graduation at the same facility. The facility has the benefit of getting qualified and skilled nursing professionals without paying them. A few facilities also allow the students to start working as nurse aides at the health care centers while completing their CNA training. Such students can complete the course work and simultaneously, the working experience along with earning.

List of the institute which might give you Free Nursing Assistant Training

Nursing Homes Address Contact No.
Avoyelles Manor Nursing Home 5682 Highway, 107 South Plaucheville, LA 71329 (318) 922-3404
Baton Rouge Health Care Center 5550 Thomas Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70811 (225) 774-2141
Evangeline Oaks Guest House 240 Arceneaux Road, Carencro, LA 70520 (337)896-9227
Opelousas General Health System 539 East Prudhomme Street, Opelousas, LA 70570-6499 (337) 948-3011
Ormond Nursing & Care Center 22 Plantation Drive Destrehan, LA 70047-3103 (985)764-1793
Our Lady of Prompt Succor Nursing Home and C’est la Vie Independent Living Center 954 East Prudhomme Street, Opelousas, LA 70570 (337)948-3634
Acadia St Landry Guest Home 830 South Broadway Street, Church Point, LA 70525 (337) 684-6316
Ferncrest Manor Living Center 14500 Hayne Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana 70128 (504) 246-1426
Jeff Davis Living Center LLC 1338 North Cutting Avenue, Jennings, LA 70546-4202 (888) 364-4211
Pointe Coupee Healthcare 1820 False River DriveNow Roads, LA 70760 (225)638-4431
Southwind Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 804 Crowley Rayne Highway, Crowley, LA‎ (337) 783-2740

What will you Learn During The Training?

Louisiana board divided the CNA training program into two parts. Those are Classroom and clinical sessions.

In classrooms, the students get to learn and understand all the theory topics. They get the handouts on the course material, attend organized lectures, interactive sessions, group discussions, etc. All these cover the theory very well. The practical session includes actual hands-on practice of the clinical tasks of a certified nurse aide.

In clinical sessions, the students acquire and develop clinical skills under senior nurses and course instructors’ guidance.

Classroom Session
  • Human body mechanism
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Basic science
  • Medical terminologies
  • Infection control
  • Basic patient care
  • Basic nutrition
  • Ethics of nursing
Clinical Session
  • Basic patient care
  • Feeding and medication
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Room preparation
  • Preparing simple dressing
  • Providing with bedpan and catheter care
  • Helping the patients to stand up and move
  • Taking vital signs and reporting to the doctors
  • Keeping health updates in the form of charts

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA in Louisiana?

A typical training program for certified nursing assistants comprises 80 hours, out of which 40 hours are given for the theory classroom instruction, while the remaining 40 hours are provided for the practical session or hands-on clinical practice. They will get enough time to practice their skills. If you need to practice before the exam, visit our free CNA practice guide here.

The equal time allotment indicates a similar focus on both aspects of nursing. It is always recommended that the students be high school diploma holders or possess a GED (general educational development) test proof to enroll in the CNA training.

Classroom Session 40 hours
Clinical Session 40 hours
Total 80 hours

Who Will Teach You?

You will be receiving the CNA training from registered nurses and guest speakers. Reading materials, home works, video demonstrations, etc. will be part of classroom instructions.

Procedure for the CNA State Exam

If you complete a certified CNA course from Louisiana, you will take a certification exam. This exam contains two sections, i.e., a written test section and clinical skills analysis test section. Passing in both these tests is obligatory to become certified. The candidate’s nursing-related understanding is analyzed during the written test based on his/her performance in answering 70 multiple choice questions.

Exam Type Question Type Given Time
Written Test 70 Multiple Choice 120 Minutes
Practical Test 5 Randomly Selected Skill 25 Minutes

A candidate can give this test in the oral format if he/she is not willing to take this test in written English, but it must be highlighted in the application form before taking the test.

During the skills analysis test, the candidate’s nursing-specific handling style is analyzed when he/she performs any five skills, arbitrarily selected and moderated by the supervisor.

Once you perform well in this exam, you will get a CNA license recognized by the Nurse Aide Registry, thereby providing you with the esteem to work anywhere as a nursing assistant in any nursing home, hospital, clinic, long-term care facility, care center, rehabilitation center, etc.

After every two years, renewing your license is highly essential, as this is the only thing that guarantees one’s employment extension in that particular state.

This renewal service is free of cost. To renew your license in the state, you will have to prove your employment as a CNA, performing nursing-related duties for at least 8 hours over that same period.

How Much Does Louisiana CNA Training Cost?

Nurse aide training cost in Louisiana will be anything between $600 and $1600; you must check for the cost’s details with the program coordinator.

Most of the cheap programs cover only for the tuition fee, and the other expenses like supplies, uniforms, study material, exam fees, background, and medical checks are your responsibilities. The costlier programs cover all the costs in their payments. The certification exam fee is various across the state, but it would be around $120.

How Much Does a CNA Make in Louisiana?

Currently, the state has more than 25,000 active nurse aide licenses, and the demand is very high. The number of people employed as nursing assistants is more than what the fishing industry employs; earlier, fishing was the state’s second-biggest employer.

The average nursing assistant salary in Louisiana is around USD 20,000 to USD 21,500 per year. The entry-level candidates can expect a remuneration of about USD 18,000 per year.

Listed below is the average annual salary of a CNA in Louisiana.

Designation Average Annual Remuneration
Psychiatric Aide USD 30,000
Pediatric Care Aide USD 31,000
Nurse Aide working in Long Term Care USD 38,000
Hospital and Nursing Home Nursing Assistants USD 38,000
Long Term Care CNA USD 26,000
Personal Caregivers USD 27,000
Home Health Aides USD 23,000

Taking this in mind, the average salary of CNA is sustainable as the cost of living in the state is not very high. CNA schools in Louisiana give quality training to the students who enroll in their programs to crack the state exam and start working as nurse aides at the earliest.

Where Does CNA Work in Louisiana?

  • Patients in long-term facilities
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Public or private clinics
  • Hospitals and facilities where patients can stay and take treatment

What Does CNA Do in Louisiana?

Nursing assistants help patients in managing daily tasks that are otherwise impossible due to illness.

The regular activity includes:

  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • Changing beds
  • Assisting with toilet

Many responsibilities nursing assistants have to fulfill are possible only when you have attended the training program. Therefore, to become a CNA in Louisiana, you have to take the training.


The nursing profession’s popularity is rising because of the growing demand directly proportional to the United States’ ever-increasing elderly population. But Registered Nurses (RN) cannot bear the entire workload that their profession demands; thus, there is a need for assistance.

Certified nursing assistants play this role of supporting the RN by giving essential healthcare services to the patients and the elderly. CNA nursing schools in Louisiana are fulfilling the need to train people for this profession in the state.

Louisiana has been a state with an agro-based economy, and the second biggest contributor to the economy was the fishing industry. But there has been an astounding growth in the healthcare sector for the past few years, even in times of global slowdown. The state also encourages people to enter this profession, and one of the easiest ways to start is by becoming a nursing assistant. All it takes training for a few weeks and passing a state exam; it is easy on your pockets as well.

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