Colorado State Regulations for CNA Certification

If want to become a certified nursing assistant, then you will have to take up a program that offers this course and helps you to clear your certification exam.

Although the federal laws have given specifications for such training programs, most of the states have their own laws.

So of you want to get CNA certification in Colorado, you have to follow their rules and regulations; this might be different than that of CNA certification in California.

How to achieve CNA certification in Colorado

If you have a dream to join the healthcare industry, then this is the right profession for you. If you find this as a very fulfilling career, then you will get job satisfaction and also earn well.

The first step to join this field is to find a training program that offers this course. Some programs might take an entrance test for English and mathematics to check your proficiency on the respective subjects.

Prior to your enrollment, your college will check if you have a criminal history. Only those candidates who do not have any criminal background can take up this course.

You should also not have been involved in substance or drug abuse. They will also check for your vaccinations; you should be free of any contagious disease. A tuberculosis test is done to show that the candidate does not have this disease.

This course is offered by various community colleges, technical schools and colleges, private organizations, and various hospice care facilities. Online courses are much cheaper than other regular courses. You can do an online course without giving up your current job.

Those who want to avoid paying fee for the course altogether can hospice care facilities that provide hands-on training. You will have to work for them for a specific period of time and also agree to their various terms and conditions. They will provide for the supplies and also cover for the cost of clearances.

However, if you take up this kind of training, or join an organization before getting your certification in Colorado, then you will have to take your exam within 120 days of getting employed as a certified nursing assistant.

Requirements for CNA certification Colorado

If you want to appear for your certification exam in Colorado, you should complete five semester credit hours and after you get employed, they should take the Pearson Vue CNA test.

After you complete the course, you should take the CNA certification exam. This exam consists of two parts. The first is the written test, and the second is the skills test. When you choose a course, make sure to check if it is approved by the state.

The written test consists of several multiple choice questions, which have to be completed within a stipulated time. The skills test is to check if you know how to perform various procedures and if you have knowledge about the hands on training provided to you during the course.

You will need to get your criminal background checked and submit the clearance report, a legal photo ID, a negative Tuberculosis test, and fingerprint cards to the authorities.

Although there is no specific age requirement to get your CNA license, most employers prefer that you should be at least 18 years when you apply for a job.

For instructions, you can click on the below link:

Step 1 – To download the application click the link below:

Step 2 – Submit your application to the following address

Colorado Nurse Aide Certification Application
Pearson VUE
3131 South Vaughn Way, Suite 205
Aurora, Colorado 80014

Renewal of CNA certification in Colorado

Once you get your CNA certification, it will remain valid for about 24 months. After this, you have to get it renewed. However, you should be eligible to renew your certification.

Candidates who have worked for at least 8 hours during those two years can renew their license. However, they must have been paid for their services; experience as voluntary services will not be accepted.

If you are unable to renew your certification, then you have to appear for the written exam and the skill test and pass both the exams in order to renew your certification.

In case your certification was revoked, suspended or voluntarily surrendered, then you will have to take the CNA certification exam through Pearson Vue, and then apply for certification.

If you pass your exam, the Board of Nursing will consider if you will be given your certification again.

However, remember that if you have to take or retake a test, then you will have to pay fees for the test. You will have to pay $25 for the written test, $70 for the skills test and $95 for both the tests.

Step 1 – To download the application click the link below:

Step 2 – Submit your application to the following address

Division of Professions and Occupations
Office of Licensing – Nursing
1560 Broadway, Suite 1350
Denver, Colorado – 80202

CNAs are very much in demand in the state of Colorado. However, there is always a shortage of trained nursing sides. Many aspirants join this course to fund their education; they plan to earn a degree in nursing after a few years.

After taking CNA certification in Colorado, you can get employed in a hospice care facility and later on, get trained to specialize in this field.

You can work in the pediatrics, psychiatric, elderly care, emergency care, inpatient hospital services and so on. The average salary of a CNA in the state of Colorado is about $26,000, which is quite good.


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