5 Awesome Websites for Nurse Entrepreneurs

As a nurse entrepreneur, or a nurse business owner, do you constantly search the internet for free social media help or blogging advice?

I bet you probably do as most businesses have problems that need to be solved.

Do you continually come across websites from marketing gurus that are only offering the sale of their latest product and no real value?

Can your business afford to spend $100- $1000 bucks for every problem’s solution that these self-professed experts are offering?

So, when will these social media marketing and blogging “gurus” learn the business basics such as “Pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered”?

Probably never, because some of these folks are modern-day con artists. How do you spot a fake expert? Evaluate carefully before making your own decision.

Others are the real deal. Their advice works for some people. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind buying a reasonably priced book or course (They are in business too!). However, I need to be shown that their content is worth their price before purchasing.

How affordable is $1,000 for the average DIY small business owner or solopreneur? The course might be worth that price, but a $1000 course is not a practical purchase for the small business owner. If they are not giving away solid useful advice for me to test before I buy their reasonably priced products, then I can not help but wonder if they are trustworthy.

Curious about my list of favorite websites? You can save time by reducing the internet search madness and use my compiled list of website awesomeness.

Websites for Nurse Entrepreneurs 

These websites shine above the rest because they provide useful actionable content without spending one penny on their products (However, I think that you will find their content so useful you will want to buy from them anyway!):

Social Media

1. Cynthia Sanchez’s Oh So Pinteresting Podcast is full of interviews and actionable advice on how to market your business on Pinterest. Guess who used to be a nurse before she became a social media superstar?

2. Vincent NG over at MCNG Marketing also has wonderful podcasts with great interviews and advice. He interviews different people than Cynthia and with his own original style.

3. Jenn Herman’s Jenn’s Trends is a great place to learn about the latest in social media. While I love the Social Media Examiner, reading Jenn’s Trends is quicker, less overwhelming, and offers a more personal perspective. She summarizes what you need to know. Check it out.


4. Debbie Lachusa is the Business Stylist® and offers over thirty years of marketing experience. Read her blog with podcasts and articles. She knows her stuff and is very practical and action-oriented. I own every course she has put out! I am so much of a raving fan, that I am an affiliate of her products.

Traffic & SEO

5. Neil Patel of Quick Sprout is the man for his area of expertise. Also, he offers complete lengthy guides on a variety of topics that are useful to business owners. You want free quality content, Neil has it. His free website tool also rocks!

What about you? What websites have you encountered that offer quality information that would be helpful to nurse entrepreneurs? Leave your comments below!