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Education is the potential tool not only to be civilized, but also to earn your living. If you are qualified, you have the knowledge to know what is right and wrong for you. You can easily decide the path that could bring success to you, and allow you to lead a happy life.

Sometimes, we are not able to taste the fruit of success even after having a good education. Many factors are responsible for not achieving the favorable outcome. The main element is the current conditions prevailing in the market.

Therefore, you must keep an eye on what is going around, and try to bag opportunities out of it. And if you want to know how to achieve success that will stay with you for longer, then you must think about enrolling in Indiana CNA classes.

Now, you may ask what difference could CNA training make to your life?

To know this, you must read the U.S. Labor Bureau report claiming the increase in the demand of nursing assistants until 2025.

With Indiana CNA classes, you can be sure that you will have a secured and continuous job as long as you are willing to work. To work as a nursing assistant in the healthcare industry, you must have affection and sympathy towards others.

If you love to work with people, listen and solve their problems, rejoice in helping them, then nursing career is for you.

How to Become a CNA in Indiana?

If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you have to receive the certification by appearing in the State’s Nurse Aide Registry certification exam. And to take the exam, you have to complete a state-approved CNA training. Follow the instructions given below.

  • Enrolling in the state-approved training program is the first step in building a nursing career. In Indiana, you can find numerous institutions that teach students the skills required in hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities, etc.
  • Online classes in Indiana are also a good option in getting the CNA certification. See that those classes have official permission from the State Nurse Aide Registry. Otherwise, the state will not allow you to sit for the exam.
  • The state will certify you when you have passed the written and practical tests. When you are finally certified, you can update your resume and start working as a certified nursing assistant.

CNA Training Program in Indiana

Indiana CNA training programs are conducted in long-term care facilities, and schools. That is why Indiana CNAs mostly work in this field.

This does not mean that they are not capable of working in hospitals and other home health agencies. Their services are also needed in these facilities.

The training program engages students for few weeks consisting of 105 hours. It includes classroom, lab and clinical training. Students have to complete 30 hours of training in the classroom. For clinical experience, 75 hours of practice in any long-term care facility is compulsory.

In the training program, students learn skills by which they can assist patients in

  • Taking bath
  • Having a meal
  • Dressing up
  • Maintaining personal hygiene, etc.

They will also learn to shift patients from a stretcher to bed and vice versa. Because of the bedsores that are possible being on the bed for long, students learn how to avoid it by shifting patients safely on the beds.

They will learn to operate wheelchair, lifts and other supporting equipment used in transferring patients.

Taking blood pressure, count of pulse, administering medications, maintaining and recording patients’ information, killing infection, etc. are clinical practices covered in the training.

Free or Low Cost Nursing Assistant Classes In Indiana

You can make contact with these Nursing homes that might grant you CNA Classes for free in Indiana:

