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There are many careers to pick from when you are about to complete high school. Most parents expect their ward to be a doctor, engineer or scientist. Intelligent minds are able to meet the expectations of their families.

Average people just walk on the path they find it easy, without bothering about their future. The mistake they commit brings them to a stage where changing their profession becomes compulsory. Here again, they face problems and are not able to decide what course or career to take so that they can have a secured job.

If you find yourself in the middle of this situation, you can unhesitatingly put your money, time and efforts on a medical career. Of course, we are not asking you to be a doctor. If you are capable and can dedicate time and money, then it is well and good.

If not, then enroll in kentucky CNA classes and find easy access to the medical field. You can become a certified nursing assistant and work in healthcare settings when the course is finished, and you have passed the certification exam.

When you are certified, you can work as a nursing assistant in

  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Long-term care facilities

No employers can ever challenge your credentials. In fact, they would be more than happy for having certified healthcare professionals in their establishment.

You will work and will be an important member of the medical team of doctors and nurses. You will be completing various non-clinical and clinical activities in the facility thereby allowing doctors and nurses to concentrate on their respected duties.

How to Become a CNA in Kentucky?

The Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services looks after the CNA training program in the state. When you are certified by the state, you will be called as State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA).

The training program is scheduled for 75 hours. The course syllabus will be similar to other states such as classroom instruction and practical training.

The methods and procedures of becoming a CNA in Kentucky do not differ from other states.

Initially, you have to look for a training program. Since many schools, nursing homes and colleges are offering the course, you will find it difficult to choose between them. Care should also be taken in finding out whether the state’s Board of Nursing has approved the program or not.

When you are done with the course, apply for the exam. The exam will be organized in the campus itself.

If you achieve the passing grade in the written and practical tests, the Nursing Board will register you, and issue the certification. With that, you can work in any healthcare facilities you want to.

CNA Training Program in Kentucky

Students are ready to work as a nursing assistant in any healthcare setting once they complete the Kentucky CNA training program and pass the competency test.

The 75-hour course consists of classroom lectures, and clinical work.

The classroom lecture will teach you about

  • Anatomy
  • Medication applications
  • Handling emergency
  • Safety measures
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Communication
  • Administrative work

The time to complete the course is three months.

The scheduled 59 hours of practical training will teach your nursing skills. You will understand the hygiene importance and other duties of nursing aides.

The training will include helping patient in

  • Changing dresses,
  • Shifting and moving,
  • Bathing,
  • Feeding, walking, etc.

Further, checking pulse and blood pressure, measuring and recording weight, height, and assisting patients while exercising will also be the part of practical training. In short, the training will teach you everything a healthcare professional does in the job.

kentucky Free or Low Cost Certified Nurse Aide Classes

  • Beaver Dam Health Care Manor
    Contact Number: (270) 274-9039
    Address: – 1595, Highway 231 South, Beaver Dam, Kentucky-42320
    Fax: (270) 274-9039
  • Bedford Health Care Center 
    Contact Number: (502) 255-3244
    Address: – 50, Shepherd Lane, Bedford, Kentucky- 40006
    E-mail ID: admin.bedford@signaturehealthcarellc.com 
  • Belle Meade Nursing
    Contact Number: (270) 338-1523
    Address: – 521, Green Dr., P.O. Box No– 565, Greenville, Kentucky-42345
    Fax: (270) 338-0248
  • Berea Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (859) 986-4710
    Address: – P. O. Box No-40, Berea, Kentucky- 40403
    Official Website: bereahealthcare.com
  • Beverly Health and Rehabilitation, FrankfortAddress: – 117, Old Soldiers Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky-40601
    Contact Number: (502) 875-7272
  • Bon Harbor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (270) 685-3141
    Address: – 2420, West 3rd Street, Owensboro, Kentucky- 42301
    Fax: (270) 684-4867
  • Bourbon Heights Nursing Home
    Contact Number: (859) 987-5750
    Address: – 2000, South Main Street, Paris, Kentucky- 40361
  • Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (606) 928-2963
    Address: – 12800, Princeland Drive, Ashland, Kentucky-41102
  • Georgetown Community Hospital
    Contact Number: (502) 868-1100
    Address: – 1140, Lexington Road, Georgetown, Kentucky-40324
    Official Website: georgetowncommunityhospital.com
  • Georgetown Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (502) 863-3696
    Address: – 102, Pocahontas Trail, Georgetown, Kentucky-40324
    Fax: (502) 868-5254
    E-mail ID: admission.george@signaturehealthcarellc.com
    Official Website: shcofgeorgetown.com
  • Georgetown Manor
    Contact Number: (502) 368-5827
    Address: – 900, Gagel Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky- 40216
    Fax: (502) 361-0515
  • Glasgow Health and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: (270) 651-3499
    Address: – 220 Westwood Street, Glasgow, Kentucky-42141
    Fax: (270) 651-3136
    Official Website: glasgow-healthcare.com

CNA Certification Requirements in Kentucky

The State requires students to complete the CNA training approved by the Board of Nursing.

Before enrolling, candidates are required to qualify for the course. They have to pass a test and an interview to show their reading and communication capabilities.

They must be 18 years old, and should have completed high school. Few training providers allow students below 18 years to enroll. Such students have to submit written consent from their parents.

Most of the training programs require students to be in good health, both physically and mentally.

To complete these requirements, they have to submit proof by doing their medical checkup.

Further, the state also requires them to produce fingerprints for a background check on abuse, offences and other unsocial activities.

Students need to challenge the state CNA exam once they have done with the course. To receive the certification, they have to secure passing grades in the written and practical tests that can allow them to work in the healthcare settings.

Kentucky CNA classes are good for people who want to join the medical field. If you are 18 years old, and have completed high-school diploma, you can enroll in the training program.

By achieving a CNA certification in Kentucky state, you will have a secured and established career for a long time.

Since the cost of living in Kentucky is relatively lower than other states, the annual package of $22,000 you will be earning as a certified nursing assistant would be sufficient for you. By the time you are certified, the salary may go up.

Find out what the state’s medical employers are paying before appearing for the interview to put your expectations.

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