  • Bluffton Regional Medical Center
    Contact Number: (260) 824-3210
    Address: – 303, S Main Street, Bluffton, Indiana- 46714
    Official Website:
  • Bradner Village Health Care
    Contact Number: (765) 662-3981
    Address: – 505, North Bradner Avenue, Marion, Indiana- 46952
    Fax: (765) 662-3987
  • Brandywine Nursing and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (317) 462-9221
    Address: –745, North Swope Street, Greenfield, Indiana- 46140
    Fax: 317-462-3400
  • Bremen Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (574) 546-3494
    Address: – 316, Woodies Lane, Bremen, Indiana- 46506
    Official Website:
  • Brentwood Nursing and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (812) 423-6019
    Address: – 30, East Chandler Avenue, Evansville, Indiana- 47713
    Fax: (979) 230-3443
  • Briarwood Health and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (317) 920-7888
    Address: – 3640, N Central Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana-46205
    Fax: (317) 920-4664
  • Bridgepoint Health Campus
    Contact Number: (812) 886-9870
    Address: – 1900, College Avenue, Vincennes, Indiana-47591
    Fax: (812) 886-9871
  • Davis Gardens Health Center
    Contact Number: (812) 232-7533
    Address: – 1120, East Davis Drive, Terre Haute, Indiana- 47802
    Fax: (812) 232-3304
  • Deaconess Hospital, Pcc
    Contact Number: (812) 450-3463, (812) 450-5608
    Address: – 600, Mary St, Evansville, Indiana- 47747
  • Dearborn County Hospital, Subac
    Contact Number: 800-676-5572, 812-537-1010
    Address: – 600, Wilson Creek Road, Lawrenceburg, Indiana- 47025
    Official Website:
    Email ID:
  • Dickey Nursing Home Inc.
    Contact Number: (765) 552-7308
    Address: – 1007, North 9th Street, Elwood, Indiana-46036
    Fax: (765) 552-7276, (765) 552-0577
  • Dujarie House
    Contact Number: (574) 287-1838 
    Address: – 200, River Ridge Dr, Notre Dame, Indiana-46556
  • Dukes Memorial Hospital, Ccc
    Contact Number: (765) 472-8000
    Address: – 275, West 12th Street, Peru, Indiana-46970
    Official Website:
  • Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (219) 322-2273
    Address: – 601, Sheffield Avenue, Dyer, Indiana-46311
    Fax: (219) 322-3961, (219) 322-9212
    Official Website:
  • Eagle Creek Health and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (317) 347-9051
    Address: – 4102, Shore Dr, Indianapolis, Indiana- 46254
    Fax: (317) 347-9065
    Official Website:
  • Life Care Centers, The Willows
    Contact Number: (219) 464-4858
    Address: – 1000, Elizabeth Drive, Valparaiso, Indiana-46383
    Fax: (219) 477-4746
    Official Website:
    Email ID:
  • Lincoln Centers for Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (765) 825-0543
    Address: – 1029, East 5th Street, Connersville, Indiana- 47331
    Official Website:
  • Lincoln Hills Healthcare and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (812) 547-3427
    Address: – 402, 19th Street, Tell City, Indiana-47586
  • Lincoln Hills, New Albany
    Contact Number: (812) 948-1311
    Address: – 326, Country Club Drive, New Albany, Indiana-47150
    Fax: (812) 949-3655
    Official Website:
    Email ID:
  • Lincolnshire Health Care Center
    Contact Number: (219) 769-9009
    Address: – 8380, Virginia Street, Merrillville, Indiana- 46410
    Fax: (219) 755-4522
  • Lockefield Village
    Contact Number: (317) 269-0448
    Address: – 980, Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana-46202
    Fax: (317) 655-3880
  • Longworth Villa
    Contact Number: (812) 256-3371
    Address: – 9520, State Road, 62 West, Charlestown, Indiana- 47111
    Fax: (812) 256-6442
  • Mount Vernon Nursing and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (812) 838-6554
    Address: – 1415, Country Club Road, Mount Vernon, Indiana- 47620
    Fax: (812) 838-9685
    Email ID:
  • Mulberry Health and Rehabilitation Center
    Contact Number: 765-296-2911
    Address: – 502, West Jackson Street, Mulberry, Indiana- 46058
    Official Website:
  • Muncie Health and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (765) 282-0053
    Address: – 4301, North Walnut Street, Muncie, Indiana- 47303
    Fax: (765) 282-3290
    Official Website:
  • Munster Med-Inn
    Contact Number: 219-836-8300
    Address: – 7935, Calumet Avenue, Munster, Indiana- 46321
    Fax: 219-836-8473
    Official Website:
  • New Harmonie Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (812) 682-4104
    Address: – 251, Highway 66, New Harmony, Indiana-47631
    Official Website:
  • Willows
    Contact Number: (765) 724-4464
    Address: – 1817, S Park Avenue, Alexandria, Indiana-46001
    Fax: (765) 724-4331
  • Windsor Estates Health and Rehabilitation
    Contact Number: (765) 453-5600
    Address: – 429, West Lincoln Road, Kokomo, Indiana- 46902
  • Windsor Manor Healthcare Center
    Contact Number: (317) 787-1108
    Address: – 7465, Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana- 46227
    Fax: (317) 788-3005
  • Wintersong Village
    Contact Number: (574) 772-5826
    Address: – 1005, South Edgewood Dr, Knox, Indiana- 46534
    Fax: (574) 772-7084
    Official Website:

The Indiana CNA classes will teach you everything needed to work in the medical industry. When the course is completed, you will have more job offers than before.

You will also be able to draw better pay than others who are yet to receive their certification. You have to form an opinion first whether you want to do the nursing assistant job.

You must understand that the job would need to be with sick, aged, bed-ridden patients, and people who cannot respond to basic requirements. If you are ready to accept the challenge, go ahead and join the training program.

CNA Certification Requirements in Indiana

Indian State requires students to complete 30 hours of classroom, and 75 hours of practical training for the certification. The state also expects them to do the clinical work under supervision of experienced nurses in long-term care facility.

The best thing about doing CNA training in Indiana is that you are not required to hold a high school diploma or GED, which most states require from students.

There are no strict rules related to age and education requirements. Students who are 16 years old can also enroll in the training program. However, knowledge of English and math is required.

Students are required to buy uniform, wrist watch with second hand and white shoes before joining the course. They also have to undergo a state and national background investigation, including physical and medical checkup.

To conclude, we can say that Indian CNA classes have different rules regarding CNA certification than other states. Any students over 16 years of age can enroll in the training program. However, they have to take the certification exam conducted by the State Nurse Aide Registry for the certification.

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